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  • way, Brown.

  • Okay, Linus, this is January.

  • This the beginning of a new year, Right?

  • Bad habits are destroyed at the beginning of a new year.

  • Right?

  • Write that stupid blanket you're holding is a bad habit, right?

  • Right.

  • Suddenly I feel very cold.

  • That's a job well done.

  • I buried Teoh.

  • Tell me.

  • Tell me.

  • Just tell me Goodnight.

  • I can't eat everything tastes our I don't seem to be able to catch my breath.

  • Feelers.

  • Feel like Please tell me where you buried by.

  • No, Lucy.

  • She can't have buried it Too far off.

  • I got a feeling that blanket Charlie Brown.

  • Just gotta dig and dig and dig until I sign.

  • Good luck.

  • Got it everywhere.

  • Gotta find it everywhere.

  • Gotta find it everywhere.

  • Thought I find it everywhere.

  • Gotta find it every year.

  • You think I'm being known to Linus because I buried his blanket, don't you?

  • Well, I'm not.

  • I'm really doing him a favor.

  • He's too weak ever to break the habit by himself.

  • He's as weak as she says.

  • We because you are charming ground.

  • It's dirty.

  • It's ragged, it's torn.

  • It's even a little moldy.

  • But it's my wait.

  • Tell you how sick I get of seeing you drag around that stupid blankets.

  • What would you do?

  • Highway to snatch that nasty thing from you and throw it into the trash burner?

  • Are you crazy?

  • Excuse me?

  • Don't speak of it.

  • That wins presence.

  • It's very sensitive, and it might take it the wrong way.

  • That's ridiculous.

  • Stupid.

  • Totally stupid.

  • Ridiculous.

  • How do I think of things like that?

  • Blanket hates me way down.

  • The only person I know has ever been attacked by blankets to help immature little Children break the blanket.

  • Had it.

  • It is recommended to cut a little piece off every day that finally, there is nothing left of it.

  • Wait for me, That monster.

  • What's it doing now?

  • What's it doing?

  • It wants to make up.

  • It wants to shake hands.

  • Stupid blankets.

  • You're not being fair, Lucy.

  • My blanket wants a truce.

  • It's willing to make up.

  • Why don't you shake hands?

  • All right.

  • Anything to keep from being left on?

  • All forgive and forget.

  • Shake What?

  • That blanket of yours hates me.

  • I know it.

  • It's understandable.

  • You've stumped it.

  • Trump did and insulted it enough.

  • I don't trust it.

  • You could just tell that that blowing.

  • It doesn't have a clean Puncheon's.

  • What do you want me to do?

  • Keep it on a leash?

  • It hates me.

  • But I hate eight to just throw that thing in the trash burner being chased by.

  • I never dreamed that she'd be first in our little group to crack up.

way, Brown.


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