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- Hello, everyone
and welcome back to my channel.
Today's video is all about
10 wearable spring trends for 2020.
And by now, it's no surprise.
You probably know I love making
these types of videos each new season.
So, I love a good classic outfit,
but I also love sprinkling in some trendy pieces
just to kind of update my wardrobe each new season.
So, I wanna say a huge thank you to Nordstrom
for collaborating with me on this video.
They are just my all-time favorite store,
so working with them is always a dream.
But it's really easy to do these trend videos with them
because I just can get so much inspiration
from the items they offer.
Their trends are just always on point.
So, in this video I really love these 10 trends.
Sometimes trends are a little bit difficult
because it's like they might be wearable,
but would you actually wear them?
These items, I love them all.
So, everything that I show I will link it down below.
I'm pretty sure they're all still available.
So, without further ado, let's get started.
So, per usual, I am starting with what I am wearing
and it's the trend of crochet.
So, as you can see,
this is such a beautiful spring and summer top.
I love it to pieces so much that I bought it
also in another color,
and I believe it comes in like five, or six, or seven
other colors as well.
It's such a perfect staple.
You can wear it with so many things.
I actually have it paired with a pair of pants
that I'll be featuring very soon.
But it's just so pretty.
The attention to detail is very high quality.
It's by Halogen.
This is a size extra small.
You can tell that it is a little bit longer
so if you want to kind of hide
or conceal some problem areas, it's really easy
or you could tuck it in to maybe shorts
or a skirt or whatever.
See, I have it tucked into these pants
and it looks great.
So there's a lot of ways that you can wear it
and still incorporate this beautiful crochet trend
that we're seeing everywhere.
Speaking of the pants!
You can't see them but you will in my B roll.
So the pants are actually inspired by trench coat.
That is a trend that we saw so much on the runway.
Just basically tons of outfits inspired
by the classic trench coat.
So these are wide leg pants.
Definitely inspired from a trench coat look
but obviously it's not a trench coat.
They're just beautiful pants.
I love them styled with some upcoming shoes
that you're going to see
but they're just a great pant
that you can wear this spring.
It's a great color
but also definitely pants you can wear in the winter.
I mean, it's just a really cool trend to kind of incorporate
but you can wear long term as well
and they just fit me so well.
Like look at that.
They're just.
Love them.
The next trend that we are seeing is a type of print.
So we're talking about scarf prints and wall paper prints
and you're probably like what the heck is that?
So the first item that I want to show you
is this beautiful dress
which is actually kind of inspired
by the Dior print that we're seeing a lot of
which is basically a very dainty, blue floraly thing.
But this dress is perfect.
I cannot say enough good things
about this particular dress.
You guys need this dress and I'll tell you why.
It is so easy to wear.
It's not too low of like cleavage.
It's just like easy.
You can wear whatever bra you want with it
because it comes up over your shoulders.
It's so flattering like so flattering.
It's just the way it's made.
The ruching, it just literally will conceal so much
and just make you look
like you have a beautiful hourglass figure
and then finally it is not too short.
I always test dresses with the fingertip rule.
If a dress is like above my fingertips,
I feel just uncomfortable in it.
I feel like it's just way too short.
This is little ways below my fingertips
so it's definitely like a short spring dress
but will not make you feel uncomfortable
or anything so it has amazing reviews.
I think there's one other print
but I love this one and I can't wait to wear it.
Now this kind of shows the vintage wallpaper print
that we are seeing a lot
of that's definitely on trend right now
so this is, you know, it's just an interesting pattern.
It's like a vintage wallpaper
and it's such a beautiful skirt.
It's so, so pretty.
I just wanna pair it with this top.
It would look perfect.
There's just really nice texture to it kind of.
There's a nice little like scarf thing here.
It's just such a beautiful kind of unusual pattern
but at the same time, on trend.
Okay, so for this I feel I don't even need to like say much.
I mean, is it not?
It's so beautiful.
But the trend that I'm trying to get at is spring
and summer faux leather.
So a lot of times people think of leather
or faux leather being like a winter thing
and typically it is
but this is definitely a spring trend now
and it's basically any color leather
that's lighter than normal
so this is like a light beige blazer
if you would find something
in like a white or cream faux leather,
that would work too.
But this is by Blank NYC.
They are like the kings and queens
of faux leather jackets
but I found it in a blazer.
Is it not, does it not scream Shay?
I mean, seriously, so I will just put it on right now
and show you.
So here we go, it's just, it's so.
It's just so chic.
It's just so chic.
I love it so much
and maybe you do too.
I don't know, maybe you don't but I do.
(upbeat music) (camera shutter clicking)
(cat meows)
(upbeat music)
So this next trend there is no denying it.
It is so popular.
It's quickly becoming so popular
and I instantly fell in love with it.
I feel like some, maybe some people might not like it.
Maybe it'll take a little time to grow on you
but me, the first time I saw it I was like oh my gosh,
I am 100% wearing that
and I don't even know why I like it so much
but it is a square toe sandal.
So I'm gonna show you a few options here.
This first one, it's in black.
It's by Jeffrey Campbell.
These out of everything that I'm showing today,
I feel like these might not be in stock
but I'm crossing my fingers they come back
because guys they're amazing.
I don't know what it is about the square toe sandal
but get outta the habit
of just throwing on flip flops for everything.
All of these that I'm gonna show you have very low heels
so they're so easy to wear
and guys they make every outfit look so, so cute
and just so, so nice so.
I'm saying a sos.
These are by Steve Madden.
I love the fact that they are like a neutral nude color.
This part is clear.
Again, square toe.
So this really would elongate your legs
and can be worn with anything.
I think it also comes in black though.
And then these are a square toe sandal in white.
These are by Marc Fisher.
They also come in like a neutral,
a black color so if you do want black
and maybe those others are out of stock,
you could go with this.
These are, again, so easy to wear.
Has the square toe heel.
But it's such a cute just definitely on trend look.
Another trend that we're seeing a lot of,
very similar to the crochet trend,
is actually anything that's woven.
And so this bag is by Topshop.
I love getting little Topshop bags
that are super trendy
because I feel like the price point is really good
and it incorporates a cute trend
but obviously, you know, me.
As you can see,
like sometimes I like a good designer handbag
and I spend a lot of money on it
but it's something that I'm just gonna wear
for years upon years upon years.
Whereas something like this, I might get a few seasons out
of it but the price point totally matches that
so this is such a cute little woven cross body bag.
I love it in this but I also love it in black too.
So as you can see, it is woven here
and then you can fit all of your essentials in.
It's a pretty darn good size.
Obviously not going to fit like everything.
But it's a good cross body every day bag.
And I'm not done.
I was about to put this back
but I wanted to say that it's so gushy.
It's obviously faux leather but it feels really nice.
Like, just really quality so.
I noticed that as I was putting it back.
So I also wanted to talk a little bit about some accessories
so here are some very light or white sunglasses.
So that is definitely on trend right now.
A lot of times people will automatically gravitate
towards the very dark black sunglasses.
I mean, they're definitely classic
but for spring and summer this season,
we're seeing a lot of white
and it's so cute.
I just, I love it.
Like love, love this.
So, anyway, I think these are like 25 bucks.
Really, really good price.
Oh, and I wanted to talk about the earrings
that I am wearing because they are also kind of trendy
but also very classic so.
It's perfect when you get that little combo.
These are by BaubleBar.
They are a chunky, thick, textured hoop
which is kind of on trend right now
but what I love about them
is you can literally throw them on
with anything and they'll look amazing.
You can wear this season after season after Steven.
I don't know who that is.
These are just great, again, BaubleBar
and very well priced.
So this next trend it comes as no surprise
because it's something we have seen in seasons past.
But it is the balloon or puffy sleeves
and what I love about this one is the fact
that it is black.
So although it is incorporating some trend,
it's still kind of muted just because of the black color.
There's so much you can do with it.
You could dress it up,
you can dress it down.
You can wear it with a nice skirt
and be kind of sophisticated
or you could just wear it with jeans.
But I love the puffiness of the sleeves.
I love how broad it makes your shoulders.
It's just a really nice top.
So speaking of jeans or denim
because in the last section I talked about,
you know, easily pairing any of these tops
that I mention in this video
with jeans so I wanted to talk about the two types
of denim that are for sure trending in 2020.
The first being anything light.
So, super light wash jeans are very popular right now
whereas a few years back
it was all about dark, dark blue denim
but we're also seeing wide leg jeans
and I know I mentioned this in a recent video,
as you can see, like, I'll hold up the pant leg.
Like, look, that is wide leg.
They are not flares.
These are wide leg the whole way down
which I really like as long as you style it correctly.
I recommend maybe like a tighter top,
maybe tucked in and then even
just some of those little kitten heels
or square toe sandals that I showed in the middle
of this video would look perfect with these wide leg jeans
so those are the denim trends
that we are definitely seeing right now.
So I will link these jeans along with everything else
in this video, I love it all so much
and I'm 100% going to be incorporating it
into my wardrobe this season, this spring.
Yay happy fun spring weather.
So thank you again to Nordstrom
and thank you for watching this.
Consider subscribing in you're new
and I will see you very soon in my next one.



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