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  • practically seat with it.

  • And yet you have no desire to find out who?

  • The princess.

  • I didn't say I was curious.

  • I don't sleep with it.

  • But it's true.

  • I go check for bed, Usually that bloody book.

  • Stop it with a running.

  • When I was curious, so I went and nothing.

  • I couldn't find a reference anywhere to the half blood prince way.

  • Go.

  • That settles it there.

  • Hoping to find you in the three broomsticks.

  • No emergency choir practice, I'm afraid.

  • Horace, how about a bit?

  • Uh, Hill.

  • We had a very long made no region style.

  • Okay.

  • Something to drink.

  • Three beers and some ginger and find peace.

  • Find it.

  • Bloody hell.

  • Really?

  • Holding hands and smoking.

  • I would like to leave.

  • You can't be serious.

  • Happens to be my sister.

  • So she looked up here.

  • So you study me, which expected it gets up to leave.

  • Hey, my boy, that's how wonderful sea do you.

  • So what brings you here?

  • 03 broomsticks and I go way back further than I do it.

  • I could have ever waited with one.

  • Broke all hands on deck.

  • Granger.

  • In the old days, I used to sew together the occasional supper party Select.

  • Would you be game?

  • Considers an honor, sir.

  • Would be welcome to Granger.

  • I'd be delighted.

  • Blended.

  • Look for my owl.

  • Good to see you will on me.

  • We plan.

  • Donald was asked me to get to know him.

  • Get to know you don't like it.

  • Must be important.

  • If it wasn't doubled, I wouldn't ask a little bit.

practically seat with it.


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三把掃帚|哈利波特與混血王子 (The Three Broomsticks | Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)

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