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  • - I had a daughter recently and I got to explore

  • the new Sesame Street recently.

  • And it's just the most amazing thing to watch her

  • just brighten up when it's on.

  • Sunny days

  • Sweepin' the clouds away

  • On my way to where the air is sweet

  • - It's the only show she watches.

  • And I think I'm gonna be raising an amazing daughter

  • just because her favorite show is Sesame Street.

  • I think it instills a lot of good and kindness in people,

  • in kids, in parents.

  • - [Elmo] Yeah.

  • - [Zoe] What, okay.

  • (group laughs)

  • - All right, nice job sharing Elmo.

  • - [Elmo] Aww, thanks Chris.

  • - Happy 50th birthday Sesame Street.

  • You are the best thing that has ever happened to children

  • and adults and humans alike.

  • So thanks.

  • (upbeat music)

- I had a daughter recently and I got to explore


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芝麻街的記憶,阿曼達-塞弗裡德|#ThisIsMyStreet芝麻街的記憶:阿曼達-塞弗裡德|#這是我的街道#。 (Sesame Street Memory: Amanda Seyfried | #ThisIsMyStreet)

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