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  • you love Starbucks?

  • I love Starbucks, but some of the drinks are pretty hard to pronounce in English.

  • So today we look at the hardest ones to pronounce, so that when you come to Britain and you order in Starbucks, you could do it with confidence.

  • Number one Frappuccino Frappuccino.

  • Now these come in all different flavors, Right?

  • You got caramel Frappuccino, a mock off Frappuccino and Java Chip Frappuccino, a white chocolate mocha frappuccino.

  • There are so many different times.

  • But that main would frappuccino, too.

  • Marker marker.

  • Not much.

  • A marker with a curt sound That is that combination of coffee and hot chocolate.

  • Super delicious.

  • So we have a marker.

  • You can have a white chocolate mocha.

  • You have an ice marker, as you see there with iced.

  • It's with deep, but you don't really pronounce that.

  • Decide, Just ice marker.

  • Next one.

  • Espresso.

  • Espresso.

  • So a lot of these words, of course, are Italian words of origin.

  • But we don't say them in exactly the same way, so we kind of give it an anglicized version.

  • So this one espresso, you can have a double espresso, or you could have a core Tada court title, which is espresso with a bit of milk.

  • This one macchiato macchiato Again.

  • I'm sorry to all the Italian viewers who would say it completely differently.

  • But this is how we say in English in Britain.

  • Macchiato, you have a caramel macchiato, an iced caramel macchiato.

  • My personal favorite is an oat latte.

  • Macchiato O is delicious.

  • Number five Americana Americana.

  • The stress there is on the armor.

  • So Americana, another one of Italian origin.

  • Cappuccino.

  • Cappuccino.

  • Okay, next one lot, lot.

  • Now this one would be pronounced differently in different parts of Britain.

  • And I do want to remember that is, I can only do it in my accent, which is a London accent.

  • But this one would be different in the north of England so that our sound in the South of England lot would be an act in the north of England.

  • So that would be latte in the north of England.

  • So, as I said, these words could be pronounced differently, depending on where you are in Britain.

  • But I'm doing my London accent latte.

  • You have an ice Lottie, a pumpkin spice latte.

  • On the variation of this is a flat white, a flat white.

  • Now because I'm from London.

  • I might drop those t so it's not flat whites, I would say flat, white, flat, white and I'm dropping those teas away.

  • But with different accents.

  • Some people might say titties.

  • Some people may not cities.

  • It's up to you for me.

  • Flat way.

  • Okay, then we got the ice coffee.

  • So you got crazy ones like Nitro Cold Brew.

  • What is a nitro Cooper?

  • I don't really know.

  • I want to try one, But yet there's nitro cold brew or nitro with cold phone phone.

  • That's a nice word.

  • Phone So nitro with cold phone number nine Chai Tea Chai tea, Knock I T or Chain in Britain.

  • Chai tea, a chai tea latte And finally, possibly the hardest words to pronounce are the tea's Not the coffees.

  • So you've got things like camomile camomile herbal blend said it one more time.

  • Camomile, You've got hibiscus.

  • Her biscuits.

  • That's a great word.

  • Beautiful with her biscuits.

  • Herbal tea You've got on old gray as well.

  • Oh gray on finally English breakfast tea, the classic tea that we have in Britain here.

  • English breakfast tea.

  • Now I have done a video giving you lots of expressions that you can use to order your drinks in Starbucks.

  • Link that just above.

  • And if I've missed any drinks, you let me know in the comments below.

  • Okay, so now I hope that you can come to Britain and you can order with confidence.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Fortune.

  • Guys, this is home.

  • They chief Dreamer saying goodbye.

you love Starbucks?


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