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  • You see, I have just written to our local Member of Parliament and I'm hoping he's

    你看 我剛才寫了封信給我們當地的國會議員

  • going to represent our views in the next debate on women's suffrage.


  • Oh I see


  • Well don't you take any interest in these affairs Mrs. Crocombe?


  • Oh I don't know that I have the time!

    好吧,那麼妳都對這些事態都不感興趣嗎? 克羅科姆太太

  • I think that Lady Braybrooke is an example to follow.


  • She takes a great interest in all the local affairs, you might have noticed?

    我認為佈雷布魯克夫人 是個很棒的學習榜樣

  • After all the things she has done for the necessitous children of Walden, all her


  • charitable activities and so forth... - Well, I'll think about it.


  • Oh look! Here's your applicant for the laundry.

    她那些幫助 瓦爾登城市裡的貧困孩子

  • Ah good morning! I see that you're punctual - very good. I daresay you'd like


  • a tour of the service wing? We shall go to the laundry directly.


  • This is the wet laundry. Now, I understand you've been assisting your mother with

    哦,妳看! 這是來妳洗衣部求職的那一位

  • her local cottage laundry but you will find this a very different proposition


  • at Audley End. You see you will have to deal with 600 towels every week, for example,


  • and you must be quite robust because we do like our laundry maids


  • to have stamina. We would never take a girl fresh from school, for example.

    這裡是濕衣處 現在,我明白你一直在幫助你的母親

  • They simply don't have the right experience or the strength.


  • And we certainly wouldn't take somebody from the workhouse.

    但在奧德莉莊園你會發現 這裡有個非常不一樣的地方

  • We are scrupulous about hygiene here at Audley End. For instance in one country house

    你看,比如說 你每週不得不應付六百條毛巾

  • that shall be nameless, do you know a case of scarlet fever was brought in


  • with a laundry basket. Huh! Quelle horreur.

    因為我們比較喜歡 我們的洗衣女傭有一定的持久力

  • That would never happen here.

    比如說,我們絕不會錄取一個 剛從學校畢業的女孩

  • So, we operate on a weekly laundry cycle here.


  • The laundry is delivered every Sunday evening by rail

    而且我們理所當然的 不會錄取教養院的人

  • depending on where Lord and Lady Braybrooke have been staying.

    在奧德莉莊園裡 我們對衛生可是非常嚴謹的

  • Typically their London residence up at Brook Street, or it could be Bournemouth. Or Scotland.

    例如,有一座鄉間別墅 那個必須匿名的那一個

  • You must rise at 3:00 on Monday morning to make sure all the fires are lit.

    你知道有一樁猩紅熱病 就是由洗衣籃帶進去的

  • Then you can return to bed for a couple of hours, and then rise again to take a cup of tea

    喲!不堪設想 法文:Quelle horreur

  • to your laundry superiors - Ellen and Sarah. You must make sure you show them


  • all due respect at all times for you are their junior.


  • You must know how to identify various stains.

    衣物都是星期天晚上 通過鐵路交付給我們的

  • Now, Lady Braybrooke's personal maid will deal with any stains pertaining to her lace, for example.


  • But there are many other stains aren't there. For example, how would you deal with, say, ink stains?

    通常他們會住在倫敦的布魯克街 或者可能是伯恩茅斯鎮,或蘇格蘭

  • Of course.

    你必須在星期一凌晨三點起床 確保所有的火已點著

  • You would use buttermilk, wouldn't you?

    然後你可以回到床上躺幾個小時 然後再起來倒幾杯茶

  • And now let's move on to the coppers shall we?

    給你的洗衣部的上司,埃倫和莎拉 你必須給她們

  • There are many different types of treatment depending on the nature of the laundry.


  • For instance, Mrs. Crocombe's kitchen cloths will need a very hot boil.


  • So we put the washing in the copper here when it's quite an average temperature

    現在,打個比方佈雷布魯克夫人的貼身侍女 會處理夫人蕾絲上的污漬

  • and then we wait for the temperature to come to the boil.


  • Mrs. Crocombe as you will know maintains very high standards of hygiene in her kitchen.

    譬如,你會如何處理 像墨汁這樣的污漬?

  • I'm sure you're quite aufait with wringing out excess water but you may well find that


  • this mangle helps you in that process. Always be sure to use a mangle cloth.


  • And do be careful. Don't trap your fingers in it.


  • The laundry drying lawn is just out there

    根據不同的用處的布類 我們將會使用對應的方式來處理

  • behind the cloud hedge, where the family's laundry can dry in privacy.

    例如,克羅科姆太太的廚房抹布 就會用非常燙的水來燙洗

  • You do know how to bleach your laundry don't you?

    所以,我們會把要洗的布 放進這個銅鍋裡

  • We sometimes use the rather quaint method


  • of using the action of the sun upon our linens to make them whiter.


  • Quite often our linens are cream-colored and to reach the optimum level of white

    如果你克羅科姆太太的話,她的廚房 永遠都會保持在非常高的衛生標準

  • well we might have to to and fro for quite some months before we reach that

    我敢肯定,你會絞盡腦汁地想 如何把多餘的水給擰出來

  • white that we so desire. We usually prefer our grass that we lay our linens

    但你會發現,軋布機是非常實用的 確定要常使用這部機械來壓

  • upon to be of medium height and preferably on a frosty day.

    還有,千萬要小心 不要被軋布機碾到你的手指

  • And however long it takes...well, so be it.


  • Patience is a virtue!

    在樹籬之後 以讓家庭衣物可以在有隱私的情況之下曬乾

  • Now, we've done the washing and the ringing


  • Now it's time to do the ironing and the finishing.


  • Now, we like to iron things when they're slightly damp. You must supply your own

    利用太陽,直接曬在我們的亞麻布上 使它們顯得更白

  • iron cloth. You only pick up an iron without an iron cloth once.

    很多時候,我們的亞麻布通常都是奶油色的 但為了達到更白效果

  • I don't know whether your mother has one of these in her small laundry


  • but if ever see you using a box mangle to wring out excess water you will be instantly dismissed.


  • Think of it as a flattening machine.

    我們通常比較喜歡把衣物 攤曬在中等

  • Always use a mangle cloth

    高度的草地上 而最好選在嚴寒天

  • and everything that comes out of it should be perfectly flat and perfectly shiny.

    而需要用多久的時間? 那就順其自然吧

  • Now, we come to Saturday. That's when we parcel up all the finished laundry,


  • we send it off to where it has to go and that means labelling it.


  • It's another reason why we don't use commercial laundries. So what we have to do is make


  • sure it's dated, numbered, the house it's going from, the house it's going to, so on and so forth.

    現在,我們喜歡衣物在稍微 潮濕的情況之下熨

  • Now, do you have any questions?


  • I'm sorry, what was that?


  • Do we have a washing machine?

    我不知道你母親是否有一個 這樣的東西,在她那小小的洗衣間

  • [laughs] No, we certainly don't!

    但如果我看見你使用壓布箱來壓水分的話 你將會立即被開除掉

  • It's far too much effort! Why would we go to all that trouble?


  • Does your mother have one?


  • Do you want to do yourself out of a job!

    而壓出來的東西是必須 完美的平坦且富含光澤

  • So, I think that we've seen all we need to now.

    好,我們來到星期六 這時候,我們會把所有處理好的衣物打包好

  • I shall perhaps usher you into the servants hall

    我們把它送回它們該去的地方 但這意味著我們必須一一標籤

  • and Mrs Crocombe will procure you a cup of tea. I shall read through your character and we

    這是另一個原因,我們不商業型洗衣店 所以,我們要做的就是

  • shall give you your expenses for your fare.

    確保它有日期,被編號,來自哪一所房子 送回哪一所房子,等等

  • Thank you so very much for coming to see us.


  • We'll let you know.


You see, I have just written to our local Member of Parliament and I'm hoping he's

你看 我剛才寫了封信給我們當地的國會議員


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洗衣房之旅--維多利亞時代的方式。 (A Tour of the Laundry - The Victorian Way)

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