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good morning guys we have arrived in the land of wine we are here in Mendoza Argentina
today we are touring our first bodega our first winery we are at Bodegas Lopez
notice a very well known name it's been in existence since 1898 in the
family for four generations that's pretty impressive
and we're basically going to be spending the whole days here in Mendoza we're going to have
a full day it's personally the first bodega in maipu that I visited we want to go
through the process of they're making the wines and yeah for anybody that is
into wine drinking and stuff like that this is a mecca and on this is nirvana
here you know we are not far away from the real McCoy
so we are starting our tour of Bodegas Lopez with breakfast very excited we've
come hungry and already I can tell you the views are just spectacular we can
see mountains we can see the Andes here in Mendoza Argentina this is just stunning what a beautiful
setting guys well we have a wonderful breakfast spread in front of us a little
bit of everything there's homemade bread with come on Lulu some butter lots of
different pastries you have the mini Lunas kind of like croissants yeah
croissants made out of with the butter you know deep and the other ones
yeah I don't know how we do fold a lip on congrats they're made with lard bread
with lard is extremely flavorful yeah and we also have some pastries orange
juice we got tea coffee so plenty to get us started not seeing any wine on the
table for breakfast but hey it is still early in the day we've got to pace
ourselves get something in our stomachs before we begin yeah so let's dig in
this is good stuff homemade bread militant of no entire jaw
is open dolphin panel Jose Lopez Don Jose su familia Aaron de melara del
originally a row in La Familia Lopez and Hannah's 'april sia business approach
Yoli of tambien Aaron Praetorians I mean apparently pequeña color peridot L amino
to siento seventh I see a wound up lara in a topical Sabourin beach it on insect
okay sasame Felix Sarah now Felix Ellison pull you on case a serosa
in la de la planta olavide is a common a plaintiff OCR eval Amata poor completo
la liga de see a cow Santa Felix Sara say Pierre de gran parte local TiVo
David in Europa euros Lopez en particular Pierre de su forma production
porque Don Jose entre muchos otro propios tambien decir veneers Argentina
empezar de ser oh no Saiga directamente mendoza primero settle SM Buenos Aires
in Mar del Plata in San Juan traffic in tacos por Casillas años en este tiempo
empieza Tracey tamanna parte de su familia y finalmente cuando BHO
suficiente in aro Vienna Mendoza Argentina - de la virgen de memoria
in landscape eruption Ultima tell solid epoxy Logan Thomas resilient La Parrilla
semicircle on ok are completamente seen if the receiver cat the name Osaka no
Lamas are acceptable SLE Kovac well Paulo simply Lisa para ver de santé
material the resin or in Apple in a semi-circle vamos hacer para ambien
routine associate una parte event I'm be no formal a
satirical de la palabra Syrah grappa another part a is a completamente Seca
say level no la rhetoric of ethical Sulaiman gnosis and rafael upd salah
society peruvian okay and a la la la semilla parecer Coffman because no sir
Felicia prácticamente
yeah Casey software transform our ela ela en un Condor visa fallows caresses
uno me Rondo ah si a la derecha LK mera solid rachel mira el pasado el Kayaba me
Rhonda's a leaky Ramirez on future oh la la en el mayo SLE present SI SE quedan
cyanide anele anele anele Maharani tambien
we have now walked a few blocks over to the Champanera where they specialize in
their bubbly fizzy drinks so we're going to be learning a bit more about that
process also they actually have vineyards here
in this section so I think it's time we put up the drone and show you some magic
whoa oh that's there Wow yeah yeah visto sus seen really what the
Wow so simple easy
next up lunch we have spent a few hours touring the bodega learning about the
process how hungry are you right now I'm not very hungry
I'm really waiting for the liquid element wine there you go we have eight
sets menu that comes with red wine white wine champagne and that's before we even
get to the wine tasting after we've had lunch it's time to actually start
sampling the wines they make here on bullion open so got a busy day of
drinking ahead of us how's the fifth one guys wonderful it is so light yeah
refreshing and like free tea yeah they like my lot line it's not
alcoholic you don't feel any face me that's very smooth look at the color of
our wine it's like it's like see-through gold excellent wine from bodegas Lopez
and we've got bread fresh bread from the oven I read from the other
Wow you guys like it
guys I miss my son though togo
empanadas empanadas but they are piping hot who you cannot even hold them you
know I'm not that adventurous to bite it right now yeah I'm not very grave it's
delicious ground beef lots of onions like finely
chopped yeah spices slightly sweet it is very very tasty but yeah we're like
burning our hands burning our it's definitely fresh oven
here what are we having now time through the red this one is Malbec to
accompany the main which are about survived
yep there we go my leg for moving us Bodegas Lopez yeah there are all mice would okay
on smokey look velvet velvety goodness yeah so far so good for smooth
wine yeah very good wine this one has been aged yeah and you can tell it now
we just need our steaks absolutely the wine and we're all set we're all good
yeah okay our mains have arrived what do we have guys
we have a monster piece of meat here I'm looking at it and it is at least an inch
thick engine Hansen half a day yeah you don't even know how to attack this
but I already tasted it and it's delicious and uncooked to perfection the
flavor did the flavor of this beef is just you know what meat like this you
can only ate in Argentina you know there is no other deer way to but
Oh Sammy you're a youtuber well guys now that we've had three different wines
with our lunch it's time to go to the wine tasting how much wine we can drink
I don't know but there's more to come this is a challenge
acidosis is a passage of the Menaka tolling so con ninguna parte are far
away those opportunities coming on a team Tommy we are now in what's called
GABA this underground brick labyrinth we're gonna be doing a wine tasting down
here pretty cool setting if you ask me almost feels like a jail a prison dating
back to the medieval period full of history it actually reminds me of the
labyrinth that we visited in Budapest remember that guy's the haunted place
with a smoke in the Dracula stories oh yeah this is pretty cool
some young blonde Todd Wilson element a concentrated about Malini again Tara no
Ted sorry Ottoman is Munna c'mon tell Olivia Munn China in a castle
the devil said the name was Scott speed of 110 a mahogany hit a minimum for
digital solemn awake but I have milk cocoa mas de cuerpo unison soliloquy
demócrata vamos a pasar el cuñado personally evaluate and in almuerzo
course a child millions he says anything also a messiah internet tel Dominica
towards the course of a ceremony not whenshe not is la linea top the now alia
EMT selvino gasoline Asiya cacophony kingdom what is a successful pony I'm
sorry Sally Ellison supone que no tiene Casa Rio no nice I practical it's a
severe weather lattice illness
a Posada I pick up my SI units we're almost at a parmesan controversy the
Silver Moon communal aura and then you're embarrassed about it
because is this we receive sugar leader oh yeah natural sugar is not added sugar
yeah it doesn't feel so sweet it's not overly sweet yes of course at the
beginning we feel the sweetness but then at the end at the back of the tongue we
are going to find some seedy
we are now shopping for wine we've done the tasting now we are helping ourselves
to the ones we most enjoyed Sam went for the emotional ten-year-old my dad and I
loved doing senator doll we know my mom's gonna love this one too so we're
getting a bottle and we'll see what else we grabbed well guys we are leaving with
new sunhats food bottle of wine bottles of wine I feel like that's the sign of a
very very good day well spent day here at bodegas Lopez Deena modified we had a
beautiful day yeah it was a day trip actually it's only 20 minutes from the
downtown here in the city of Maipu Mendoza Argentina so if you are visiting and you have one of
those days that you don't know what to do come and swing by this bodegas Lopez
because the people here are extremely friendly they treated us amazing they
gave us a beautiful tour of the installations and the bodega we had
lunch and breakfast all in all it was a very positive day and it's so easy to
visit here you do not even need to rent a car we just hopped in a taxi paid $8
for 20-minute ride here and then once you're done once you've had all your
wine you don't have to worry about driving back into the city - and our
guide Nicolas was fantastic isn't he amazing we learned so much from him
about the winemaker friendly friendly informative passionate about what he
does and yeah we couldn't recommend this place more yeah so big thank you to
everyone and yeah if you guys are coming to Mendoza a wine tour is well worth
the trip out here do not miss it yeah it's you won't be disappointed put it
that way and at the end you have extremely good varieties of different
wines to buy and the prices are extremely accessible we basically got a
grand reserve that's ten years old from 2009 that was just like just over ten US
dollars as an example yeah beautiful day we're in need of a siesta I have a
feeling you may be napping in the taxi so we're gonna say goodbye for now and
we'll see you guys in the next video from Mendoza Argentina that's it
hi guys the next


WINE TASTING in MENDOZA, ARGENTINA! ? | Full Day Winery Tour of BODEGAS LÓPEZ in Maipú ??

49 分類 收藏
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