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  • Charlie Brown.

  • I guess some days you just have school anxiety.

  • This'd school starts again tomorrow.

  • I am my clothes.

  • All later.

  • I even have my lunch made.

  • Now I'm going out to stand my What you gonna do out there?

  • What?

  • You just tell her you don't know your name.

  • Whenever school starts up again, I get butterflies in my stomach.

  • Come on, Charlie Brown.

  • There are so many wonderful things to learn about.

  • Miss Othmar, which you please repeat the subject for our report.

  • Write a two page theme on back to school.

  • How do you teachers keep coming up with these great new ideas?

  • No one can deny the joy of a summer vacation with its days of warms and freedom.

  • It must be admitted, however, that true joy lies in returning toe are holes.

  • Is not life itself a learning process till we not mature according to our learn.

  • Yes, ma'am.

  • Oh, why, thank you.

  • I'm glad you liked it.

  • Has the years go by?

  • You learn what sells, Blake?

  • Yes, ma'am.

  • I'm awake.

  • Why did she think I've been sleeping?

  • Were seen?

  • Yes, ma'am.

  • I'm awake.

  • Most of me is awake.

  • I think one hand is still asleep.

  • I don't even know where it is.

  • Did you need the rest of me for anything?

  • I'm weak, ma'am, but I can't raise my head.

  • Maybe you could give me a favor, ma'am.

  • Maybe you could send out for a new Sorry, ma'am, I can't re raise my head.

  • Maybe if you walked around to the side of the room and stood there just a little to the left of the radiator.

  • In a true or false test, the first question is almost always truth.

  • That means the next one will be false to sort of Valence, the true one.

  • The next one will also be false to break the pattern, then another truth and then two more false ones and then three truly in a row, then another false and another true E.

  • Hope you learned a lesson.

  • You fail that true false test because you didn't study?

  • No, I merely miscalculated.

  • If I had started with the false instead of a true and the three truth would have been cautious.

  • And the cough that followed the true wouldn't friend.

  • Mm.

  • Uh, my Oh, yeah.

  • It's my report on Emily Dickinson, ma'am.

  • I made it into a hat this morning, so I wouldn't forget it.

  • It looks great with that being blast you're wearing.

  • You're weird.

  • Fine.

  • A B plus about that I gotta be.

  • You should try it.

  • My I've already thought about it.

  • Sure.

  • Mercy.

  • You have to outdo me, didn't you?

  • You have to make a longer report and a bigger hat.

  • And given a hidden que my hope.

  • Your hat is so big, you can't see where you're going and you run into a tree.

  • The teachers thought I was sort of creative, I guess because gave me a B.

  • Plus.

  • Next thing I know, Marcie makes at two gets an A.

  • Pretty soon everybody will be doing it.

  • Maybe soon.

Charlie Brown.


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花生 - 學校的焦慮 (Peanuts - School Anxiety)

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