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  • one two three I told ye good warning yeah

    一二三我告訴你們好警告 是的

  • well hello everyone good afternoon


  • greetings from the basement great things from our anyways with today's video we

    地下室的問候 無論如何,通過今天的視頻,我們

  • thought we would show you our winter getaway in canada that we had at the cottage in muskoka this

    以為我們會告訴你我們的冬天 我們在穆斯科卡的小屋裡在加拿大度假

  • was pretty pretty neat moroni the whole family got together yeah so this is

    整個都非常漂亮整齊 家人聚在一起是的,所以這是

  • something that we basically do once or twice a year with the whole family we

    我們基本上會做一次或 一年兩次與全家一起

  • all just like rent a cottage in canada for a week in this case it was just for like three

    就像在加拿大租一間小屋一周 在這種情況下,只有三個

  • or four days because everyone was busy with work and you know yeah we like to

    或四天,因為每個人都很忙 工作,你知道,是的,我們喜歡

  • spend some quality time yeah the third annual one in the winter and we've

    花一些時間,是的,第三 一年一度的冬天,我們已經

  • chosen different locations there's so many different Lakes you can choose from

    選擇了不同的位置 您可以選擇許多不同的湖泊

  • yes it's actually been a really fun way to get to know Ontario because I'm do

    是的,這實際上是一種非常有趣的方式 認識安大略,因為我願意

  • always go to like a different area of cottage country in muskoka

    總是喜歡去一個不同的地方 在穆斯科卡的平房國家

  • yeah we've we've chosen a completely different area so yeah now we're gonna

    是的,我們已經選擇了一個完全 不同的地區,所以現在我們要

  • roll some footage and just tell you about the trip as we go

    滾動一些鏡頭,然後告訴你 關於我們的旅行

  • I'm already removing the ice and snow off the steps my sister's coming later

    我已經在移除冰雪 走下我姐姐來的台階

  • yeah aren't she's very pregnant so we don't want her slipping slipping so

    是的,她不是很懷孕,所以我們 不想讓她滑倒

  • first afternoon there was pretty relaxed yes just chillin I'm totally chillin

    第一個下午很輕鬆 是的,只是辣椒我完全是辣椒

  • yeah we kind of um we were all going at different speeds in the car and yeah we

    是的,我們有點... 汽車上的速度各不相同,是的,我們

  • were actually your dad and I were ahead yeah we ended up waiting for you guys

    其實是你爸爸,我領先 是的,我們最終等了你們

  • and then we kind of all came in a caravan and as soon as we arrived we

    然後我們都進來了 大篷車,一到達我們就

  • just were we were a little bit tired and we just unpacked there's a lot to bring

    只是我們有點累而 我們只是打開包裝,帶來了很多東西

  • in we always bring probably like three weeks worth of food because we plan our

    在我們總是帶來大概三個 數週的食物,因為我們計劃了

  • menus like we know what we need to bring and then we get there and it's just way

    像我們知道的菜單要帶些什麼 然後我們到達那裡,這就是

  • too much yeah it's a good folder so yeah we spent the

    太多了 這是一個很好的文件夾,是的,我們花了

  • time on packing and then you remember it's in the middle of winter in February

    打包時間,然後您會記得 現在是二月的冬天

  • so it gets dark early so we were starting a barbecue yeah like in the

    所以天很黑所以我們 開始像這樣的燒烤

  • afternoon I think so that was kind of day one all right we've got a welcome

    下午,我認為那有點 沒事的第一天,我們受到了歡迎

  • barbecue for the cabin tonight hey we've got punished sausage yeah and we got

    今晚為小屋燒烤 被懲罰了香腸,我們得到了

  • Humber Gers and we're good yeah we are cooking cooking for a lot of

    亨伯·格斯,我們很好 是的,我們做飯很多

  • people yeah we should go to the cabin we are cooking with gas fire BBQ me I like

    是的,我們應該去機艙 用燃氣燒烤做飯,我喜歡

  • to use charcoal or wood or wood but here we can't you know so we have a nice

    用木炭或木頭或木頭,但是這裡 我們不知道,所以我們有一個不錯的

  • amount of hamburgers we're gonna have some provolone cheese to melt on top and

    我們要吃的漢堡包數量 一些普羅臥乾酪奶酪在上面融化,

  • yeah we're up north of Toronto about two and a half to three hours north we came

    是的,我們在多倫多以北大約兩個 我們向北走了三個半小時

  • to spend four days rented a beautiful cabin in front of a lake yes it's like

    花四天租了一個漂亮的 在湖前的小屋是的,就像

  • 10 15 minutes from Huntsville yeah beautiful yeah a beautiful sunset

    離亨茨維爾10-15分鐘 是的,美麗的日落

  • the sky is like a pinkish red and we brought Pago todos having his best life

    天空像粉紅色,我們 帶來了帕果(Pago)待辦事項,擁有他最好的生活

  • out here huh you waiting for the burgers you waiting for the burgers Toki oh yeah

    在這裡,你在等漢堡 你在等漢堡Toki哦,是的

  • that's the plan now we're gonna go inside when this is ready we're going to

    那就是我們現在要去的計劃 準備好裡面時,我們將

  • uncork bottle wine or something of the sort and we're gonna have a beautiful

    開瓶葡萄酒或類似的東西 排序,我們將擁有一個美麗的

  • evening and family we came here you know to kind of get together with the family

    晚上和家人我們來到這裡你知道 與家人團聚

  • everyone is so busy running we never get to see each other so third year in a row

    每個人都這麼忙,我們永遠都不會 連續三年見面

  • we've done this we did one in also in the fall and yeah it's just a great way

    我們做到了這一點,我們也在 是的,這是一個很棒的方法

  • everyone kind of fits time in their schedule and we come here for like four

    每個人都適合他們的時間 日程安排,我們來這里大概四個

  • days four nights sometimes the whole week and yeah it's just a great way to

    天四夜有時整個 是的,這只是一個很好的方法

  • spend time together yeah it's the only way to find out to steal a little bit of

    花時間在一起是唯一的 找出偷東西的方法

  • time from modern days you know and have some time in family and get together

    從現代開始的時間,您知道並擁有 和家人在一起一段時間

  • other than that you know you your life goes by and you don't do nothing you

    除此之外,你知道你的生活 經過,你什麼都不做,你

  • should work work work and work on a treadmill it's amazing too you know

    應該工作,工作在 跑步機也很棒

  • three hours from Toronto and you can be read out like in the typical Canadian

    從多倫多出發三個小時,您可以 像典型的加拿大人一樣讀出

  • wilderness it's amazing that's one of the best things about this country two

    荒野,這是其中之一 關於這個國家的最好的事情兩個

  • or three hours outside the city and you're in no work middle nowhere for

    或在市區外三個小時 你無處可去

  • here there's room for everyone you know


  • oh my god all right dinnertime inner time hamburger time thanks for

    哦,天哪,晚餐時間 內部時間漢堡包時間感謝

  • dinner you guys braved the cold how was it out

    晚餐 你們都受了冷

  • there what what my with the feels like temperature minus point something minus

    那裡我的感覺如何 溫度負點負

  • 25 Celsius all red is very cool yeah my hands are frozen it was when you're

    25攝氏度全紅色非常酷,是的,我的 手被凍住了

  • barbecuing you cannot use glove because you don't feel the utensil mm-hmm how

    燒烤時不能使用手套,因為 你不覺得這個器皿

  • cool was it out there oh my gosh freezing basically with windchill of

    很酷嗎,我的天哪 基本上因

  • around minus 20 I'm stuck my hands are still thawing out their stuff throbbing

    大約負20我被卡住了 仍在解凍他們的東西

  • a little bit from the coal all four burgers all four burgers it was worth it

    從這四個煤一點點 漢堡四個漢堡都值得

  • totally worth it so then the first evening we were just hanging out in the

    完全值得,所以第一個 晚上,我們只是在外面閒逛

  • living area I was trying to have a little photo shoot with Togo my furry

    我想擁有一個生活區 多哥拍的小照片

  • brother it wasn't going very well and then I captured a really sweet clip this

    兄弟,進展不順利, 然後我拍了一個非常甜美的片段

  • is something that you do on every canadian cottage every time but Sam likes to

    是您在每件事上都要做的事 每次都有加拿大小屋,但山姆喜歡

  • sleep with the dog yeah like he'll cuddle with the dog and take a little

    和狗一起睡,就像他會 與狗擁抱,並採取一點

  • nap on the floor but they waiting for it is that you actually fall asleep near

    在地板上小睡,但他們在等待 是你真的在附近睡著了

  • the fireplace it's nice to warm yeah and the funny thing is that dog probably

    壁爐很溫暖,是的, 有趣的是那隻狗可能

  • gets of a triple the amount of exercise that normally has this is a dog that

    運動量增加三倍 通常有這隻狗

  • gets walked a lot and it gets well taken care of but when we go to the cabins we

    走路很多,它被很好地採取 照顧,但當我們去小屋時

  • go out frequently it gets a job playing the snow yeah so by the time he comes

    經常出去找工作 雪,是的,等他來的時候

  • back into the house it's tired he's off he's exhausted and normally it's not a

    回到屋子裡,他累了 他筋疲力盡,通常這不是

  • big fan of someone curling up next to him but when he's tired enough yeah his

    fan縮在旁邊的人的忠實粉絲 他,但是當他足夠累的時候

  • defenses are just low yeah he doesn't fight it he's cool he doesn't fight it

    防守很低,是的,他沒有 戰鬥,他很酷,他不戰鬥

  • and one of the funny things looking back at the footage is just like that's

    和回想起來的有趣的事情之一 在鏡頭上就像

  • probably the biggest beard and hair I've ever had yeah four months of growth I

    可能是我最大的鬍鬚和頭髮 曾經有四個月的成長

  • think I think you're getting close are easily eat your heart of water

    認為我認為您正在接近 輕鬆地吃掉你的心

  • yeah very funny because just looking back at that footage - so shocking money

    是的,非常有趣,因為只是看著 回到那個鏡頭-如此驚人的錢

  • who is that yeah I mean this one's just like probably less than two months but

    是的,是的,我的意思是這個人只是 大概不到兩個月,但

  • that was yeah that was everyone was shocked by it like I've never even your

    是的,那是所有人 感到震驚,就像我從來沒有

  • sister that was the Patagonia beer yeah yeah didn't bother getting my haircut on

    是巴塔哥尼亞啤酒的妹妹 是的,我並沒有理會我的髮型

  • there isn't any trip or shaving good picture of your back okay okay gentle

    沒有任何旅行或刮鬍子 你的背的圖片好吧好吧溫柔

  • gentle and knowing that you do late for camera

    溫和 知道你要遲到拍照

  • what are we having we are having doing so that it just wears yes which are very

    我們正在做什麼 這樣就可以穿了

  • tasty they are from it's a perfect little bakery okay and my sister friends

    美味來自完美 小麵包店還可以,我的姐姐朋友們

  • makes them because I said yeah maybe it's like an enamel bar with dulce de

    讓他們,因為我說是的 就像帶有dulce de的搪瓷棒

  • leche exactly it's like an Argentine twist on a Canadian dessert and how is

    完全像阿根廷人 擰上加拿大甜點,怎麼樣

  • it delicious let's just as you can see yeah

    就像我們看到的那樣美味 是的

  • everyone step it over Oh


  • don't loosen your knee for easily fit so in the second morning it was 35 below

    不要放鬆膝蓋以輕鬆適應 第二天早上低於35

  • with wind chill with wind chills classic Canadian winter morning out lots of snow

    帶有風寒帶有風寒經典 加拿大冬天的早晨大雪

  • and so we went out with your dad and he was just demonstrating how to start a

    所以我們和你父親一起出去 只是演示如何開始

  • car and those temperatures because there is a bit of a strategy to it yeah so the

    汽車和那些溫度,因為那裡 是一個策略,是的,所以

  • battery doesn't die I think that's what you guys get running all the engines for

    電池沒電,我認為那是什麼 你們開始運行所有引擎

  • a bit okay people good morning here from the beautiful

    好一點的人 早上好,來自美麗

  • land of lakes here in Ontario this morning as you're gonna see on the video

    這片安大略湖的土地 您將在視頻中看到的早晨

  • is - it feels like - what - when is 34 35

    是-感覺-什麼-什麼時候34 35

  • it shows - 29 but it feels like - 35 it's 8 o'clock in the morning beautiful

    它顯示-29但感覺像-35 美麗的早晨八點

  • day not a cloud in the sky and we're going to start the cars these cars they

    天不是天空烏雲,我們 要啟動這些車,他們

  • slept outside last night and we want to see if a Canadian car battery can take

    昨晚睡在外面,我們想 看看加拿大的汽車電池可以帶走嗎

  • the punishment and that we're going to start them

    懲罰,我們將要 開始他們

  • ready rest oh look at this guys this is the temperature right here showing the

    準備好休息哦,看看這個傢伙,這是 這裡的溫度顯示

  • real temp - 26 feels like - 35 and the cameras fogging up always having a day

    實際溫度-26-35 相機起霧總是有一天

  • you know he's so happy when it comes here into the to the wilderness the wild

    你知道他來的時候很高興 從這裡到曠野

  • wolf comes out of him you know yeah in the city he's like a city dog you know

    狼從他身上出來,你知道 他就像你所知道的城市狗一樣的城市

  • but here in the wild like something comes out awakens into in him you know

    但是在野外就像 出來喚醒他,你知道

  • so we're gonna go have a nice breakfast


  • all right breakfast is served what do we have we have a very Canadian

    早餐還可以 我們有什麼,我們有一個非常加拿大

  • breakfast that's what we've got going on hash brown bacon bacon fried eggs scones

    早餐就是我們要做的 哈希棕色培根培根煎蛋烤餅

  • go on yeah applause to those who who did it because we didn't we didn't make it

    對那些做了的人繼續鼓掌 因為我們沒有做到

  • yet today it's very cold outside so we went for something hearty and greasy

    但是今天外面很冷所以我們 去了一些豐盛而油膩的東西

  • because I think we're gonna need it in order to go for like a little snowshoe

    因為我認為我們會需要它 為了像雪鞋一樣去

  • or a hike or something yeah you know when when you have temperatures like

    或遠足或其他的東西,你知道 當你有像

  • these if you don't have a breakfast with a lot of calories like this and you feel

    這些,如果你不吃早餐 這樣的卡路里很多,你會覺得

  • like you're weak yeah you know and so you have an idea how it is to deal with

    就像你很虛弱,是的,你知道,所以 你有一個想法如何處理

  • a Canadian winter to think that happen right away this morning one my metal

    一個加拿大冬天認為發生這種情況 今天早上馬上我的金屬

  • frames from the glasses they they contracted with the call and I'll you

    他們從眼鏡框架,他們 與電話簽約,我會的

  • know one of my glances fell off number one good thing I had a second pair

    知道我的目光之一掉了下來 我有第二對是一件好事

  • number two when we went to close my daughter's car

    第二,當我們去關閉我的 女兒的車

  • door it won't he won't latch it's frozen so we opened it but now that we want to

    門不會,他不會鎖住,它被凍結 所以我們打開了它,但是現在我們想要

  • close it it doesn't close there the mechanism is frozen so we got the car

    關閉它不會關閉那裡 機制被凍結,所以我們得到了車

  • running with the heat on that's what it is

    在那上面加熱 是

  • what's going on that's what's going on Toby you looking handsome Toby so you're

    發生了什麼事發生了什麼事 托比,你看起來很帥,托比,所以你

  • looking good we're gonna have a your son-in-law you're not going on and have

    看起來不錯,我們要有一個 女,你不繼續,有

  • a taste of a Canadian dressed oh hello ger

    穿著加拿大人的味道 哦,你好

  • it's a full lager even have a picture of them who's on on the band's there yeah

    甚至有一張照片的完整啤酒 在樂隊裡的人在那裡

  • when we go to the carnage we tend to make a lot of food from scratch like a

    當我們去屠殺時,我們傾向於 從頭開始做很多食物

  • lot of recipes from scratch including in finals which are kind of like being

    從零開始的許多食譜,包括 總決賽有點像

  • South American stuffed pastries exactly it's fun it's communal it gives us

    南美釀糕點 這很有趣,它給我們帶來了共同

  • something to do and are the important tasks along with your dad one the wine

    要做的事情很重要 和你父親一起完成一項任務

  • yes didn't help much the kitchen is very unique stories well guys we are now

    是的,對廚房沒有太大幫助 獨特的故事,好傢伙,我們現在

  • preparing our lunch today we are making empanadas at Danny's request because it

    今天準備我們的午餐 應丹尼的要求製作肉餡捲餅,因為它

  • is favorite lot of food so yeah raise your hand if you like empanadas

    是很多食物的最愛,所以提高 你的手,如果你喜歡肉餡捲餅

  • yeah this is a very labor-intensive dish to prepare so you've got lots of hands

    是的,這是一個非常勞動密集的菜 準備,所以你有很多手

  • on deck hopefully Sam's gonna join too so then we've got five people yeah once

    希望山姆也能加入 這樣我們就有五個人了

  • I put the camera down holding yeah we're making these ones with ground beef it

    我把相機放下,是的,我們 用牛肉碎做這些

  • has onions peppers tomatoes we're also putting olives some egg and then we fold

    有洋蔥辣椒番茄我們也 把橄欖放一些雞蛋,然後我們折疊

  • them up and everyone has their own technique you can do something that's a

    他們起來,每個人都有自己的 技術,你可以做一些

  • nice way of saying that we're not very good right anyway because I mean there's

    說我們不是很友善的好方法 反正很好,因為我的意思是

  • only one filling today so we don't need to tell them apart yeah so whatever is

    今天只裝一個,所以我們不需要 告訴他們分開是的,所以無論如何

  • easiest I usually just like pinch it a little bit like this mm-hmm

    通常我最喜歡捏一下 有點像這個mm-hmm

  • that's what works best for me but yeah you can also use a fork or some people

    那是最適合我的東西,是的 你也可以用叉子或一些人

  • like fold it over so let's see that lets see the final product strength in

    例如將其折疊起來,讓我們來看看 查看最終產品的強度

  • numbers


  • today's wines today's wine the the people here they're finishing with the

    今天的葡萄酒今天的葡萄酒 人們在這裡完成

  • empanadas they're already in the oven I think they should be coming out in

    肉餡捲餅他們已經在烤箱我 認為他們應該出來

  • another 10-15 minutes and we're choosing Samuel and I we have the task of

    另外10-15分鐘,我們選擇 塞繆爾和我的任務是

  • choosing the wine this one here is very interesting because this is a wine from

    選擇葡萄酒,這是一個非常 有趣,因為這是來自

  • the Republic of Georgia not Georgia and the United States Georgia the country

    喬治亞共和國而不是喬治亞 美國佐治亞州

  • right over there by the Black Sea and what it caught my attention in this

    就在黑海那邊 這引起了我的注意

  • label this is a really cool story whole story says that this is the wine that

    標籤這是一個非常酷的故事 故事說這是那酒

  • Joseph Stalin served to Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill when

    約瑟夫·斯大林曾任富蘭克林 羅斯福和溫斯頓·丘吉爾何時

  • they had the conference in Yalta during the World War two they got together

    他們在雅爾塔舉行了會議 他們在一起的第二次世界大戰

  • these guys to decide you know how they were going to face the the Nazis

    這些傢伙決定你知道他們如何 正要面對納粹

  • basically and you know help each other to fight against this threat you know I

    基本上,你知道互相幫助 對抗這種威脅,你知道我

  • hope that that what's inside the bottle is interesting as a story that's behind

    希望瓶子裡面有什麼 作為一個有趣的故事

  • it this one here's one funny it's another thing this one is called

    這是一個有趣的 這件事叫做另一件事

  • nineteen crimes this is an Australian wine and also here is a 20-17

    這是澳大利亞人的十九種罪行 葡萄酒,這也是20-17

  • ishida but what it talks about here is how this Australia how this country was

    石田但這裡談論的是 這個澳大利亞怎麼樣這個國家怎麼樣

  • built by these convicts and when the people were convicted of crimes in the

    由這些罪犯建造的,當 人們被定罪於

  • British Empire or at you know the British Isles

    大英帝國或你知道 不列顛諸島

  • instead of being sentenced to death they were deported to Australia to be

    他們沒有被判處死刑 被驅逐到澳大利亞

  • populated and to build a new new society they're not you know I'm always talking

    人口眾多,建設新的新社會 他們不是你知道我一直在說話

  • in the videos mostly in the Spanish videos when I read the labels behind a

    在視頻中,大部分是西班牙語 視頻,當我閱讀

  • wine bottle and they all say the same this one

    酒瓶 他們都說同樣的話

  • tastes like plums it tastes like a very like hair chocolate or it has the smell

    像李子一樣的味道 如頭髮巧克力或有氣味

  • of leather I I'm not interested about that you know what I want is these type

    我不感興趣的皮革 你知道我想要的是這些類型

  • of stories that are written back here like that one about Stalin and Churchill

    在這裡寫的故事 像斯大林和丘吉爾那樣的人

  • Rose Bowl this one the panel called colonies over Australia

    玫瑰碗這一個 該小組稱澳大利亞為殖民地

  • that's what gives it a little you know hurry right three and something what's

    這就是讓你知道一點的原因 快點三,這是什麼

  • it all about Georgia ok the empanadas are ready is

    關於這一切 格魯吉亞好,肉餡捲餅已經準備好了

  • empanada and wine o'clock yeah 240 245 245 in the afternoon your name so we've

    肉餡捲餅和葡萄酒的鐘聲是240 245 下午245點您的名字,所以我們

  • been trying a couple wines the first one here is a Georgian and this one's a

    一直在嘗試幾款葡萄酒 這是一個格魯吉亞人,這是一個

  • beauty that color good that color it's good enough for heads of state back in

    那個顏色的美麗那個顏色的美麗 對於國家元首來說足夠好了

  • the day good enough for damn good enough for ass yeah Cheers so this one here is

    足夠好的一天 對於屁股是乾杯,所以這是這裡

  • made with the sap arrivee grape and it has a distinct sweetness to it but yeah

    用汁液葡萄製成的 有一種獨特的甜味,但是

  • it's not like a dessert wine it's still something you could have with you know

    它不像甜點酒,它仍然 你可能擁有的東西

  • with meats or poultry or something and how are the in Pinellas fresh out of

    用肉或家禽之類的東西 以及Pinellas的新鮮度如何

  • the oven piping hot right now really tasty mmm really juicy yeah they're

    烤箱管道現在很熱 好吃,嗯,多汁,是的

  • really good we need our energies to go play in the snow later what lose about 5

    真的很好,我們需要全力以赴 以後在雪地裡玩耍,大概損失5點

  • or 6 helping hands to room ELISA I've helped a lot it helped a lot and

    或6個手扶房間ELISA 我幫了很多忙

  • there's just batch after batch after batch that's gonna be thrown into the

    只是一批又一批 將要扔進去的批次

  • oven so this is just round one when a people

    烤箱,所以這只是一回合 人

  • okay so then the following morning we were baking all morning because we were

    好吧,第二天早上 整個早上都在烤,因為我們

  • planning to celebrate my dad's birthday in the evening yeah so we made this like

    打算慶祝我父親的生日 是的,晚上,所以我們做到了

  • really tall chocolate cake with strawberries and cream we actually made

    真的很高的巧克力蛋糕 我們實際製作的草莓和奶油

  • it so big but it ended up collapsing in the fridge but at that point we had

    它是如此之大,但最終崩潰了 冰箱,但那時我們有

  • already a happy birthday and like cut out a few it was a little too ambitious

    已經是生日快樂,喜歡剪 有點太雄心勃勃了

  • yeah structurally anyways yes


  • lunch time once again so today we are starting with up B gala yeah yeah so

    午餐時間再一次,所以今天我們 首先是B Gala是的,所以

  • we've been drinking this wine over here from Spain

    我們在這裡喝這種酒 來自西班牙

  • Tempranillo Tempranillo yeah and that's the the grapes because the most typical

    Tempranillo Tempranillo是的,那是 葡萄,因為最典型的

  • one you find in space you have yeah in Spain they use a lot of that grape yeah

    你在太空中找到的一個 西班牙他們用了很多葡萄

  • this wine I was tasting it hmmm and yeah it's a nice wine but it's not my

    我在品嚐這款酒,嗯,是的 這是好酒,但不是我的

  • favorite and then we had the other one South African a white wine it's

    最喜歡的,然後我們有另一個 南非的白葡萄酒

  • somewhere we have a beautiful piccata over here yeah we have cacciatore salami

    在某個地方,我們有一個美麗的皮卡塔 在這邊,我們有Cacciatore香腸

  • we have prosciutto we have a spanish chorizo

    我們有火腿,我們有西班牙文 香腸

  • we have olives all kinds we have a chair that is a smoked sheeps with all kinds

    我們有各種各樣的橄欖,我們有椅子 那是各種各樣的熏羊

  • of receipts inside and a couple of breads there and this is gonna tie this

    裡面的收據和幾個 那裡的麵包,這將把它綁起來

  • over until we're doing a barbecue tonight right in the side yeah yeah

    直到我們做燒烤為止 今晚就在旁邊

  • we're doing some barbecued chicken and things like that and because we're going

    我們正在做一些烤雞, 這樣的事情,因為我們要去

  • to be eating late we're gonna have this piccata because in Spanish means like to

    要晚吃,我們要吃這個 piccata,因為在西班牙語中意味著

  • to pick you know like a I mean a little bit like a chick rack and you know what

    讓你知道像我,我的意思是 有點像小雞架子,你知道嗎

  • for dinner we won't take any chances well we'll go with an RG tied more back

    吃晚餐,我們不會有任何機會 好吧,我們將把RG帶回去

  • from Alamos yeah for barbecue yeah also for the piccata we have the South

    來自Alamos是的,也是燒烤的 對於皮卡塔,我們有南方

  • African white yeah which has four kinds of grapes

    非洲白耶有四種 葡萄

  • you've got veneer Grenache Blanc hole Sun and marks on so this one is very

    你有單板歌海娜勃朗峰洞 太陽和標記,所以這是非常

  • good that's a very refreshing that what I normally like red but III that's the

    好,這是一個非常令人耳目一新的東西 我通常喜歡紅色,但III是

  • winner yeah yeah if we have to if I have to

    優勝者 是的,如果我們必須

  • choose one of the two I'll go with this one I recommend you guys to try that one

    選擇兩個我之一去 我建議你們嘗試一下

  • yeah yeah so salute South Africa wins yeah so one thing we do a lot when we go

    是的,所以向南非致敬 是的,所以一件事我們走了很多事

  • to the cottage in canada is to go for long walks through the woods and lake area so we

    去加拿大的小屋要走很長的路 穿過樹林和湖泊地區,所以我們

  • did plenty of that with plenty of that and there's there's basically no one

    做了很多這樣的事情 而且基本上沒有人

  • around there's no traffic so the dog can be off leash it's just running in

    周圍沒有人流,所以狗可以 擺脫束縛,它只是在運行

  • between the different groups really a group that's walking ahead yeah that's

    不同群體之間的確 前進的團隊是的

  • behind like snow snow throwing his ball yeah it's just a lot of fun I think

    像雪一樣向後扔雪 是的,我覺得這很有趣

  • when