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  • Good morning, John.

  • I have done the science on the results.

  • The results are shocking.

  • I got to sign a lot of pieces of paper for the sign edition of my new book, A beautifully foolish endeavor out July 7th.

  • You can order them now.

  • There's links in the description.

  • So I figured this is like a once in a lifetime opportunity for some science.

  • So I went on the Amazon, and I spent an irresponsibly large amount of money buying permanent markers.

  • Biggest problem is that many times to get one black marker, I would have to buy the entire rainbow.

  • But I did it, John, And you want to know I actually really enjoyed this entire process.

  • There's a few caveats here.

  • One I'm going to spend way more than four minutes on this video.

  • That will be a long version over on Hank's chance.

  • Second, this is not a comprehensive collection of all the permanent markets in the world, some of the ones that I could find easily and third, this isn't really a scientific.

  • I only tested one of each kind of marker, for example, when I stopped was subjective.

  • It was when I felt like the marker wasn't doing well enough anymore.

  • This is the tie Condor ogre ready sharp.

  • Plus, this is my favorite feeling Pan.

  • First, it's got this little thumb David that lets you push the cap off really easily.

  • And it's also one of the few pens here that has a soft rubber grip.

  • And the third thing that makes this pen a more pleasant experience is the smell.

  • It has almost no.

  • This Pan uses a completely different chemistry than all the pens here, and it makes it less damaging.

  • Toe plastics chemistry apparently can also hold less ink.

  • It signed about 1/3 of what our leading champions here did.

  • As for the worst experience is, the second worst I'm gonna say is the U.

  • S.

  • Art supply Onley because the cap doesn't fit well on the base and it wiggles around and falls off.

  • I can't be held responsible for where my pen cap it was definitely the worst experience is the pocket shark, which is a pen that has a screw on cap and is designed to withstand like war, which is ridiculous because it only signed like, 75 sheets of paper.

  • So I don't need the outside of the pinto last a long time when the inside isn't going to last at all.

  • But the biggest problem with it is that it is just extremely unpleasant to sign with.

  • Two of our top contenders for longevity of marker are very thin markers because, of course, when you have a thinner point, less ink comes out per signature.

  • What a Sharpie does and why.

  • The qualities.

  • Sharpie is sexually sharp at the tip, and so when you first start sending with a Sharpie, you having less ink come out per signature.

  • As time goes on, the Sharpie actually gets more dull and morning comes up for signature.

  • At the same time, there's less income upended over time, especially when the pain is moving fast.

  • The ink isn't being laid down fast enough, and so you get these gaps in the signature people who talk about whether Sharpie is the best.

  • Sharpie really have one major contender in mind, and that is the Milwaukee inks all.

  • It is a thinner tip than the sharp because it has that inner tip.

  • It's going to have more longevity per amount of ink inside it, and I like this pen and went really smooth.

  • It lasted a long time.

  • I like the design of it.

  • But it was not not not our longevity winner, John and you said this to me.

  • You said you've tried every permanent marker there is and that Sharpie makes the best marker.

  • And John, I am willing to say that some pen companies do better on the ergonomics.

  • Sharpie nonetheless, and not by a huge margin did have the most longevity of any pen.

  • I tried every time I went back to the Sharpie.

  • After using some of these other pens, it was just better.

  • John.

  • There is also a stack of paper here that I did not include as a final twist at the end.

  • It is a massive stack.

  • It is 50% higher than the traditional sharp.

  • What pen is that?

  • Might you ask John?

  • It is the metal Sharpie.

  • The tip is less sharp, but it laid down some a thought, the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • But it definitely has the most longevity.

  • I really thought this would be like super worth doing that I might find some diamond somewhere, but Sharpie really does happen.

  • Figured out.

  • And this.

Good morning, John.


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棚內最鋒利的工具 (The Sharpest Tool in the Shed)

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