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  • they were here.

  • Your volunteer leaders, They're gonna help me out.

  • So thank you.

  • Rule every 25 seconds to try to make me back.

  • And, Doc, 10 year away from laundry hamper in a minute.

  • But first, right.

  • Here we go.

  • Two seconds.

  • I still can't This young lady I got here.

  • Come on over.

  • So I'm gonna get this 1/2 right here.

  • So that's 1/2.

  • Got one, Teoh.

  • 33 I would do a little bit better than that.

  • It's actually a little harder than I thought it was gonna be, but had fun.

  • Thanks, James, for the Empire.

  • This was the shirt off challenge.

they were here.


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A2 初級

戈登-海沃德的#ShirtOffShootOut挑戰賽》。 (Gordon Hayward's #ShirtOffShootOut Challenge)

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