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  • could you speak to the post office status with Chris?

  • You mentioned it earlier.

  • Yeah.

  • House Office is has approval of over 90%.

  • I don't know anything.

  • And 100 as approval.

  • 90% Barack Obama among the Democrats.

  • Anyway, the post office is approved by item over 90%.

  • It is, Ah, just a necessary connection for the American people, especially our seniors who get their drugs to the post office who get their communications for many of them.

  • In that way.

  • Right now, I see a very big danger for our country in the form of the, uh, Trump administration's interest in privatizing the post office.

  • This is just about somebody on the outside making money off of the post office instead of recognizing the important role that the postman post office place, the postmaster general was one of the earliest appointments in our first Cabinet.

  • State treasury, defense, Attorney general, Postmaster General, if this this highest And and so now you see, this is really dangerous.

  • And Mnuchin at Treasury is tryingto leverage of the debt situation in a way that must be stopped.

  • And the only way will be stopped is if the American people understand what it loss.

  • It is for them.

  • I don't know.

  • People think it's because the president wants to come after Amazon, whatever it is.

  • But I think that it's predates that.

  • I think it is privatization because you're anti governance and that's who they are.

  • And that's a legitimate debate to have in our country.

  • And we will have it because if we don't have the postal system and again, all the people depend on it for.

  • And of course, they don't like vote by mail.

  • Oh, at this time at this time of the Corona virus, when both on me, I was so important in terms of as a health issue, but also medicines and all the rest that people are, depending on so many things that they're ordering online, coming by mail.

  • For them to be toying with this notion that they have that they're going to privatize the post off the postal system is something the public should be aware of and should reject.

  • Thank you.

  • We have We had money.

  • We asked for 25 then 20 billion and cares one.

  • We got it down to six.

  • It was bipartisan support.

  • We had some support in the Senate, on the Republican side.

  • But the White House.

  • And they tell me it came right from the president.

  • No money for the post office.

  • Instead, in Jackal Isil into your lung as we shut down the States.

  • Thank you.

could you speak to the post office status with Chris?


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報道稱,在中國,有很多人都在尋找一種新的方法來解決這個問題,比如說,在中國,有很多人都在尋找一種新的方法來解決這個問題。 (Speaker Nancy Pelosi says White House killed effort to bail out US Postal Service | ABC News)

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