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  • I never see too much bang.

  • We'll really go.

  • I'm stand okay for the bottom.

  • Be some cases that see me Take it Make garage Fuck you!

  • Take that criticism I know you The only way much for you also damaged my big baby news Can keeper keep my keep But where to cut And I got that six runs in my own head to be round nomadic This world not carrying this happiness Keep clown way too much Maynooth okay from the bottom Be some cases at a lot of me Every case can take it may make a garage, right?

  • Fuck you!

  • Take that criticism I know you wait, Booth.

  • They put their foot on top of bus Initial.

  • You left your foot realism on that breaking bread with my new baby Fucking by I little bit like not raised a much main eagles way Cases, A lot of every garage.

  • How the fuck you take that criticism?

I never see too much bang.


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YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Shadows(影子) (YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Shadows)

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