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  • Hey, ladies, gentlemen.

  • Boys and girls and genuine north during this took comb way around to a piece.

  • A why you were just telling me.

  • Don't give us the show.

  • Yes.

  • So, 15 60 years ago, there was there was a woman who was selling cigarettes here and was shot by the governments.

  • So from there, Yeah, well, well, I think the government dated deliberately.

  • And from there on, there's already a lot of anti Chinese sentiments.

  • They don't want talent.

  • I do not want to be rolled by mail in Chinese.

  • They want to be back to the embrace of Japan.

  • So that's why it took place here.

  • Woman was shot on the spots on Tony's starts.

  • Never buyers and people started to have.

  • There were basically that incident on talent apart into two parts one.

  • Is there one unit unification with China?

  • And once they want independence from time that that war stills still raging as we speak.

  • Yeah, I got you.

  • So this pockets a memorial?

  • More fool Plantings.

  • Gotcha.

  • I must say, it's rather cool here in Taiwan.

  • I was expecting it to be a warmer than it is.

  • You were gonna fly to Thailand.

  • Yeah, but it's pleasantly cool.

  • No, it's not as cold as it is an island.

  • Bankole.

  • Did I try to change?

  • I try to change money in Cork Airport and the guy said we don't have Taiwanese dollars, but I could give you some type.

  • Thing is like, how am I gonna use it is a terrible way.

  • Have a long time.

  • Any day.

  • We've just had a meeting to go over fine details of our garland or seven at night and then are worth Judean masterclass on the 11th.

  • We've just gone over the plans and the details here.

  • Way now have all the details.

  • Those of you in Taiwan Taipei, come along.

  • Those of you who are traveling do so, can't wait to see you all there.

Hey, ladies, gentlemen.


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B1 中級

臺灣神探]228和平紀念公園。 ([Taiwan Shenanigans] 228 Peace Memorial Park)

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