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  • Hi. I'm Menny Chen and I cover the publishing industry.

  • The publishing market in Taiwan provides many

  • exciting opportunities for the US companies. The book market

  • in Taiwan is estimated about 1.3 billion

  • US dollars. With trade books making up about 60%

  • and educational and academic books

  • making about 40%. US companies

  • have dominated the market in Taiwan for over decades

  • in both licensed and translated books, and

  • imported academic and educational books.

  • Every year Taiwan publishes thousands of new

  • titles of trade books, and the US supplied about

  • 50% of the demand. In recent

  • years, the business and sales of imported academic

  • digital databases created by the US company has been

  • booming, driven by the popularity of

  • internet and increasing alternatives

  • of electronic reading devices. And, the fastest

  • development of broadband infrastructure in Taiwan.

  • Local schools, libraries, research centers

  • and hospitals have conducted considerable purchases

  • of imported academic digital databases.

  • every year. Subjects in science, arts

  • technologies, e-journals and

  • e-libraries are in great demand in Taiwan.

  • For example, over 80% of higher education

  • schools in Taiwan have adopted academic

  • digital databases for its students, faculty and

  • readers. In total, the US

  • supplied about 60% of the market

  • of academic digital databases.

  • Since 2009 our office

  • organized USA Pavilion at the Taipei International

  • Exhibition in every early spring

  • to promote US books, magazines

  • publishers, authors, publishers services, and a variety

  • of e-content. During the book

  • fair, we provide services to US exhibitors

  • and participants to meet with potential

  • buyers and and to seek business opportunities.

  • Our services include matchmaking, single company

  • promotion, business facilitation, roll out

  • promotion events, and web promotion

  • The publishing industry in Taiwan

  • is open, mature and transparent.

  • Additionally, in many aspects, we consider the Taiwan

  • publishing market is a stepping stone to the Mainland China

  • We encourage US companies, publishers,

  • and agents to work with Taiwan companies to

  • cultivate and expand business into Mainland China.

  • For more information about our service,

  • I would like to invite you to visit our website, or send an email

  • to our office. We do look forward to working with you

  • to promote US publishing in the near future.

  • Thank you. <<music>>

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2013年臺灣出版市場 (Taiwan Publishing Market in Taiwan 2013)

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