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  • um, be with you.

  • I think he gets you too bad.

  • I don't trust That's why you When I know I should do when I know I should be bad I do not like no one beat for you I'm begging Brought my structures like a dog Don't hear my phone that that person nickel But you may call about Donald Don't cut us way you get your friends But you know you could And look, man my eyes baby Don't send our lives baby Don't come on in the skies But you feeling Do what He turned you up I'm on the side Just taking these That I'm out of my photos will be trying to knock him When we slides a boat for Silas It remains to make you cry I can hold your own state of saying you don't need another guy my level Way beyond on I think he has your back I don't when I when I should be Then my own from you I was just before you like no one I beat out for you I mean, you know, begging brought my structures like a dog.

  • I think that you everyone and let me be Just let me don't home and I can't fuck me But you with somebody Oh e I think you can't You too bad e I know.

  • That's why don't you?

um, be with you.


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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - "''Treat You Better''' (YoungBoy Never Broke Again - ''Treat You Better'')

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