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well good morning everyone from Qualicum beach we made it guys we made it so
we're deciding to basically go a little bit further south today from where we're
staying at Comox so we've made it to Qualicum beach I will say it took us a
while to get here because the the coastal highway the island highway was
closed off today I guess for some maintenance
it was beautiful for the little stretch that we were able to take it but then
yeah we hit it hit a dead end basically and then it was a bit of a yeah the
detour until we got back on the regular highway but yeah in terms of the plan
for today we're gonna start here in Qualicum Beach check out the beach so
I'm gonna go swimming yeah cooler overcast day yep and after that we've
planted two more places Parksville Parksville where i think there's a place
called the Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park which appears to be again by the beach
and then we're going to go and visit Englishman River Falls Provincial Park so yeah we've got a day
of exploring beaches hiking and visiting a few small towns along the coast here
should be fun out is good
and it is low tide right now so we're basically walking on a bed of pebbles
and seashells and mud and clay shoes are getting a little bit wet and seaweed
lots of algae am I
after a quick stop at Qualicum beach we drove towards Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park which is
a provincial park located in the east and the Parksville this boat is known
for its wide sandy beaches especially during low tide when the water recedes
almost a kilometre from shore it was pretty cool to see
well hello we have made it to Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park but before coming here we
stopped for little Timmy's on the way of course for the non-canadians Tim Hortons it's kind
of like a coffee chain that's where you go for your coffee and your donuts here
in Canada but they also do a really nice lunch like you can't soups chili
sandwiches yeah Donuts reliable food at an affordable price yeah
Canadians cannot function without a coffee from Tim Hortons exactly it's one
of the biggest franchises that kind of has and it's they're everywhere they're
good to keep you going so the weather's been changing a lot
today so we were just at the beach but it started pouring rain so we've come
over to the forest shielded what a beach though huh you use there one of the
biggest beaches I ever seen wide it must be low tide because yes like a half a
kilometer before you to reach the water it's like fine side to side as far as
you can see and there were only what maybe 10 15 people are the better yeah
this place is really set up for campers and also day-trippers and picnickers
pickers know also we see a lot of those big motorized homes there is a lot of
camping areas for these RVs yeah not the small ones I had the ones that they look
like like a spa like a huge bus yeah the ones that are like four hundred thousand
dollars to buy we're not those yeah and look at this one look at the bark on
this thing here beauty Colossus yeah and you know what I think these are the the
Burroughs remember the other day when we went to port making you and we saw that
giant girl yeah here you have something on a smaller scale so this
how it starts yeah but it's amazing how intricate look at the way the bark has
those grooves in it it looks like something that came out of outer space
or something it doesn't look like it's for Mars yeah the way the wall is not
cooperating fully today but for people that want to visit this part of the
world they have to understand that the west side of British Columbia the
weather is just like this you know yeah I mean lot of rain lots a lot I mean
people people that are not from here call this the west coast
locals call it the wet coast you know you you have a specific type of growth
here that it looks almost like a tropical you know you have ferns that
are huge monster ferns and you know the that due to the amount of rain that they
have here is this is what these plants need and they try you know yeah so in a
way it's not that good for the people that want to enjoy but for the for the
forest that's fantastic you know what I will say I don't think the rain keeps
locals indoors like walking and they just put on their jacket rain boots and
they still go from when I used to live here the rained and then didn't keep
people inside you just go out and deal with it yeah you get used to it living
here and in fact not everyone even brings an umbrella just have a rain
arraign a raincoat on yeah I guess if you don't do that you'll become a hermit
because you'll never get out of your house
that's just all you have to learn how to live with the conditions yeah and they
do it's a lot of people walking hiking you know like I mean like if nothing
they just walk under the rain like nothing's happening right yeah for us is
a novelty because the first time we're here so let's keep walking a little bit
and now bunnies just as we were leaving the park we spotted what we thought was
one lone black rabbit looking out of place but as we rounded the corner we
discovered it was a whole colony they were very cute
then it was on words to Englishman River Regional Park where we went in search of
two waterfalls well I'm not sure we took the right trail since we never did find
them but who can complain about wandering the wrong way in a forest when
you're surrounded by towering Cedars Douglas firs and ferns all around
alright guys well we just finished going for another little walk this time
through Englishman River Falls Provincial Park beautiful walk beautiful walk beautiful forest
yeah you know total you know it's like a savage wild
place here you know like I mean you can smell it the front there was a sign
saying don't forget that this is habitat for cougar and they should be here they
posted because they are here yeah and okay suddenly enough the rains started
to come down really heavy now yeah so we're going to call it a day here and
we're gonna go to the shop in to the supermarket buy some food go home cook a
little bit of wine yeah and yeah that was a five hour five hour edition today
again that's good alright before we get soaked let's go let's go back at the
place I have the most severe case of hat hair going on ever most severe case of
hair hot hair right here oh here you know man look I look like a rooster have
a big clump at the top yeah we we are having dinner today we bought some corn
was it yes cod and we're using up some sweet
potatoes that we bought in Port Alice but didn't use and some carrots carrots I
think her from the first time we were in Comox well let's not reveal all the
secrets leftovers leftovers we have a Chilean wine and uh today was fine it
was fine it was pretty relaxed we didn't do a ton because of the weather
but um I still had a really good time I mean any time you can go visit the beach
and then go for a hike and the rainforest is a good day in my books
again we're gonna have some Chilean wine have a nice dinner we'll show you it
when it's at the table the meal it's in the plate but it's on the plate guys so
hungry after a full day doing stuff hearing
doing start with biking yeah stop now I'm gonna stop myself all right
so we got Cod here I think we cooked it in I'll just die
got it for us and butter and we're pairing it with some carrots and sweet
potato it's a very simple meal today but wait tasty it's gonna be good man let's
try some of that wine some of that wine we're having a Chilean wine today yeah
this is a really fave famous one Cassy Gerald it dub Diablo right yeah
what does that mean exactly it would be like Casa de arrow there
would be like a like like a place like a box where the devil the devil leaves
well yeah a little Diablo no we got here 70% Shiva and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon and
I think they got a nice combination for this wine because really really the
Serie gives it a smooth and it removes all that a agressivity of the cavernous
of a year sometimes a tavern is a punch as a punch it is smooth out the pot yeah
so with this one I think they got a really good blend
cheers to that Rico man wine salut salut salut I'm gonna try my first bite of the
food here and crying mmm oh yeah potatoes turned out great boiled those
cut them up into wedges and then we put them on top of the butter that we're
frying the fish on so good oh yeah fish mmm super tender and juicy guys this is
a super easy meal to make but yet very delicious also healthy - you got your
protein you've got your veggies got your wine confit is always good what more
could you want I mean for me cod is one of the tastier
fishes that you can get a lot of people don't you know don't like it because
when we were kids they used to give you cod liver oil isotonic and that that was
disgusting so the name cod was left in people's mind you know like I mean the
the young generation of my age that they
here caught on kind of boo you know in the opposite direction
he always is one of the best fishes that you can have you know God you can never
go wrong with God anyways guys yeah all right so we had a fun day beach time
hiking we made the most of a rainy day and we'll still have more episodes from
Vancouver Island we're gonna continue to basically head selleth most of the rest
of our trip as that for popping up to Campbell River we'll see you there bye
see you tomorrow


PARKSVILLE & QUALICUM BEACH, BC | Visiting Beaches + Provincial Parks on Vancouver Island

79 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 28 日
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