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  • he is America's deadliest sniper.

  • Chris Kyle is a former Navy SEAL who holds the U.

  • S military's all time record for confirmed sniper kills 150.

  • He's an elite warrior, just like his fellow Navy Seals, who rescued American aid worker Jessica Buchanan from Somali pirates and stage the daring raid that took out Osama bin Laden.

  • Now we're learning about the personal sacrifice an American hero like Chris Kyle must make.

  • It's my duty to serve my country.

  • And so I always put my country before my family.

  • And that definitely caused tension.

  • His autobiography, American Sniper, is Number one on The New York Times best seller list.

  • It's a gripping account of how the stress of war put his own marriage in the Cross airs My Heart Couldn't Take It anymore, and Our Life it was falling apart.

  • His wife, Taos, says she was proud of her husband but always lived in constant fear for his life.

  • Chris was a battlefield legend.

  • He dreamed of becoming a sniper ever since he was a little boy and was awarded two Silver stars and five bronze stars, all with valor.

  • But back home, Teya had reached her breaking point.

  • I do remember sitting down at the table with him is at our kitchen table and feeling terrified, telling him that I couldn't do it anymore.

  • Chris finally realized his wife needed a husband and their kids needed a dad, so he retired from the Navy Seals.

  • We had fought back and we love each other a lot or we never would have made it.

  • And I think we're very strong together and very good together.

  • The widow of American sniper Chris Kyle is opening up about life after the death of her hero husband.

  • Teya has written a new memoir, American Wife, to Think You'll Date Again.

  • I just don't know how that works because I have a lot of loyalty and love for Chris, and you know, I'm aware that I'm only four years old, but I still feel very married to him.

  • It still feel very much in love with him.

  • Chris Kyle Story was turned into the hugely popular film American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper.

  • Do you keep in touch with any of the cast?

  • I dio Yeah, I dio you know what?

he is America's deadliest sniper.


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美國狙擊手》克里斯-凱爾談戰後國內生活。 (‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle Talks Life at Home After War)

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