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  • today.

  • That silly months doing his big numbers.

  • Snoopy the superstar is a report on the McGregor trial.

  • A trial Were you doing at a trial?

  • A new attorney.

  • I didn't know you were a lawyer.

  • Was this Smith Gregor case an interesting one?

  • Your Honor, we shall prove that my client never intended to steal a carriage from Mr McGregor.

  • When Mr McGregor chased my client with a rake, he was the cause of extreme emotional distress.

  • Your Honor, maybe we have a 10 minute recess.

  • What a case.

  • Here, Your Honor, is the carrot borrowed by my client?

  • It was only a need, Rick.

  • Reaction caused by stress.

  • Therefore, we are requesting reasonable financial damages.

  • How about $2?

  • Nice work.

  • But how did it end?

  • You lost the case, huh?

  • For Barney, Do you have any way of comforting your client after you've lost a case?

  • Of course, I'll write you a letter of recommendation.

  • Snoopy.

  • Dear Mr President, apparently there is soon to be an opening on the Supreme Court.

  • I would like to recommend a friend of mine who is a world famous attorney.

  • Where should I tell him you went to law school?

  • We'll skip that part.

  • I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • Snoopy.

  • What's going on?

  • Is he moving away?

  • No, He's applying to be a judge on the Supreme Court.

  • That stupid dog could be a judge on a tennis court.

  • Okay, let's say the president has appointed you to the Supreme Court's on.

  • Senator Warren asks you a tough question.

  • How will you respond?

  • Oh, sorry, Snoopy.

  • Your application was refused.

  • They say that your signature is invalid.

  • Do you have any way of comforting yourself?

  • What, Joe Cool.

  • Big man on campus, Written, enacted by Snoopy.

  • Directed by Woodstock Yeah, could work.

  • Here's Joe Cool walking across the campus.

  • Jill Cools facing a terrible dilemma Should he go to the student union and I chicks or to the library to study for final exams?

  • But Joe Cool knows what to do and where to stand next to the bulletin board.

  • That's where all the really need chicks hang out.

  • You see your on?

  • Oh, yes, I Okay, take two.

  • Hey, Joe.

  • Cool.

  • One of the guys over at the gym is looking for you.

  • He said if he catches you near his girl again, he's gonna pound.

  • You hit somebody wearing glasses, Woody?

  • Yes.

  • The first thing is pretty good.

  • Show Cool is hesitating over his choice of language classes for this trimester.

  • Hebrew Korean Serving Joe.

  • Cool Digs languages.

  • Off course, Joe Cools an expert of communication.

  • Hi, Joe.

  • I see you down for bonehead English again.

  • Lucy, this movie is going to be a hit with high school kids.

  • So no improvising.

  • Just read your lines and Onley your lines.

  • Hi, Joe.

  • How do you do in chemistry today?

  • That chemistry is a drag, baby Jill Cool.

  • Can't worry about chemistry when he's busy hanging around the student union.

  • Joe, I've been wanting to ask you how come you never go to any classes?

  • Glasses?

  • Let Joe cool give you a piece of advice.

  • Those classes can ruin your great average.

  • Oh, right.

  • Sorry Was all that noise Charlie Brown, Joe Moto Cross show What?

  • Snoopy?

  • When he's in training for the Moto cross championships, he prefers to be called Win on that.

  • The neighbors wait us Lem.

  • Here comes Joe Motorcross.

  • Back from the races, he ran into a hay bale, had two flat tires and blew his engine.

  • He also bloodied his nose, bruised his elbows and lost three teeth.



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