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  • this morning, President Trump, sparking concern in the medical community asking about the possibility of injecting Krone buyers.

  • Patients would disinfectant, and then I see the disinfectant, knocks it out in a minute, one minute.

  • And is there a way we could do something like that by injection inside?

  • Or almost a cleaning The president's question last night with immediately challenged by doctors.

  • While this virus is certainly sensitive to many different disinfectants, like isopropyl alcohol and bleach, we certainly there's no protocols where we would consider injecting any of those substances in tow US.

  • And and the risks would almost certainly outweigh the benefits.

  • Trump also suggested the idea of treating patients with UV light.

  • So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous whether it's ultraviolet or just very powerful light.

  • And then I said, Supposing you brought the light inside the body in which you can do either through the skin or, uh, in some of the way, those comments quickly drawing skepticism from medical professionals.

  • If the president thinks that tanning beds are going to cure the Corona virus, he's mistaking it.

  • The president is growing more confident that summer heat will weaken the Corona virus The findings confirmed that the virus survives veteran colder and drier environments, according to Homeland Security Department scientists, the virus struggles and warm and humid weather on non porous surfaces and in the air.

  • But now you inject the sun.

  • The half life goes from six hours to two minutes.

  • That's how much of an impact the UV rays has on the virus.

  • But scientists also point to the corner virus spreading and warmer climates like in Singapore, where the number of cases recently doubled back in the U.

  • S.

  • Vice president Mike Pence is making this optimistic prediction as 23 states show a decline in cases.

  • If we continue these mitigation efforts in the days ahead, as states implement their policies, including phased reopening that will preserve those gains, we do believe by early summer we could be in a much better place as a nation.

  • With with much of this Corona virus epidemic behind us, many experts say the only way life can return to normal is with the krona virus vaccine.

  • At Oxford University.

  • The first human trials are now underway.

  • Researchers believe they'll be able to determine the vaccine's effectiveness, possibly by September.

  • Well, personally, I'm I have a high degree of confidence about this vaccine because it's technology that I've used before.

  • And now word the virus may have spread more widely in New York than first thought.

  • A preliminary study tested thousands of people at grocery stores for Corona virus antibodies.

  • The finding one in seven people in the state may have already had the virus in New York City is even higher.

  • One in five.

  • I think it confirms the point that it spread faster and it got here earlier than we originally believed.

  • Do you think that those those travel bans in retrospect made a difference?

  • What, in retrospect, close the door on China?

  • Yeah, that makes sense.

  • But it had already left.

  • China closed the door on China.

  • The virus is already out.

  • You know it's closing the barn door when the horse is gone.

  • Regarding the Antibodies Study in New York, it's important to note that only people outside grocery stores were tested on a random sample of the population.

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this morning, President Trump, sparking concern in the medical community asking about the possibility of injecting Krone buyers.


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