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  • Charlie Brown Schultz.

  • Is it just me, or is this episode a little bit off key?

  • No.

  • Maybe if you want to play your own music on Onley One note Z Teoh place out.

  • Okay.

  • This is my first young people's concert.

  • Marcy, the conductor is coming up.

  • Was supposed to applaud.

  • He hasn't done anything.

  • What are they playing?

  • Swan Lake.

  • So where the ice skaters?

  • There are no ice skaters in this Sir.

  • Jugglers.

  • What about the jugglers?

  • Munn of those What could show is this.

  • There aren't even any pictures.

  • What way?

  • Thing is a concert, sir.

  • Just listen to the music.

  • Snap your fingers.

  • It isn't done at concerts like this.

  • Supposed todo Just sit still and listen to the music.

  • A quality.

  • Marcy, This is the most beautiful music I've ever.

  • I decided something.

  • You and I are thrilled.

  • How can we be through?

  • We never even started that didn't even come close.

  • The working way are officially through.

  • Schroeder, you have to stop coming over to my house.

  • This isn't your house.

  • This is my house.

  • It's amazing how stupid you could be when you're in love.

  • Now that we're through, I'm returning all the gifts I was gonna give you.

  • Thank you.

  • That didn't even make sense.

  • I decided to come to this concert prepared.

  • I've read all about the composers and all about the music we're going to hear.

  • Good for you, Marcy.

  • I came prepared to it says here they're serving Sherbert after the concert.

  • No, it says they're playing Schubert during the concert.

  • For a minute there, I was glad I came.

  • You're weird, sir.

  • Stop calling me sir.

  • Conductor amounts podium.

  • He raises his baton.

  • A music begins.

  • Oh, e o E i e.

  • I appreciate you coming over to help me test my new idea.

  • First thing we do is get you a stool to settle.

  • No worries.

  • It doesn't hurt a bit.

  • Charlie Brown.

  • You sit right there, See?

  • And then I'll paint your musical portrait.

  • Oh, I get it.

  • You will try to capture my personality and music, right?

  • Improvised creation is a grand experiment.

  • Charlie Brown, I'm ready.

  • Are you ready?

  • I'm ready.

  • This is very flattering.

  • Mine is the type of personality that will probably inspire and heroic and triumphant theme.

  • I don't hear a saying failure no matter what I do all I get is defeated.

  • Don't be discouraged.

  • Charlie Brown.

  • Thes early defeats helped to build character for later on in life for what?

  • Later on in life for more defeats.

Charlie Brown Schultz.


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