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  • as the Corona virus pandemic grips the world.

  • The priority is to save lives as governments respond to the crisis.

  • With lockdowns on, we travel less and consume fewer goods.

  • There are unintended benefits for the environment.

  • We've all seen the clips of animals taking over empty towns and cities, but the environmental impact has been so much bigger than that.

  • Nitrous oxide levels harmful pollution caused by traffic.

  • They have been down around 40% in Italy, second largest city Milan, when compared to this time last year, it's the same in cities across the world.

  • Carbon dioxide levels have also dropped his country's produced fewer goods and use less energy.

  • Carbon dioxide is the main cause of global warming.

  • China is the world's largest emitter, pumping out nearly twice as much as the next country on the list.

  • The U.

  • S Yes.

  • In February, at the height of the Corona virus crisis in China, carbon emissions were 25% lower than the previous year on burning of cold.

  • One of the worst fossil fuels contributing to climate change was 36% lower.

  • So this is some much needed good news right now and gives us a glimpse into what a healthier planet could look like in Beijing.

  • The usually smoke filled sky has been blue and clear, but it's more than that.

  • Air pollution is one of the most deadly environmental killers globally.

  • It's estimated to call seven million deaths a year and shorten our lives by three years.

  • If these reductions could be made permanent, perhaps they could be lasting benefits for everyone.

  • So could our reliance on fossil fuels remain lower after the crisis, improving air quality on reducing global warming?

  • Based on what we've seen in the past?

  • It doesn't look likely.

  • During the global recession of 2000 and eight, emissions also fell.

  • Yet as companies and governments try to reenergize the economy after the initial collapse, emissions rose much faster than they normally would have.

  • And this could also be the case today.

  • The world's focuses now on making sure that this crisis effects a few families as possible, and that there are jobs and security for everybody.

  • When this finally ends, there is also let's focus on protecting the environment.

  • There was going to be a big conference on how to tackle climate change in Scotland later this year that has been postponed.

  • Fewer police and officials are available for normal duties, which means vulnerable habitats such as the Amazon jungle are under threats from illegal logging and land clearances.

  • Unlike many industries, work on renewable energy projects has stopped running.

  • 2020 will now be the first year that solar power will contribute less to the world power.

  • This virus has created a difficult and testing time for everyone surviving.

  • It is the priority.

  • But once we've done that, we could have a chance to avoid repeating the environmental mistakes off the past.

as the Corona virus pandemic grips the world.


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