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  • Hello. Welcome to our website.

  • I'm the Commercial Specialist Rita Chen, and I cover the Telecommunications

  • and Broadcasting Industry sectors. There are good

  • opportunities to sell to Taiwan's telecom and broadcasting market.

  • Taiwan launched the Digital Convergence Program in 2010

  • This five year program has impacted telecom

  • service providers and equipment makers.

  • In 2012 Taiwan terminated terrestrial analog TV,

  • trending other countries with this policy. Both the terrestrial

  • and cable TV stations have been pushed to change their

  • equipment to meet HD demand.

  • These TV operators and production houses are requested

  • to invest in digital production and camera

  • equipment. They also have to purchase

  • HD digital content. Over the past decade

  • Taiwan's telecommunications industry grew by

  • an average of 20% per year.

  • It also enjoys one of the highest mobile phone penetration rates of

  • 124%. With networking

  • providers quickly upgrading to 4G LTE

  • Taiwan is looking for services and equipment in this area

  • to expand their business territory. So, if you're

  • interested in getting to know about Taiwan's telecom and broadcasting market

  • we will have an annual US Pavilion at the

  • Computex show in June. Computex is the second largest

  • ICT show in the world, and it attracts more than

  • 130,000 visitors per year. Later in the year

  • you are also welcome to visit Taiwan in October.

  • There will be three shows held at the same time: Taitronics,

  • Broadband Taiwan, Taiwan International

  • Cloud Technology and Internet of Things. These three shows

  • will help you to learn more about Taiwan's telecom and broadcasting market.

  • The Commercial Section at AIT is a bridge between

  • the US suppliers and Taiwan buyers. We can assist

  • the American suppliers with meeting the growing demand

  • here in Taiwan. If your business is looking to expand here in Taiwan,

  • telecom and broadcasting market, please feel free to

  • contact me. I'll do my best to assist you

  • to obtain success here in Taiwan. Thank you. <<music>>

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Hello. Welcome to our website.


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2013年臺灣電信與廣播市場 (Taiwan Telecommunications and Broadcasting Market 2013)

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