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  • Charlie Brown.

  • Snoopy is not like any dog.

  • I know.

  • He really is a show dog.

  • What happened to you?

  • Woodstock?

  • He met the world's greatest arm wrestling champ.

  • I've beaten everybody around here, not everybody.

  • You're not the champion until you've beaten the masked marvel.

  • Oh, good grief.

  • I refused to arm wrestle with a stupid beagle.

  • You're afraid.

  • Oh, right.

  • I'm gonna send you back to the dog pound when you belong.

  • Mess, marvel over.

  • You start pushing for three minutes.

  • Already won a start to the match way.

  • Well, first with stupid you let us down.

  • Masked Moral.

  • This is going to be a new experience for me.

  • Don't feel bad, Charlie Brown.

  • I thought him twice and lost both times.

  • I feel so much better.

  • All I can tell you, Charlie Brown this to look out for him.

  • He's tricky.

  • Okay, fellas, here we go.

  • Watch yourselves.

  • The Cobra strikes.

  • I guess we just can't feed him.

  • I wonder what happens now.

  • Eyes beating you.

  • He's the champ Policy.

  • If you're going to beat him, you're going to have to use some strategies.

  • I'll use, um strategy.

  • All right.

  • I'm not his block up.

  • Wear boxing gloves on their nose.

  • I need a stamp for my letter.

  • Hunger get you on Lucy, Do you think I want to lick that stamp after you've been holding it in your hand?

  • Touched my tongue to a stand that's all itchy and dirty.

  • Get away!

  • You, you!

  • You're in this too.

  • Snoopy.

  • If you protect him, I'll give you just what I'm going to give him Words for cowards.

  • They're just trying to get us mad.

  • It's psychological manipulation.

  • Move away games and the doctor needs to perform some minor surgery.

  • What do you call minor surgery when the patient is smaller than he is?

  • Are you sure he knows what he's doing?

  • He looks as much like a surgeon as I look like a star.

  • He's a well being down surgeon.

  • Specialize in special types of surgery.

  • The ball is fine.

  • You can go back and play now.

  • Theater.

  • Attack of the Vulture, a terror flying film featuring Snoopy directed by Woodstock.

  • Horribly, yeah, could work.

  • Okay, axing In the old days, vultures used to sit on branches waiting for victims.

  • In the old days, they had stronger branches.

  • Okay, set change.

  • The vulture is perched high industry a predator awaiting us.

  • Pray it'll be ready.

  • Get set.

  • Go.

  • Actually really?

  • Vultures Almost never saying.

  • Get ready.

  • Get set!

  • Go!

  • Victim approaches.

  • Watch out for victim are terrifying vulture shells down upon you.

  • If you'll pardon my saying so.

  • You're swooping leaves much to be desired.

  • Hey, excuse me, Mr Director Pool is going to play the voter.

Charlie Brown.


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花生 - 表演狗 (Peanuts - Show Dog)

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