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  • Teoh, 19 and 20.

  • I see no Kanayama.

  • Karima way made you decide to come to defend something different.

  • Something different.

  • You never been to any age, young country, they first and, uh, culture.

  • You have any definite dick from that?

  • You usually eat kids.

  • You don't like it.

  • Don't really?

  • You don't mind with dream?

  • No.

  • Can you tell me what it's like making you way making YouTube video right now it's about 14 people.

  • Try Japanese kid from show.

  • Yes.

  • So you tell me what you mean.

  • I run dry.

  • Lots of friends.

  • Froth.

  • No way.

  • You have to stand just like that.

  • That's good.

  • Really good.

  • Really good.

  • Really?

  • The way I think it's way.

  • Yeah.

  • Autumn food in Japan.

  • About what About No.

  • Yeah, he always screaming cop kid e.

  • I've never tried.

  • You ask.

  • You know what it's like every year is really pretty.

  • Everything.

  • Every watching should try this.

  • Yeah, they have a very good thank you so much for buying this.

  • You never turn.

  • It's kind of you know what Time E really like 60 sponge?

  • You wouldn't get that moment back to be quite drying are really no, really one of the Japanese type of way have totally purple leaders and then they have a blank being on top.

  • That's really nice.

  • No, really.

  • Just like way.

  • Like me, the orange ones or whatever more man Bean.

  • That's weird.

  • Yeah.

  • Taxers.

  • Yes way.

  • Oh, so good.

  • So you don't use it for your kids.

  • It's good, but I think I never have way.

  • Don't drink, Sits on oil way Don't you want something different?

  • What?

  • You I don't have any tea.

  • Thank you.

Teoh, 19 and 20.


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A2 初級

邀請外國人來蛋糕店外國人士試吃日本蛋糕店。 (街行く外国人をケーキ屋さんへ招待してみたForeign people trying Japanese cake shop)

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