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well good morning good morning guys yes today is our last day on Peninsula Valdes
and we're going to be doing another tour are you pumped for this
super pumped more nature more wildlife the plan is we're going to be heading
out to Punta Del Gada visiting a lighthouse having some lunch there's an
option to do a boat tour so yeah it's gonna be another fun day I really
enjoyed our first tour here so let's see what this one's all about let's do it
safety first lifejackets next up a boat tour we're
going out in zodiacs to try and get a little bit closer to the sea lions not
too too close but we want to admire them see what they're up to
baby penguins the person swimming around worst thing you notice is its water
this excursion was one of the highlights of the day so we were both really glad
that we opted for it even though it was an additional activity we got to enjoy
stunning these of the coastline plus we encountered all sorts of sea birds
including cormorants by the hundreds
this looks like a little tunnel a cave of sorts and we go oh my what are we
looking for is the question at one point we even ducked into a cave where a guide
pointed out the layers of marine fossils along the rock evidence that these clips
were once part of the Atlantic Ocean seabed
the boat took us out to the same sea colony that we had hiked to the previous
day but this time around we were able to see them from a much closer vantage
alright guys so we took the additional excursion
it was 750 pesos per person yes roughly 20 US dollars at the moment
and it was fantastic like we got up close and intimate with sea lion-o many
other things because when you go to the typical viewing point there just you
just see them from a distance when you go on the boat you could think get right
up close to them yeah and yeah it was just fantastic the weather was perfect I
just think like in terms of follow you it's something that I would definitely
recommend if you're on this tour tack it on
we then continued on to Khaled Ovilus which is sometimes nicknamed a
geographic accident it's basically along a narrow body of
water that's been naturally closed off by a strip of land with only a small
opening connecting it to the sea we were told this is usually a great spot to see
elephant seals however since we arrived at the end of the season there weren't
too many of them left on the beach what we did see were lots of penguins this
was a much smaller colony in comparison to the one we had visited in San Lorenzo
so two days prior but there were still lots of curious Penguins waddling around
we then drove towards estancia punta delgada which over the years has taken
on a few different roles including post office military building and now hotel
and restaurant this was a reficul lunch stop of the day alright guys so we have
arrived at faro punta delgada they have a restaurant here so this is where we're
gonna be eating lunch we are starving what a busy day so let's go in and see
what's on the menu
alright guys so we're sitting down at the table orders have been placed we've
got a basket of homemade artisanal bread with some Mayo garlic mayo it was good
stuff we've already had quite a bit we also ordered some beef empanadas already
devoured that one now we're waiting for the main which is the lamb stew which
I'm really excited to try its Patagonian stew so it'll be our first time trying
this should be tasty for dessert we've ordered flan we can do it to the legend
same as the other day on the tour it was delicious and can't wait to have more
and yeah we're just drinking some I local gossip fizzy water
gotta stay hydrated allow me to introduce you to Patagonian stew we have
lamb onions carrots a better rice it looks as simple but it smells wonderful
I'm gonna try and grab a little bite of everything get all the flavors mixing
Wow not as very nice meat is nice and tender it just like melts in your mouth
like honestly it looks like a very simple recipe but it's really good I'm
I'm enjoying this and we also ordered more of the empanadas can never get
enough of those never got enough they're so delicious fresh out of the oven yeah
and the thing that makes these empanadas so delicious too is that they are
stuffed with ingredients it's not one of those cheap styles whether it's mostly
dough this is mostly ingredients in the middle so good huh and put at a time
guys my my favorite Argentine snack free meal snack how are them especially made
juice in the middle tons of meat a little bit of vegetable a little bit of
egg some olive to perfection it's Hardy things very Hardy food this
would be like perfect in the fall winter kind of weather yeah
so this next place is called Illidan L and we are going to be hiking halfway
down a cliff to get a closer look at elephant seals it is super super windy
out here so come along in the afternoon we visited punta delgada a stretch of
beach where the elephant seals come to breed and later undergo the molting
process where they shed their skin but like we mentioned earlier it was the
very end of the season and there were maybe five or six of them left on the
beach in fact at one point we watched as one of the elephant seals started
dragging itself back into the water ready to return to the open ocean and
spend a few months feeding well we saw the elephant seals what did you think of
our friends it was great I mean it was quite the climb to get down there yes
very very sandy we were like slipping a bit once you got down there you were
pretty close yeah and yeah this what's been fast thing about the second day of
touring is that like the Peninsual Valdes island has all these different secrets nooks and
crannies worth exploring and it's been really fun yeah and it was fun watching
the elephant seals because they don't really move around a lot they just like
flop dance a little bit they're like us after a big lunch I
think yes but anyways I think that was the last stop of the day we're getting
back on the bus now and we're gonna start driving towards fort commanding
view yeah that's really cool
and that pretty much concludes our tour we then got in the van and drove back to
portal modeling where we immediately went in search of that delicious seafood
pizza we'd had a few days earlier the first thing came support some adrene a
few nights ago before we went to the peninsula we came to this restaurant we
noticed it had 50% off Pizza specials for between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m.
Pizza was so good we ordered this room pizza I've never had it has this much
trouble it's loaded and it has also has a lot of cheese so I can't wait to have
it again been fantasizing about this all day we're thinking like who knew were
coming back here for a couple nights and we're like I've gotta try this again and
this restaurant has called Shawna if anyone's wondering in the next couple
of videos we'll be exploring the city of Puerto modeling visiting its museums
feasting on more seafood and learning all about the Welsh settlers who arrived
on these very Shores so stay tuned for that and we'll see you soon


Spotting SEA LIONS in Peninsula Valdes on a Boat Tour | Chubut, Argentina

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Summer 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 28 日
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