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  • but this Times Tokyo Hidden Spots video We're going to explore the sinking of the area, which is only a few minutes away from Shinjuku.

  • It's a bit more off a laid back hipster area in Tokyo and has a lot of unique places to be found.

  • Me and my friend Mo will be exploring this area for three days and seeing what things you can do, eat and experience here.

  • Bubble gum contest by looking Come join us for our three day adventure.

  • There are many hotels to stay in and signal me.

  • However, I recommend staying and this one, especially if you love at tell me about this place.

  • I mean, it's very interesting with my first time coming.

  • Teoh Hotel then got this kind of concept.

  • So this place we open, like about a year ago on it's a hotel on the whole concept is to support the local community artist community by giving them a place where they can display the order to the world.

  • On each room is created by different artists, So we have a lot of artists friends and we know that they re time, but out of them make money out of the way, wanted to create a way where can support them while running the business.

  • Right?

  • So each time you're saying that you know, part of the Knicks, we decided to hit to the pack.

  • And what I like about Cigna me is that even though it's in the city, you still have a lot of nature and pots, which is great for when you want to enjoy a bit of a slower life in Tokyo.

  • Hey, have a sushi very traditional and local, she showed.

  • How long will it asking me?

  • Hey, way fresh, so good.

  • My heart, a fish.

  • It's really tender and the rent is not so much.

  • But what's different about this sushi is.

  • Then they put the sources on the fish already.

  • Yeah, you don't need so much force of actually you really can't fresh.

  • It's day two and we're going to be exploring the local area.

  • And I remember like this it's like, really hip, sir.

  • It's got a lot of chicken hand shops as well, but with on a really interesting show cord Chiari and they sell basically antiques and junk that we're gonna go in and check out some of the stuff they sell here.

  • Like when you go to a Japanese.

  • Kind of like that.

  • Yeah.

  • Like cute.

  • See?

  • Yeah.

  • Like number More vivid and more.

  • Oh, not old vintage for Happy Days way.

  • So now I've come to this cute cafe tomorrow.

  • Kind of Cigna me is well known for their animation as there are many animation companies in the area.

  • So if you are animal lover, then you should visit this museum to learn more about the background of your favorite enemy.

  • Today is day three and we've come to be trying, which is trying.

  • I don't know why, but I really I really like this shrine so beautiful.

  • And I just feel it's so peaceful as well.

  • That's way to start our morning.

  • Yeah, go shopping.

  • I personally don't think that I usually don't like to follow too much things like, you know, things you don't need.

  • There is also food and everyday grocery sewed here as well.

  • And that thing you can do is try making traditional Japanese sweets at a total Your has been in my one or not?

  • Definitely.

  • I think if you come to Tokyo, even if you just travel a little bit away from the main areas.

  • You find these local hidden gems That is just so cool.

  • So definitely check out my other Tokyo hidden gems here.

but this Times Tokyo Hidden Spots video We're going to explore the sinking of the area, which is only a few minutes away from Shinjuku.


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