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  • Hello, everybody.

  • Romish here Now I know a lot of us.

  • If I never look down tough in terms of what to do What a day today basis on.

  • I want to help you in that regard.

  • So what?

  • We decided to put together a little sample off.

  • I get up to one a day today basis so that you can use that as some sort of I don't inspiration as Teoh.

  • What to go to with your days?

  • Your down.

  • Have you enjoyed?

  • We're full course to get a whole box of these.

  • This book something aside itself.

  • Get a move on for you.

  • Specially hang schooling.

  • Well, I'm still small and it's spelling.

  • That's no easy for kids.

  • This better there.

  • What did you write about?

  • It was supposed to be reading it spice sign and get on with it.

  • So this is important to get outside, get some fresh air, get some exercise, trying easy stresses that's made slightly more difficult.

  • People don't thank you when you cross the road to make allowances for them.

  • You're welcome, mate.

  • Have all frozen.

  • Have I frozen?

  • Isn't worth doing like a ham system or something.

  • Have I frozen on your my frozen on your screens have my frozen can you hear?

  • May just do that.

  • Just do that if you can.

  • I don't know if you're doing that just because I'm doing it now, Guys, guys.

  • So, yeah, I know a lot of people find it challenging, but to be honest, I'm really, really enjoying on how you found that useful was created as part of the big night n We hope you enjoyed it.

  • We also hope that if you possibly can, you can follow the link and make a donation.

  • Right now, up and down the United Kingdom, charities are providing argent help to people who really need it most.

  • So if you got a couple of quid bunking in, please help.

  • Thank you.

Hello, everybody.


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