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  • way.

  • Brown thigh Schultz.

  • This episode is artistic pretty drawings and lots of colors.

  • What?

  • Lucy, look, how nice a colored in my coloring book You frustrated and intimidated the rest of your life?

  • Good grease.

  • Don't you know that if you color inside the lines in a coloring book, it means that you're too disciplined to conventional that you'll work as a commercial?

  • Right?

  • Okay, I'll try something different.

  • Look, I'm drawing a row of trees and I'm going to color them green.

  • That's not right.

  • I'll put a list in front of the trees that still won't make it right.

  • And by the lake, I'll draw tiny log cabin.

  • That's not enough.

  • You need a waterfall and a sunset show the sun going down, sort of orangey and puts in red streaks in the sky and have to smoke coming out of the chimney.

  • Now put in so much, he's making a force and have it dear, sitting by the water phone.

  • That's right.

  • Now you have trees, a lake, a lot cabin, a waterfall, a deer on a you.

  • I need a good critic to launch a successful Kobia.

  • Have you been using me, Franz?

  • Why, yes, I brought them yesterday to draw some pictures.

  • Well, what happened to the blue?

  • The blue is gone.

  • I drew a lot of skies Don't you ever touch my stuff again?

  • Great artists.

  • They're always misunderstood.

  • E guess I did.

  • It's a pretty nice picture, don't you think?

  • See, there's a knight on a horse back and there's a big drag on and you think you are?

  • What can I say?

  • This is in my book and you have got a picture in it.

  • Now I want to know what you gonna do about it.

  • Do you want me to Sinek e told you you had to make would stack happy.

  • You just have to go and him your coloring book.

  • Oh, yeah.

  • I know To start off the only let him color all this guy's blue, huh?

  • He didn't just color this guy's blow.

  • He got carried away and colored in grass.

  • The trees in Oh, the, uh I think what stock is trying to apologize.

  • Newbie Snoop is a more experienced artist.

  • That's why he's is lots of different colleagues Hank Green and even Brown brew.

  • Well, it is.

  • Hey, coloring book.

  • He can color the booth collar this guy Blue.

  • But the sky is an all blue event.

  • The skies, many colors.

  • There is a little bit of yellow there, some white, something some green.

  • And some.

  • How about black?

  • Because that's what you guys gonna look like if you don't shut your mouth.

  • Uh uh, when she said, The sky is blue.

  • Charlie Brown.

  • No, I should say, this guy is many colors.

  • There's a little bit of yellow.

  • There's white, pink, green, black E Don't even know what's going on going on here.

  • What are you doing?

  • Minuses!

  • Drawing in the air.

  • I wasn't expecting something quite so stupid.

  • Drawing in the air has many advantages.

  • The materials are cheap.

  • We have lots of room in which to work.

  • It's stupid.

  • You can tell it's ugly or not.

  • It's not stupid.

  • For centuries, Children have been drawing in the air.

  • I have merely taken an old art form and have given new stature.

  • I couldn't drop for tricks or landscapes or even abstract art.

  • Looks more like art for flies is what I say.

  • Pardon me, will you kindly step aside?

  • You're standing right in the middle of a nun.

  • Finished portrait of Abraham Lincoln Let me show you what I think of your portrait of Abraham Lincoln, huh?

  • Interesting.

  • Your tree is very expressive.

  • Exactly what was needed in the background.

  • Just perfect.

  • No, it's missing just one final touch.

  • I forgot to sign it.



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