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  • When you don't get to hold your baby, you know that they're yours.

  • But they don't feel like that yours, because you can't do all the usual things.

  • I cry, but you can't pick them up When you call, you can't hold them, and it just goes against everything that you feel you should be up to do.

  • As a mother, I feel like I'm holding my breath.

  • I was thinking about booking a holiday for next year, but I won't because I don't know if I book it for four people or five.

  • This is the most helpless I've ever felt as a father.

  • It's just you can't do anything.

  • You're your lives, literally in the doctors and nurses hands on.

  • You've just got to sit there white, and it's excruciating.

  • But she's born at this.

  • Saris have amount of days to live, and you'd have to say, Good voice over.

  • Um, if you say it in that nice and protected, I just have an overwhelming sense of.

  • I've got to be strong, even though it's her in May as well.

  • I've got to be strong to keep her together.

  • So one point tight, that's really good.

  • Yeah, hell baby all those times that you've just been set there looking at her, wishing that you could hold up.

  • And then when you get Teoh, it just it feels right.

  • It read us is is the best thing being open to just holder and talk to her.

  • It just makes everything worth it.

  • I rely on on hype and face I have facing a She's she's a fighter, she really is.

When you don't get to hold your baby, you know that they're yours.


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早產兒接受了救命的心臟手術,情緒高漲 - 生命與出生 - BBC (Emotions run high as premature baby has life-saving heart surgery | Life and Birth - BBC)

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