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  • Hi.

  • I'm here with hurry from really English real teachers, which is a channel on you.

  • Shoot You choose how you pronounce that Yushu.

  • So it has been a second part.

  • After you I said to So they showed up to you officially.

  • That's chipping businesses.

  • Let's ch Yeah, sure she shouldn't.

  • Well, it sure sounds like it should be, but don't you?

  • How could you pronounce that sounds So that what?

  • That worked cheap.

  • Two bit.

  • Yeah, Yeah, but you may have heard people say you too to you To where these people prove America.

  • Yeah.

  • There are people from Americans of Essex.

  • You definitely say to instead yet Yes, on then we have this just sounds too.

  • Now this just is really contemporary.

  • Really.

  • Morton Andi, If you are anything for a 21st century position Faxon, then really you should be saying you cheap.

  • What?

  • What are the transport in London?

  • Choose way going on the cheap.

  • We're not going on the two on now there's this other pronunciation which you just demonstrated which waas you, You you Now absolutely this exists.

  • And this is what you will definitely see in dictionaries.

  • But this has connotations of being a bit old fashioned.

  • Yes.

  • I'm going to catch the to exactly what's, um uh the name of a fish.

  • Which you can have it open in sandwiches.

  • You can get trout fillets, visit eu True?

  • Yeah.

  • Hey says in a vain my sure will say Chia rather than Thio Thio Yeah, yeah, on it doesn't just work the tea sounds.

  • It also works for D sounds as well when you see the less is D Yeah, for example, I might say, When is my homework Do you do, isn't you?

  • Is it you?

  • Yeah.

  • I said you wanted you.

  • Which is being it?

  • A homophone with ju as in Jewish first, Yet do so they sound exactly say on we also have the You could rattle the geek rubble the duke But it's more commonplace in it in the 21st century Teoh juke job, Duke.

  • Yeah, eso When we're talking about this great video that you saw on you, Chief, Then there's even please that sounds right.

  • Then a cheer or it's Yeah, that's right.

  • That's really useful.

  • So you being watching this video on YouTube with me?

  • Luke ons Howie from really wish with real teachers which is a you tube channel to tank.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • I hate you, Theo.

  • Nice Weston that's ever existed.



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