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  • Hello.

  • I'm Julian.

  • Operate from doing english dot com Coming to you today from my nice, bright, very light New York apartment.

  • How can I maintain correct grammar while speaking comes a question.

  • Okay, this is a good question, but to an extent, the answer is always going to be.

  • It depends because it depends on you what exactly it is you're struggling with and why you are having problems with Grandma when you're speaking.

  • And this is why well of my courses All of my programs include a coaching element because 80% of what everybody needs to do to improve their English is gonna be exactly the same.

  • But it tends to be that 20% that is customized to you specifically, which will have the biggest breakthroughs because they are targeted exactly to the problems you are having.

  • However, the quick and dirty In a nutshell.

  • Answer.

  • This question is, if you are struggling with grammar, it is likely because, ironically enough, you are too focused on grammar Now.

  • We used to think that native speakers produced language by computing grammar rules in their heads, combining them of individual words to make sentences.

  • But there's never really made that much sense because, like working memory, the bit of your brain that processes shit is actually quite limited, and we shouldn't be able to speak as fluently as rapidly as we do.

  • Not only this, but grammar is not enough to explain why Native Speaker speaks.

  • Or naturally, why do we say, Could you help me with this?

  • And not Would you aid me with this task, both of which are perfectly grammatical?

  • But one sounds weird, the other that doesn't.

  • Why do we say things like thanks very much, which, technically speaking, is on grammatical?

  • Well, it's because nature speakers actually aren't speaking like this to what we actually do is store big blocks of language in a long term memory on we then pull those out.

  • We use thumb houses when we are speaking.

  • This allows us to speak rapidly fluently and in a native like way.

  • So to put things simply, if you want to speak like native speakers, do I, Florence Li and naturally with while correct grammar, although that's actually a flawed concept, because again things like thanks very much technically on grammatical, as are a lot of things that native speakers say Well, you should be learning to speak in the way the natives, because actually speak I in chunks of language, not grammar rules and individual words.

  • Or to put this another way, you are studying grammar because you believe you have a problem with grammar, not realizing that studying grammar is actually creating your problem with grammar.

  • Does that make sense?

  • Essentially, if you want to get different results, I you want to change the dramatic ality, the naturalist, the fluency off your English?

  • Well, you need to change your approach.

  • Simply studying more grammar, word, grammar rules and trying to plug words into those like you've always done is not really gonna help with that.

  • How can you get my help?

  • Actually, during this applying this information, implementing it, learning in this way her That's easy.

  • More pity.

  • Caution.

  • Head over to during english dot com slash free training and check out my free rocket launch method training.

  • In that training, I'm gonna teach you the five key changes that you need to make to your English learning routine to see rapid improvement in the language once you're done with that free training and if you want to.

  • If you need more help from me.

  • You may want to go on to my master English Fast accelerator course where I'm actually going to help you to do the work and to make all these changes to your English learning that you need to over 12 weeks.

  • But again, it'll starts with the free training during english dot com slash free training.

  • This, then, is me, Judy in Northbrook signing out from this video.

  • Have you found it useful?

  • Sear in the next born.

  • Bye bye.



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如何用正確的英語語法說話? (How to speak with correct English grammar?)

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