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  • - Hey, I'm Maren Morris,

  • and my favorite "Sesame Street" memory growing up

  • was, well, first of all,

  • I listened to a lot of classic country

  • as a kid in my household,

  • and I remember seeing an old rerun

  • of Johnny Cash on "Sesame Street"

  • and thinking that that was the coolest thing ever

  • because it was both my worlds coming together.

  • It was country music and it was "Sesame Street"

  • and The Man in Black loved "Sesame Street"

  • as much as the rest of the world.

  • How high's the water, Mama

  • Five feet high and rising

  • How high's the water, Papa

  • Five feet high and rising

  • Well, the rails are washed out north of town

  • We gotta head for higher ground

  • Can't come back till the water goes down

  • Five feet high and rising

  • Well, it's five feet high and rising

  • Five feet high and rising.

  • - That was probably the most iconic episode

  • I remember as a kid.

  • So thank you for having me here,

  • and have the best, happiest 50th, "Sesame Street."

  • (lively music)

- Hey, I'm Maren Morris,


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芝麻街的記憶。芝麻街的記憶:Maren Morris|#ThisIsMyStreet (Sesame Street Memory: Maren Morris | #ThisIsMyStreet)

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