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well guys hello good afternoon from Comox Airport here on Vancouver Island
we weren't really planning to start the video here or even come to the airport
but um George has to go back home due to personal reasons there's been a little
emergency so we are one man down woman down unfortunately that we he can't join us for
the rest of the trip but we're gonna carry on we're heading north
yeah well I'm really glad he was able to go back to his hometown Gold River nice he got to
see his family friends Joe and Joyce and so yeah those were the the main things
that I think he wanted to do so if that's any small consideration
consolation I should say anyways we are continuing the journey up north
yeah so our next stop is Port Alice yeah and a half four hours drive from
here yeah and we keep on with the adventure we are going to in turn
ourselves in the wilderness yeah maybe we'll get to see a cougar yeah I'm
looking for the elk maybe some more bear maybe some bear or and the thing is the
further north you go on the island the more rugged it gets this much population
human population and probably more animals so but I like our chances we are
one man down but the spirit they still here and we are gonna keep on going yeah
there we go onwards
right it's getting warm we stopped at a beach what beach Sam I'm not sure what
beach it didn't have a name but it was a long just before a Campbell River yeah
it was after miracle beach slightly after miracle beach so we are at the
Salmon capital of the world yeah yeah and there there are two options to get
here we ended up taking the scenic route which I think was the right idea we got
to go along the along the coast and wasn't that a beautiful Drive it was
nice yeah a little bit of construction slowed us down but no one's in a rush
and we came to a place called save on foods yes we've done our groceries so we
are set for the next four nights in Portales yeah something to keep in mind
guys is Campbell River is the last kind of big city before you head up north so
if you're gonna do that it's good it's a good idea to load up with supplies these
there are some grocery stores up there but not quite as big as these ones they
may not have all the variety and stuff like that so pray talk up here
I would suggest even gasoline here it should be better yeah yeah that's next
you're stopping for a little snack a little sandwich here on the side of the
road got some roast beef cheese buns we're next to a lake
good huh it's so nice up here we've already passed a few lakes not a soul on
the lake yeah you could be out here on your boat and be the only person just
lots of that's what we keep seeing logging trucks yeah big trucks with big
big logs I mean huge yeah it's amazing the north part of the island is where
you have a lot of the industry in terms of that type of industry yeah nature at
its best nice clean fresh air beautiful water crystal clear I mean this is
paradise people what can I tell you I don't know if you can find many places
around this world that compared to this it's just wow are you enjoying all this
praise about your home islands yes I'm appreciating it now more that I'm
revisiting them when I used to live here yeah I didn't know what I had when I
lived here that's usually the case when you live in a beautiful place like this
and you think oh the world out there you know you always think that the grass is
greener on the other side of the fence when you jump over you find out that the
grass is an illusion yeah you know this is what it was this is the beauty the
beauty I mean I'm impressed yeah I've been
around areas where you have woods and forests and stuff like that but around
here it is impressive you know it's impressive
good afternoon everyone we have arrived at our Airbnb here in Port Alice it's
been a long drive it is now 5:30 p.m. or all checked in nice little spot with the
beautiful deck views of the water check this out this is gonna be a nice place
for breakfast like a morning coffee maybe enjoying sunset this is pretty
cool and yeah the boys are already working on dinner I think we're going to
be having some pasta so we'll see what they're up to in the
kitchen so Sam what is the plan the plan is we're gonna make pasta we arrived a
little bit earlier we decided not to do as much sightseeing in here yeah it's been a
hectic day tomorrow it's been a busy day with everything that's going on now love
the house so far Port Alice is beautiful man I'm going to show you guys we might
even who knows if we have time maybe we'll go for a walk tonight a little bit
of a little bit of the downtown area oh but first food what's on the menu what
pasta did we choose we've got ricotta and kale tortellini and we're gonna make
basically tomato based pasta sauce right throw on some mushrooms maybe chopped up
so we're gonna go salami you know I bought some spicy Italian sausage if you
want to add that in that's going in there for sure he'll settle in maybe go
for a walk and maybe we'll show you a little bit of the house to this and
there's some beautiful maps that artwork here okay yeah and you ready to eat
listen ready for the wine I think I should throw to Hungary on what she said
what's the plan I'll show you what the plan this is a plan right now okay I
need to recuperate myself I see okay okay you'll work on the wine tasting Sam
and I will do the cooking do I trust you will okay I think so
okay fine okay daleney baleen and uh oh yeah what a beautiful drive this was
yeah through the forest yeah through the forest it was like you know what the
whole way here it was like when you're going into one of those driveways of
these properties like States and they are winding between the big trees and
stuff like that that's what reminded me of you know when we were driving and you
got a wall of green on both sides of the highway and helium and we have four
nights here to explore and enjoy this area we're going to explore along okay
so all right now cooking let's go these ones are not rough on my eyes these ones
don't make you cry these are sweet onions I make me cry yeah otherwise
you're like Audrey can you come here chop this there's actually a little
dinner is served and serve a lovely tortellini with kale not spinach that's
something new I've never had tortellini with a kale also as we call it cheese
yes so lose guys here we go dinner time first dinner in Port Alice oh
it's very good mmm sauce is awesome I love the mushrooms
and oh very spicy we picked a spicy one and they didn't
let us down so yeah I mean now that we're in the Port Alice area there's so
many great things to do there's whale watching that which you
can take for me to Port McNeil or Port Hardy you also have the option of doing
some island hopping you can go to alert Bay which is really famous we're gonna
do that for sure we're also planning to go to telegraph cove if you have the
time you can go to the is it the San Joseph Bay yeah
that's further in the North Cape Scott trail and you've also got some
provincial parks nearby you've got the NIM Kish Nimish Park and then I think
there's a Sean Lake tons of things to do in and around the area the north part of
the island isn't nearly as visited as the south part or even the central part
and so for those who take the time to get out here it's it's well worth their
effort something we have noticed here in the island is that a lot of people they
are geared towards the outdoors doesn't matter what age and a lot of people come
to this island to retire because of the weather this is Canada's mildest weather
let's say area and we've been out in the trails and stuff like that and you see
so many but so many people riding bicycles riding horses jogging tracking
I mean every possibility and old ages so do not be afraid or you know feel that
okay maybe I'm a bit older to do this type of thing because here you'll just
fit in doesn't matter your age my dad's friend Joe's on his seventies and he's
doing like three four day hikes camping out in the wilderness yeah he put us to
shame no he was training for Nepal okay yeah but you know he goes out into the
wilderness and he sleeps out there and and you you see all kinds of people you
know all ages everything this this area seems to be relief for the outdoors
people like to enjoy life you're into the outdoors if you're into the
wilderness this is probably one of the best parts of Canada I'm obviously
biased I'm from the island but I think it's the best and it's my favorite part
of Canada and having been gone this long I'm just so I feel like I'm
rediscovering it with new eyes yeah we'll continue sharing Port Alice in the
surrounding area with you guys over the coming days but now pasta pasta pasta
wine what are you talking about where is that corner all right guys we'll see you
in the next episode
the way yard


Northern VANCOUVER ISLAND travel vlog | Driving to PORT ALICE, BC

42 分類 收藏
Summer 發佈於 2020 年 4 月 28 日
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