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  • SpongeBob.

  • You're looking at a superhero.

  • Today we are ranking Patrick stars.

  • Super Abilities Coming in at number eight, we have the elastic waistband.

  • With the help of Mermaid Man, Patrick joined the International Justice League of Super Acquaintances to become the elastic waistband.

  • His powers include extreme flexibility and an inflatable waste.

  • Fully touch more tours.

  • However, If stretched too far, he is temporarily unable to go back to his original see star shape.

  • That's the number seven we have, Patrick Man Patrick Man is another superstar hero persona inspired by Mermaid Man.

  • It's up to you to reveal the true face of crime.

  • His vigilante mission is to rid bikini bottom of evil by using his ice cream cone hat to defeat villains.

  • Patrick Man's greatest weakness is that he assumes everyone is breaking the law and ends up causing.

  • May I see your trying to bust out of that boat Thief Thief?

  • Heavens no.

  • My poor student is trapped inside this boat.

  • A likely story with duct ood.

  • Surface Number six is Patrick's master use of disguise.

  • This power allows him to easily get out of situations with law and even land a corporate job.

  • You know kid.

  • We need somebody like you around here.

  • You do.

  • Fire will go to surprise through Although his disguises air sometimes too believable creating confusion and unwanted attention.

  • What is it about me that makes those two so friendly?

  • Was something to do with this disguise?

  • Were this in order to reveal your secret identity, you'll have to leave the source.

  • SpongeBob.

  • I just can't live like this anymore.

  • A tart of pretending to be someone.

  • Number five is his extreme karate chop with a single swoop of his hand.

  • This karate genius uses his power to slice everything from cinderblocks to an afternoon snack.

  • Come ready power.

  • But with power comes responsibility.

  • Patrick is consumed by his chopping skills and destroys everything he comes in contact with.

  • Coming in at number four is super intelligence.

  • He may not always be the smartest creature in the deep blue sea, but after a freak jelly fishing accident, he temporarily becomes a genius.

  • His intelligent mind gives him the ability to artfully observed jellyfish, tap into his musical side and solve complex equations.

  • Are you better back?

  • What?

  • You just studying this amazing sub species?

  • I'll show you sub species, but his know it all attitude can often rub his friends the wrong way.

  • Yearned for a more simple mind.

  • Patrick.

  • Say something, Patrick.

  • Kicking off the top three is regeneration.

  • Every starfish has the ability to regenerate any part of their body, and Patrick is no different on multiple locations.

  • He shows his regeneration powers, which can come in handy, put tours but love of the Sea star running back with this powerful natural skill, there are no true weaknesses.

  • Patrick Second, most powerful ability comes in the form of super strength.

  • He has displayed many forms of abnormal strength by easily lifting his rock an entire road or battling SpongeBob in the Fry Cook games.

  • But his strength often leads to others getting hurt to go any.

  • Are you okay?

  • Earning the spot of number one is a bottomless stomach with his deep love for food.

  • Patrick's powers include a stomach that can hold upto 1000 crabby Patties and a vacuum sucking mouth that helps him eat at crazy fast speeds.

  • You weren't fat and square Congratulations, star Bono.

  • So are you gonna defend the belt next year?

  • No, this doesn't even even though this is his most powerful feet is overeating can lead to bloating, stomach aches and, in some cases, brain freeze.

  • Yeah, but he quickly bounces back and is ready to eat.

  • The next thing he's ease.

  • No matter what Patrick Star is doing, he will always surprise us with his super abilities.

  • The inner mechanization of my mind are.



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