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  • we'll get the killed.

  • It's still kill Beat.

  • Look at us.

  • We still have each other.

  • Just six more minutes.

  • We've done all we could do.

  • Andi, whatever happens, I'm glad I'm here with Mr Sun came up and he smiled at me.

  • It's gotta be the best.

  • Just wait and see.

  • Volcanic Tuesday caught us unaware but we're still here and Mr Sun's up There could be the best day Still so lucky.

  • Got nothing todo Spend five minutes just being with you San Shake my past two days, the world's clothe whatever I want to make.

  • Hello, You know it's the best.

  • One minute left for Sun's about to set.

  • Come on, erupt her interrupter.

  • Come on, it's It's more.

  • Three.

  • Don't miss the SpongeBob musical Live on a special television event.

we'll get the killed.


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伊森-斯萊特演唱了《海綿寶寶》音樂劇中的 "最好的一天"。Live on Stage!| 海綿寶寶 (Ethan Slater Sings “Best Day Ever” from The SpongeBob Musical: Live on Stage! | SpongeBob)

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