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  • ordering in Madonna can be a nerve racking thing, especially when you're not from the country.

  • So today I'm gonna show you how to say some of the food items from McDonald's perfectly in English so that when you come to order your McDonald's in England or in Britain, you can do it with confidence.

  • Let's do this.

  • Number one hamburger hamburger with the H.

  • I know that in lots of languages, we don't say that eight resulted in French is AM Burger, but in British English hamburger number two Cheeseburger, cheeseburger.

  • Imagine that you're smiling when you say cheeseburger or a double cheeseburger if you prefer.

  • OK, number three and $1.

  • Classic Big Man.

  • A Big Mac.

  • Now, I could say Big Mac, but that takes quite a long time.

  • So, actually, probably what will happen is I say, big man on that cursed sound at the end of Mac would be glow tal ized.

  • It would be swallowed almost so.

  • It's big Mac.

  • Big Mac, you got it.

  • A big man.

  • Can I have a Big Mac, please?

  • Number 4/4 pounder.

  • Quarter Pounder, Can I have a court pounder, please?

  • Now, the way I just said it there.

  • I dropped that tea because I'm from London.

  • Sometimes we drop parties.

  • So is not 1/4 pounder.

  • It's a core pounder core pounder.

  • You can say how you wish.

  • Quarter Pounder Quarter pounder.

  • It's up to you Next.

  • One.

  • MK chicken sandwich.

  • A mock chicken sandwich.

  • Not in the kitchen sandwich.

  • I know lots of people confused chicken with kitchen because it's the same sounds but switched.

  • We'd say MK chicken sandwich.

  • Remember, guys, this is a pronunciation essence.

  • So repeat after me so that you get there.

  • Sounds correct.

  • This one is disputed in America.

  • There, say filet o fish Filet O fish in Britain.

  • It's Philippa Fish.

  • Fillets of fish, huh?

  • So filet O fish fillets of fish.

  • It's up to you, I would say.

  • A big man next one.

  • Fries Fries.

  • Now, of course, in British ing, this really their chips.

  • But because it's like an American restaurant and they are french fries.

  • We say the word fries surf arise is perfectly fine.

  • Happy meal, No at the mean no in English anyway.

  • Happy meal.

  • Happy meal.

  • Next one.

  • My personal favorite Nuggets muck nuggets to stress their on the Nuggets so nuggets can I have 12 McNuggets.

  • Please clap 20 McNuggets, please.

  • I'll take all the nuggets now the big debate.

  • And I want your opinion.

  • This guy's Which dipping source do you have with your McNuggets?

  • Do you have to want to catch up?

  • Do you have sweet chili sauce?

  • Do you have three and sour source?

  • Put your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Let's see which one is the most popular had.

  • Finally milkshake milkshake.

  • Now you notice there that curse sound in the middle milk that gets swallowed.

  • It's like a glass.

  • It'll Kurt sound.

  • So it's milk shake milkshake.

  • OK, all these words are making me super hungry.

  • If you like me to do words from a different restaurant, they let me know in the comments below.

  • Otherwise, thank you so much for watching share this with anyone you know that's learning English into next time.

ordering in Madonna can be a nerve racking thing, especially when you're not from the country.


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