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  • good morning tickets Tuesday.

  • So almost exactly three years ago, I finished a 100 day fitness challenge with my best friend Chris, that we documented on YouTube.

  • And when it comes to big lifestyle or habit changes, I often see 30 day updates or 100 day updates.

  • But today I thought I would share with you the good and the bad from now over 1000 days of regular exercise.

  • So back in 2017 after exercising five or six days a week for 100 days, I was pretty fit.

  • I could run seven or eight miles, for instance.

  • I was sleeping better.

  • My mental illness had improved dramatically, and I was also getting lots more creative work done like I wrote much of turtles all the way down in that period.

  • And now, three years later, I mostly in better shape than I was then.

  • I've shaved 30 seconds off the pace at which I can run a mile.

  • I'm stronger.

  • My blood pressure is good, etcetera.

  • I still work out with Laura, are trainer from 100 days twice a week, and then most weekends I bike or run, so I almost always get more than 150 minutes of moderate or high intensity exercise per week, which is what my doctor recommends.

  • For me, the way I experienced the benefits of exercise looks approximately like this.

  • Like initially, there is a huge improvement.

  • Fewer of my hours are lost to anxious thoughts.

  • I have vastly more energy, etcetera.

  • But then the improvement kind of plateaus I just noticed.

  • The collar buttons aren't button, and I know that's a big issue for some of you, so I'm going to button them right?

  • So even though I'm better off than I would be without exercise, I feel like my improvement isn't continuing, which can will wear my motivation.

  • Less motivation means less exercise, and then my brain starts to get worse.

  • And it's really hard to convince myself to exercise when I'm feeling unwell.

  • And now we're in a vicious cycle, and that's why I was always yo yoing with exercise.

  • And while I have experienced those vicious cycles in the last three years because I now recognize the pattern, it's much easier to break it.

  • And what I've noticed over a long period of time is that while some of the health benefits do plateau.

  • Others look kind of like this, like they slowly keep getting better.

  • For instance, despite being very, very old, I am currently the fastest runner I have ever been.

  • Also, my mental health is probably the best it's ever been like.

  • I'm still mentally ill and I take medication every day and all that stuff.

  • But like the rolling 90 day average of my mental health is much better than it was five or 10 or 15 years ago.

  • I've also experienced a really helpful shift in how I imagined myself, which I know is a really weird thing to say, but like I never thought of myself as a fit or healthy person.

  • In fact, I often defined myself in opposition to fitness.

  • I was a nerd, not a jock.

  • I was a mind person, not a body person.

  • But now I'm much less inclined to imagine my mind as separate from my body.

  • I mean, my brain is made out of meat, just like my muscles are.

  • My body is not just like a sack that carries my mind around.

  • And for me at least, treating it that way wasn't good for my body or my mind.

  • for example, I think exercise has been good for my writing.

  • I don't think I could write the Anthropocene reviewed with my old way of looking at the world or humanity.

  • I needed to understand that the duality I'd created between the body and the mind or between consciousness and the natural world was just total b s.

  • None of this is to say that the last three years have, like, been without challenge.

  • I have bounce of vertigo, which at times is extremely destabilizing, both literally and figuratively, and makes it difficult to exercise.

  • And I've also had a couple small injuries and a lot of aches and pains, some of which are just due to getting older, but some of which are also due to being more active.

  • Also, I don't love to exercise, like even after 1100 days.

  • I don't know what a runner's high is.

  • I don't like eagerly anticipate training sessions, but I have found a lot of value in exercise because it is engrossing, a terrible word for a wonderful experience.

  • Exercise takes all of me, and it uses all of me, and it benefits all of me.

  • When I was a kid, I heard a comedian joke once that jogging extends your life by the exact number of minutes you spend jogging.

  • And I always thought of that as a reason not to exercise.

  • But now, even if that were true, which it isn't, by the way I'd still run.

  • In fact, I'm gonna go do it now on the treadmill to be clear, because it's very cold and also because I want to watch a f c wimple Didn't Hank, I'll see you on Friday.

good morning tickets Tuesday.


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