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  • Hi my name is Pat Goodwin with Pat Goodwin Associates. The question for me today is how

  • to negotiate a salary during the job offer. And the way that that question is worded I

  • am assuming that this is an offer on the spot. The salary is being discussed without a letter

  • being mailed so you can think about it. So this is being a salary that is being offered

  • for the job that you are being offered. I would encourage you to be prepared for that

  • conversation. First of all you want to always start the conversation off well first of all,

  • I'd like to thank you for the offer. You are telling me this amount. Prior to having that

  • discussion you should have done your homework, knowing what amount you can accept which is

  • the least amount. What you have been making and what you would like to see in the form

  • of an increase. You need to do research to look at salary dot com. Or wizard, salary

  • wizard to make sure that you are in the range of knowing if they are going to be fair with

  • the offer. If there is a salary base plus commission with sales you need to clearly

  • understand what the expectations are for you to make bonus. But lets just focus on the

  • base salary. And they offer a salary that is a little bit lower then what you had expected,

  • you could afford to take it but it's still a little bit lower then what you expected.

  • I would encourage you to begin, first of all I like to thank you for the offer, the amount

  • is just a little bit lower then I had expected, I'd like to ask what flexibility there is.

  • And pause. If they really want you, think about this, the offer is made to you the power

  • shifts to you. So if you do not ask for a salary increase at that point in time you

  • wont' get it. So you've got to be prepared to ask for the flexibility and then pause.

  • And if they come back with what amount do you have in mind, then you need to then have

  • that amount to go back and say, well I was hoping the amount would be, instead of in

  • the range of would be. And so add the two, three, more five more thousand. He may not

  • be able to go as high as you're asking for, but if you ask for too little then he's not

  • going to go up. So add, you might want to ask for a little bit more so then he can say

  • I can't do four thousand but I can do two and two is really what you wanted. So there's

  • some finesse about that, you don't want to try to trip them up, you want to be very honest

  • and you want to be real clear about what you need in order to make your bills or what you

  • need in order to work for them and not fret about what your salary is. If you are receiving

  • bonus or commission then you want to understand what the formula is and make sure that you

  • know what you, when it's going to be paid ,what parameters you will be paid in, is it

  • quarterly, weekly , twice a year. And make sure that you have a clear understanding of

  • when will you receive the bonus and hopefully that will help you to negotiate your offer

  • when offered.

Hi my name is Pat Goodwin with Pat Goodwin Associates. The question for me today is how


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人力資源:如何在錄用期間進行薪資談判? (Human Resources : How to Negotiate Salary During Job Offer)

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