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enjoy your breakfast Cheers thank you what to do one I deleted the
files so that's the timeline serve yourself fend for yourself and for your
thoughts below I think maybe both of us realized is that we didn't really know
how to wash our hands before this kind of is waking up and not really having
that many long-term plans oh hey guys hello Roy greetings from Canada yeah we
are at home we sure are like I'm sure most of you are right now yes I think
most people are self isolating and do you know Oren teen it's amazing how much
things have changed in a week we're self isolating which is I think
what most of the world is doing right now we're having all of our meals at
home we're washing our hands like crazy we're trying to eat as healthy as
possible yeah that's been our life these days yeah so we thought we would film a
little update we wanted to let you guys know where we are what we're up to
right now you've been watching some of our argentine videos and we're about to
kick off the final destination of the argentina trip which is mendoza yeah
mendoza is gonna be coming up soon i wine country guys we film this many
months ago so for us to be editing this and putting it out on our channel it's
almost like reliving the experience yeah but it feels surreal because it just
feels so natural to be at home at the moment we're not we're not craving to
travel we know that the right thing to be doing is just to be self isolating at
home yeah and so we're just getting caught up on work we're hanging out with
family you know who's benefiting the most from this is Togo so God the Dali
is loving having everyone at home I mean he's getting all the extra attention and
so yeah our life has just been has been pretty sedentary so Sam and I were
talking the other day of how doing self quarantine or self
isolation hasn't actually been that hard because we feel like we've had a lot of
training yes because we tend to like travel and go hard for a few months in a
row and then we come back to Canada and we have a quiet time and we edit and we
stay in two hours and we're kind of hermit so we actually are when we're out
on the road it's go go go we're doing things for eating outward we're
experiencing new things by the time we get back we usually have an enormous
back catalogue of videos to edit of other work to do of errands to run in
Canada so yeah a lot of times we aren't just at home so things haven't been that
that different except though it just it really does feel different to it's just
a different mindset like we're not at all thinking about any future trips
we're just going day by day which is probably like what a lot of you guys are
doing now I mean some days are better than others obviously sometimes you read
the news and it just feels extremely depressing but then there's other times
where you think well you know what let's make the most of the situation and so
for hopefully for a lot of you guys you're taking this time maybe two to
spend time with family at home maybe to learn a new skill maybe to just think
about what life is gonna be like when when things get back to normal and we've
kind of just been we've been in that same boat as well so yeah we're gonna be
putting out a lot of content for you guys but we're also gonna be filming
some stuff at home because you know this is what life is like for everyone right
now and so we're gonna maybe make some cooking videos some different types of
videos if you guys have suggestions of what you'd like us to film oh yeah
please let us know if know anything but basically non travel related especially
if you'd like to see us film something outside of travel anything that can be
done in the home now's the time to send in your request yeah please do so but
anyways we're gonna just be showing you what life is like in Canada right now
during during this this fire is locked down so it may surprise some people to
know that we're actually kind of healthy when we're back home
yeah I mean especially if you've been following our Argentina series my
goodness we've been just eating the the richest food steaks and desserts and
wine and fast that be so exactly but actually we've been home since January
20th and now is today March 20th yeah wow it's been so it's been two months
and I'm happy to report that I am I've lost over 20 pounds well done
one of the things that I've been doing to help lose weight is having a healthy
juice in the morning I've been making juice for for you and also for your
parents as well basically it's enough to put into these tall glasses yeah it's a
bit but 1.8 to 2 litres yes yeah I'll just show you what we've been putting in
what we're gonna do is half of this pineapple the whole thing it's just too
much that's so much juice then we have two oranges this is a ten jello I
believe oh yeah there's they're really good they didn't have limes and lemons
today at the grocery store they were sold out but we did have a giant English
cucumbers you mean Boombah Boombah if you've seen that video online you know
I'm not talking about that's one of my favorite videos put the smile on my face
yeah we got bok choy - we've got three stalks of celery three carrots of
various sizes three small apples a tomato a beetroot gingy ginger which
helps keep my hair red awesome yeah that's a bad - and a little pear yeah
and yeah basically this is what we've been typically putting in the juices
although we when when there's more citrus fruits available we do add those
yeah we like to keep our immune system vitamin C is good for that so yeah we're
gonna we're gonna wash all of this cut it up and then we'll show you a bit
of the process of how it's juiced and then how much it yields and oh man this
is just a part of our our daily routine we look forward to it we never actually
get sick of it the only days that we missed were some days we went to the
cabin as a family and aside from that we've basically been juicing everything
all day good Lupin morning long I'm gonna make the
Jews I'm not gonna sleep anymore I mean that's my name so I have been through I
would undercut the Jews you're sleeping no I actually got up early I mean I've
been editing for like an hour and a half but yeah it's still morning I haven't
had my juice yet no but yeah let's get started well let's show that so this is
what it looks like when it's all chopped up guys this is how basically we've
chopped everything up so that it can fit in the chute right down here exactly
yeah and so you did this the citrus in the pineapple and this is all the other
stuff that's been washed oh and we normally also put tumeric but we ran out
yesterday yeah but that's very healthy for you but not today this is what we
have to do make it a see what color we get
100ma I have over two liters of fresh fruit and vegetables and whenever you
use beet you get that beautiful pinkish purple leek that deep it's almost like a
raspberry color once you mix yeah mixa mixa mixa nen dimension yeah
- admit on the days where I actually have to go and fetch the juice which
involves about an hour of walking a half an hour to the grocery store and a half
an hour back and then when you've been in the grocery store when it's chaotic
like today it just makes you really really appreciate the juice even more
mm-hmm put all that together and I will say I'm offered to drive you to the
grocery store but this is your ulcer sighs this is my exercise I'm not doing
a lot of heavy-duty exercise these days so when I have the chance to go for that
walk I take it and then you know carrying carrying these things back on
on in my backpack and then my little my little bags it's uh it's a good word
it's a good little workout to be honest so I'm just filling it up like this so
we distribute it evenly and so that there isn't excess foam any particular
cup your dad doesn't like the phone so he scoops it out you know I'll try to
give him the last foamy one my favorite ingredient well there's two favorite
ingredients pineapple for the sweetness and ginger for the kick it feels so good
it was like a burn going down the throat feels like that ultimate healthy healthy
juice to be having well Cheers enjoy your breakfast it's yours thank
you the univ it hello hello whatcha doin it's just a bit more work do you wanna
tell the people what you've been editing these days yeah I'm editing the India
series that I filmed gosh it's been over a year it's crazy that's taking this
long to get it out but um yeah that is going to be the series that comes out
after Argentine you know smoothie I'm really excited about that
we've just been filming so much in the last like year and a half that it just
wasn't a timeslot that like to properly put this in and now we've got one so
I'm really excited to be just but it's like reliving the trip editing this
mm-hmm yeah we're really excited to have that
up on the channel soon you want to tell us what city you're working on right now
so I'm on an restart and that's the city that's known for the Golden Temple mmm
and great northern Indian cuisine I want to show us a little teaser like a few
little clips I actually can't because I deleted I deleted the files so that's
the timeline why are the files gone I need to get I need to create space on
the hard drive set it so more and but I can tell you that it's gonna be a really
interesting series and a very heavily food focused and yeah it's not the only
city we're going to this there's a whole bunch more so guys if you if you like
Indian food or you're interested about India I think you're gonna enjoy this
one alright guys so now we are going to show you what we eat for lunch
and lately we've really been into the Buddha bowls and we introduced my
parents to Buddha bowls when we came back end of January and surprisingly
they liked it so when did you first start trying them when did it begin
good question to be honest I'm not even sure it might have been like a trend
that I saw online and I thought like ooh that looks good that looks healthy yeah
um so yeah we just started making them and we try to include like up to 12
different ingredients and really mix them up so it doesn't get too too
repetitive yes so for someone who doesn't know what that is it's basically
like it's it's healthy items right yeah typically solid items and sometimes a
bit of protein yeah so we do a lot of different veggies and we try to have
some type of lean meat so sometimes we'll do like chicken breast or we might
have white fish today we have some prawns oh yeah they're right over here
look at that yeah what we've been up to and we always
start with a bed of greens they were doing this red cabbage not a very green
very you know what you know sometimes I do you have yeah some spring mix that I
am going to add on top as well well progress well next we have a layer
of greens so we have a spring mix which is a blend of baby lettuce baby greens
and chicory and I just pull off the little stems yes we have finicky eaters
are you amongst them okay so once we have our bed of greens we start adding
our other ingredients I'm going to need a spoon for this you got the whole cabin
look going on yes this is loungewear lounge measuring very far so you know
what I use my hands for Yuka whatevs it's family you can smell you could
strips kind of like fries yes you can fried yuca strips and yuca is kind of
like a root vegetable it's very popular in Peru you kind of eat it like that's
where we know that's where we have it the most beautiful yeah the country of
the king of the country where you could call the king of potatoes and roots
yeah that's Peru this stuff is good a little mushroom tell your dad that these
are acrimony mushrooms they are very very tasty look a hole what do you call
this a head of garlic at Knossos a tooth of garlic that's a head of garlic you
know what I didn't eat that because I know how much you love it
garlic breath speaking of isolation we need to isolate Yuta from the phone my
workspace out there's your make maybe you'll be working upstairs
don't be allowed I don't know we're here yep then we have some sweet potato
that's almost like a little dessert portion I love it is naturally sweet we
usually try not to have too many starches you know today we're making a
bit of an exception with that you've got just yeah you can yeah but we're not
gonna use all the sweet potato ooh kimchi haha yeah kimchi are our Korean
addition yes not kimchi from Korea if you've never smelled kimchi before it
might be a bit of a shock it's very pungent I would say it smells sour like
it's a fermented cabbage spicy fermented cabbage and my parents actually like it
we introduced it to them slowly in all quantities I think we introduced it to
them with gimchi fried rice first yeah now now they've been getting the raw for
you now it's a familiar taste yes fermented foods are very very good
for you so by the time by the time this is all done it's a very colorful plate
yes yeah these are so this is such an easy thing to prepare great for you can
use leftovers ingredients you can prepare these different things so here's
the shrimp peas so nice wish you guys could smell what I'm smelling here
unicameral garlic so it's nearing the end nearly and I still have lots of
seeds tad oh yeah Organic pumpkin seeds what's this that's
almonds almond Pappy Guinness and last but not least cranberries we've also
been noticing in the grocery stores that healthy items are far more available
than unhealthy things so the wonder grid that white bread not super healthy that
that's hard to find maybe bagel is hard to find but fruits
and vegetables that have still been plentiful hummus all these kinds of
items still pretty easy to find out the grocery store here in Canada pumpkin
seeds here we go I think just the variety of this and you know you know
you're eating something healthy and you guys we've you've been mixing it up
every day too it's never the same you always tried to
mix up the ingredients that way it doesn't get too repetitive for anyone
yeah and yeah we haven't gotten sick of it yeah keep going yeah that's it and
this is so filling that we often don't need a dinner like we're not actually
cooking dinner dinner might be like a cup of tea and I don't know what do you
guys call it here in the Bourbon or household it's a serve-yourself
so yeah for yourself and for your thought it's been for yourself after we
make use and yeah these bowls any any other any other food is fend for
yourself exactly yeah let us know if you guys have a similar rule in your
household is there someone who cooks three meals a day really kind of like
well the nice thing here is that we are we all hop out like you're your dad does
the barbecue yes we get juicing your mom helps prepare a
lot of these ingredients so it's a team effort
it sure is and what up hello hello Bubba chants begins baby kids lots of extra
attention for buggy kids everybody's at home thanks for visiting
means thanks for staying with me thank you one company I'm pretty sure that's
not the thought bubble that's going on I'm pretty sure right meet me right now
time to sample it let's begin with yuca fry mm-hmm the yuca is very starchy and
like heavy and dense it's like heavier than a potato yes I
still feel like I have dog hair I'm like stuck to my face from hugging and
kissing him um we have our mushrooms with some cranberries baba ghanoush
that's a very good it's just a really nice mix of flavors and it's so much
easier to consume your greens when you have like these nice tasty cooked
ingredients on top it just tastes a lot better this is not a boring salad
I'm very good if I say so myself that's awesome
that's how we're keeping healthy here juice every morning these every
afternoon I've been having soup stew and full disclosure the way we normally
prepare this is my mom does the cooked ingredients yeah and then I assemble
everything and like put it together and serve it for everyone so it's a team
effort yeah it what we build with most of the
credit going towards your mom no for a public service wash your hand yeah you
know what you're right I think maybe both of us realized is that we didn't
really know how to their hands before we always did wash
our hands but not for the recommended amount of time she sure yeah we weren't
watching for 20 to 60 seconds like is recommended I think that's because we
weren't singing any songs yeah you what what song could we do something in the
back so apparently the chorus dude karma chameleon huh run you looking like a
mechanic and me yeah that's what we's the car old drone so lots of soap here
and just blathering like there's no tomorrow
scrubbing in between the fingers I'm not sure at this any I think I'm more or
less got it there and then right up here bombs absolutely that is as much of a
lather as I think I've ever done you know washing thoroughly
and yeah it's a it's a new reality and I think you know some of these habits that
were forming right now are going to be lifelong habits you know it's a whole
it's almost like when you when you first learned that you're supposed to be
flossing and then you think it's kind of weird but then you start flossing and
then it becomes like a daily daily habit you know and I think I think washing our
hands in this kind of manner is the new reality feels good guys whenever you go
out if you're getting groceries or just doing anything around the house come
back and wash your hands thoroughly wash wash wash wash wash away all day long
toodles okay so now my dad is going to demonstrate how he disinfects the
household yeah everyday guys mm-hmm our very special times we're living in and
we need to take the extra precaution we also try to take these extra measures
just in case you know it's not just enough to wash your hands but you always
have to disinfect a little bit so what am I going to use is this everybody
knows is this wipes that they kill 99.9% of all the bacteria and viruses so this
part we were lucky to get those before they sold out hey first thing the house
or handles Bob with the handle he always grabbed their you know mailbox
doorbell without ringing the doorbell or the dog would go insane from door of
course I always like to give a little bit around the because you always grab
the door from here you know sometimes to close it you grab it here right car keys
front door key is an area now you're always touching going up stairs the
banister always and you know also what I like to do when you have these things
slip them over a little bit because all the juices at the bottom and
sometimes the the wipes are a little bit too dry we're going to do the kitchen
the fridge and October goes in and out all day long so we got to do
of course this part is spring or microwave
don't forget the knob the cupboards the handles you're always touching here
dishwasher always grabbing here drink a lot of coffee all the time the electric
kettle they handle you know we never think about these things we come and we
grab it right is when you touch it all the time constantly you gotta clean it
as much as possible for the garbage don't forget there it makes you realize
how many things you touch in one day oh it's amazing the knobs on the stove
you're always grabbing those the screen you're always setting the temperature
for the oven and stuff like that one here the controls these another one okay
flip the switch and don't forget this one okay they handle two flash handles
this is mostly what we do the whole house then I go upstairs and I do the
race but basically the same and everything that you could think of that
you touch a lot do the same in your car it's a matter of just being a little bit
careful as soon as you're gonna come into the house what we do here is look
okay before you come into the house Chuck you kill all the germs that you
could have acquired when you were shopping or doing whatever it is so this
is basically what we try to do here at home and we should wanted to let you
know in case it is a helpful helpful tip for you and you could use it every
little bit is welcome I guess right perfect so thank you well it is now time
for the daily walk we need to remember to get some exercise some fresh air yeah
we usually go out with the dog we go with my dad and Togo and you know we'll
go around the park but today it is just us it is a super windy day it's like 16
degrees so it's actually kind of warm but it's so windy that it feels colder
yeah we went till the windchill factor is extreme let's go
action we are shooting the evening segment what do we do here at home at
night well I have a box of Korean products that I ordered a few months
back and also last year when Sam went to Korea he got me a whole bunch of face
masks so I thought it'd be fun to maybe choose one I was trying to convince them
to come and do it with me with me but he just wasn't really into it were you
Samuel Jeffrey rain check on that he's also making some tea so we've got aloe
vera hydrating we have a midnight blue calming mass and this stock of red
ginseng I think I need to hydrate with the heat on in winter I feel like my
face is quite dry I'm quite quite chemically - yes Togo is barking because
my sister just got home another one hours-long moisturizing gauze sheet mask
maybe for another day but yes yes yes let's try this and see what it's all
about what should we chat about Sam I think
it's a lot of fun oh yeah I've like zoomed in a little bit to try and hide
the mess here because to one side we have our wine collection this is a new
hobby of yours isn't it Sam collecting wines from around the world
33 bottles it's diminished now 16 quarantine has proved to uh to not be
great for the supply well to be fair like right before quarantine started we
did like a week away with my family at a cottage in Muskoka yeah that knocked off
a really good joke about some wine backs I can see what I'm doing
guys this is my mug that reminds me of where I'm from Thank You Ireland oh the
island island oh this feels cold oh is this like isn't it it looks so slimy you
do not this one has aloe vera so it's extra slimy looks like I think I'm
either I call I think that yeah I don't think this would be your thing you know
slimy stuff on your face but I'm enjoying my peppermint tea tea keep it
at that and you're enjoying my company are you not mm-hmm well you know what
we've all gotten to really know each other well these last few weeks huh yeah
man I'm kind of starting to feel it like even though we're used to spending a lot
of time in front of our computers and like being indoors in between trips we
also planned trips and I don't know I was just really looking forward to get
back city and Georgia we're going to Georgia but it does feel like a dream
though like this new this new reality has has really sunk in yeah this kind of
is waking up and not really having that many long-term plans just kind of having
short-term plans like you know what you know in some ways I feel like I'm living
more in the moment but at the same time what's that's a positive that is a
positive but one of the things though is that I I usually do have like we usually
do have a carer or some kind of thing to look forward to in the future like a
trip coming up or or something every now it's just day-to-day
we're just waiting a guys we have a to-do list of things to do in
terms of editing in terms of other things with our business and we're just
kind of slowly tackling all that stuff I was also sad that we kind of had to put
Peru on hold because we tend to go there almost every year to see my grandma
usually for her birthday in April and like that's coming up in a few days but
like yeah it also just wouldn't be a good idea your any of us to visit her at
her age cuz she's like turning 94 no it wouldn't be slightly responsible but um
your mom had this feeling a little while ago that just wasn't meant to meant to
be yeah where all this happened it was getting to the time of booking the
tickets and she was like something just doesn't
feel right and she decided to hold off and like literally a few days later
things just kind of exploded and it's like wow yeah that was kind of the right
move but yeah Peru would be a place that we
would love to revisit again if and when it's appropriate like it just just this
new reality could be it could be weeks it could be months it could be the rest
of the year it could be ah we know we just haven't nobody knows and we're just
trying to do the most responsible thing by staying at home you know doing facial
massage' an update with a mask on but that's what it is so question now that
like we're not traveling and we're not going anywhere for the foreseeable
future is there a destination that you've been
like ooh it'd be really cool to go to this place once the travel bans are
lifted and the world is back to normal is there a place you've been thinking
about oh well you're not seeing our audience here first tell me in the
comments where do you want to go first I'm just gonna I'm gonna take the easy
answer and for me it was Georgia it's a country I've always wanted to visit and
I was just like two weeks away from going there and just started researching
about trip started thinking about the foods and wines we were gonna have yeah
that just that I got cancelled so that would be my first choice yeah thank you
I really want to go to the Galapagos and like I feel like that would be a logical
trip whenever do and I'm going to Peru to also attack
on Ecuador yeah flying to the Galapagos and just see wildlife yeah I had a
chance to do that in 2010 and I was like in ultra cheap skeet backpacker mode I
just couldn't I couldn't justify expending that's my yeah wasn't even
that much it was just like it was just like I just had never I'd never spent
that kind of money on a tour or a trip yeah I just couldn't wrap my head around
doing it so like for those of you who don't know Sam he loves a bargain and
he's like a true bargain hunter actually you found the most incredible deal on an
item this week I feel like we're doing some some housecleaning and there was
like an old gift card to the bay which is um kind of Canada's biggest
department store I thought maybe the card it expired so I punched in punched
in the code on the online shop and like I've got 40 bucks to spend so that I was
looking around and I was searching under Columbia and I found a hiking jacket
that's normally $125 okay it was 75% off so then I found another
coupon which took off another 15% and the grand total with the coupon
including the price of the jacket with the discount with the other discount and
with HS HS yeah with HST and shipping it came to a whopping total of 10 cents 10
cents so that should be arriving next week then won't be in this video but you
know what I'll wear it the next time we make a video in Brampton show you guys
that jacket but um yeah I'm looking forward to my 10 cent jacket yeah maybe
we'll start filming like little weekly updates and just showing you life see
I'm Terry light I think we will and since we've mentioned the places we'd
like to go let's turn it over to you guys
guys you tell us yeah I know that's probably not really on your mind
probably not thinking about travel but if you kind of did let your mind
daydream a bit and if you could imagine that this is all all done at some point
where would you like to go we'd love to hear so yeah I think now we just have to
wait for this I didn't and read the instructions how long does
this take it's in Korean of course an hour are
there any numbers Oh on the bottom it's in English no it's just this is giving
you the warnings in the ingredients I'm just gonna keep this on maybe like 15
minutes I'm gonna take it off it's telling you about there's four things
you need to be cautioned about well that is our evening update anything else to
tell the people's not really just kind of winding down I'm having a nice
peppermint tea I find this helps me relax herbal tea I
think and yeah we're just down in the basement do a little little more editing
on India called the night you know what an hour sounds good good tonight world
oh well and that was a little taste of the day in the life of Samuel and Audrey
walked at home in Canada yeah the hermit life in the house enjoyed that I mean I
feel like this is what we're all going through yeah we're all stuck indoors
we're all we're all in this together and guys we're just hoping for the best
for you we hope that you're staying positive that you're staying healthy
that you're following all of the advice that's been given in terms of washing
hands preparing food social distancing yeah just all of that stuff just keep in
mind this isn't gonna last forever this is temporary and yeah but none of us
knows how long it will last but this isn't permanent
so just keep that in mind if you're having a bit of a down day you know so
that's the little update from us now you know what we're up to now we'd love to
hear from you guys let us know where you are what you're doing how you're getting
through this stay safe stay healthy yes guys roll we're thinking of you and
we're all getting through this together so yeah let's just try to stay safe
positive healthy and we'll have more content related to our life at home
please stay tuned for that


Our LIFE IN CANADA at Home During QUARANTINE | We're NOT Travelling Right Now ???

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