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  • Hello, everyone.

  • Welcome back.

  • My channel.

  • This is hockey today.

  • I'm gonna be talking about why Japanese people say I'm sorry too much.

  • This is one of the things that I have found about embracing way speakers.

  • Let me give you one example.

  • When I was back in Belgium on my exchange, there was one time where I was listening to a conversation between Irish and Japanese students.

  • They were like, Hey, I'm sorry, but can I use your pan?

  • Sure.

  • Why not?

  • I'm sorry.

  • No need to be sorry.

  • Oh, I'm sorry.

  • Obviously, the Japanese student is saying too many saris in this conversation, and it made me wonder where this sorrys coming from.

  • So I gave a lot of 1000 came to one conclusion.

  • In order to understand this, you have to know a little bit about Japanese culture.

  • So I got a one question for you guys.

  • Imagine you gotta call somebody immediately, but you realize you bless your phone at home and some stranger kindly lead to use his phone.

  • What would you say to that guy for the kind behavior you would say?

  • Thank you.

  • Most likely.

  • But what about Japanese people?

  • While a lot of them would also say thank you.

  • It would be also perfectly natural to say I'm sorry.

  • Effect.

  • A lot of Japanese people say I'm sorry as thank you.

  • Why is this that politeness in Japan is rooted in people's negative feeling that day?

  • She doing enough others behaviors, and it's rude to intrude others.

  • Life.

  • This is called negative face.

  • I made one video dedicated to planet theory in the past, so please check it out if you are interested in it.

  • Since asking somebody for a favor is considered as an act to interrupt others and cause them trouble.

  • When favorite star people feel responsible for the time and trouble to do the favor with the feeling very strong Japanese people overuse saris.

  • This is also why Japanese people don't really talk to strangers were Don't even look at them.

  • This gets really extreme.

  • Sometimes this is a conversation between Japanese customer and stuff member at a coffee shop area Does Amos was a mascot.

  • Your days straight dash master.

  • So okay, Caleb Pickering Larry Moss saying, darling, I small thing I was gonna Christmas saying was dismissed on all day.

  • You don't have no casino.

  • C'mon, Seamus and there seems to be no need to say sorry in this situation.

  • But as many as three saris are used in this dialogue, a seemingly first saris for asking for the money.

  • 2nd 1 is for the customers trouble to hand over the money, and the last one is for the customers trouble to receive the change and put it back into the wallet.

  • This might sound crazy to you, but I guess that's what those Sorry, So for.

  • So that's before today's video.

  • What do you think about this Japanese culture?

  • Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

  • Also, I'm gonna a link to the planets video down below.

  • Go check it out if you're interested in it.

Hello, everyone.


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為什麼日本人會說這麼多SORRY (Why Japanese people say SORRY so much)

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