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  • because of the school, I was really able to launch my Blawg into a website and turn it into a business.

  • So since that's happened, there's been a lot that's gone on.

  • Steph Gaudreau of a nutritional therapy consultant, strength coach, author in podcasters Before Basil I was totally stuck with a dream to take my hobby blawg, and make it into a full time gig.

  • But I had no idea how I was gonna make that happen.

  • And I was absolutely terrified that if I took that leap, I would make a complete fool out of myself.

  • I would leave a job that was secure and safe, and I would face the ridicule of everybody who would say, I told you, you couldn't do that.

  • I had no background in anything business.

  • All I knew was that I really liked sharing recipes and people, and I wanted to find out how I could make that into something bigger.

  • So that's what I did.

  • I was teaching high school science for 12 years.

  • This is my first and only career, so I'm not a serial entrepreneur.

  • I'm not somebody who is used to going with the flow.

  • I was always taught by my family that you get a nice, secure, safe job and you stay there for as long as he possibly can.

  • I made that jump from high school educator Teoh.

  • Now what I do today and without be school, I don't think it ever would have happened in the first year.

  • I grew my email newsletter list to 35,000 people in the 1st 12 months, and I did that solely implementing the things that I learned from B School.

  • I've also written three books.

  • The most recent one is one that I secured a six bigger contract for with a major publisher.

  • I hosted two times weekly podcast that's been running for about 4.5 years and today has 2.5 1,000,000 downloads.

  • I have a collective community of hundreds of thousands of women that show up every week to read my website, listen to the podcast and sit down and really collaborate and talk and engage with each other.

  • And it's just such a blast.

  • In the time since I've taken my blawg and turn it into a website.

  • To date, I've had 16.4 million unique users on my website, which is crazy to stop and think about it and over 37.4 million page views, which is mind blowing to me but so cool that I've had the opportunity to reach that many people.

  • I decided to create an online summit specifically dedicated to women in women's strength and every aspect and fast it of what makes women so strong an amazing.

  • Through that event, I was able to add 30,000 new leads to my universe, and we were able to generate almost $100,000 in revenue.

  • I decided to really take what I had learned and create a signature online course.

  • That program has generated over 1000 customers, which is great and almost 200 K and revenue to someone thinking about B school.

  • I would say I totally feel you, and I know what it's like to feel afraid and like, your toes are on the edge of the cliff and you need somebody to come and push you out of the nest.

  • And sometimes that could be somebody that is close to you, and it can even be yourself.

  • The thing you need to know is that when you leap that net will appear and be.

  • School gives you the foundation that not only will help you the first time you go through it, but every time you want to revisit through the lifetime of your business, you are taking care of.

  • You are supported.

  • There's a heart to be school that I don't think you can capture.

  • On paper, it's the heart.

  • It's the living heart of Marie.

  • It's the living heart of all the people who have been through B school and are part of this collective community that are here to lift you up and here to support you and hear to believe in you when you might not.

  • 100% believe in yourself, and that's pure magic.

  • So if you're thinking about it, you're not alone in this.

because of the school, I was really able to launch my Blawg into a website and turn it into a business.


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