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  • in today's video we're taking you on a little do-it-yourself food tour of

    在今天的視頻中,我們帶您 自己動手做的美食之旅

  • Buenos Aires Argentina we had three days in the city before catching our flight back to

    布宜諾斯艾利斯阿根廷我們在這裡度過了三天 城市,然後乘飛機返回

  • Canada and we basically spent those three days eating our favorite foods and

    加拿大,我們基本上花了那些 三天吃我們最喜歡的食物

  • getting our fix of classic Argentine dishes we'll be trying different cups of

    得到我們的經典阿根廷 我們將嘗試不同的菜餚

  • steaks that are far too big not to share ordering every slice of pizza or one of

    太大的牛排無法分享 訂購每片比薩餅或其中之一

  • our favorite pizzeria tasting different types of meat on a sauce made

    我們最喜歡的比薩店品嚐 不同類型的肉製成的醬汁

  • with chicken and veal and of course sipping on Malbec as we say our farewell

    加上雞肉和小牛肉,當然 當我們道別時on飲馬爾貝克

  • to the city of Buenos Aires Argentina at the end we'll also share our journey home and the welcome from

    最後我們將前往阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯市 我們回家的旅程和來自

  • our beloved Togo but now it's time to eat so bring your appetite and let's

    我們心愛的多哥,但現在是時候 吃吧,帶上胃口,讓我們

  • kick off this Buenos Aires food tour


  • so first up we visited a bodegon which is one of those old-fashioned

    所以首先我們參觀了Bodegon 這是那些老式的

  • restaurants typical of Buenos Aires Argentina is where the portions are abundant and the food

    阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯典型的餐館在哪裡 這些部分很豐富,食物

  • is good we opted for steak at this restaurant got this baby girl from a

    很好,我們為此選擇了牛排 餐廳從

  • Malbec back


  • all right the Malbec has arrived cheers Cheers here another day with Malbec as

    好吧,馬爾貝克來了 第二天與馬爾貝克一起歡呼

  • always another good day yep it's a fresh wine it's a good wine to go with the

    總是好日子,這是新鮮的 酒是搭配的好酒

  • with the meat that we order and we're going to have so we got to be fit the

    用我們點的肉來 會有,所以我們必須適應

  • traditional yeah I'm Sonya because our Airbnb host told us that's the best I

    是的,我是Sonya,因為我們 Airbnb房東告訴我們這是我最好的

  • will share and we have it we haven't we haven't tried that before halfway no no

    將分享,我們擁有它,我們沒有 在中途還沒嘗試過

  • no but we get here though also we should mention we're having this meal at a very

    不,但我們到達這裡雖然我們也應該 提到我們要在非常

  • strange hour it is now 4:15 too late to be lunch time in Argentina but too early

    現在是奇怪的時刻,現在4:15來不及 在阿根廷吃午餐時間,但為時過早

  • to be dinner it's like teatime merienda they might be

    吃晚飯 就像他們可能是下午茶時間

  • old tourist tourism the Argentinians don't have dinner till 11 o'clock in the

    老遊客旅遊阿根廷人 直到晚上11點才吃晚飯

  • evening so like a p.m. would be earth that'd be super keen for 4:20 as I know

    晚上,就像下午將是地球 據我所知4:20非常喜歡

  • naughty toes


  • has reached the table sure has say this giant fighter is meant for two people we

    已經到達桌子肯定說了這個 巨型戰鬥機是為兩個人準備的

  • have to be physically so look at fried egg on top

    必須身體上,所以看看炸 蛋在上面

  • french fries Russian salad with potato peas carrots Mayo we have clean rice and

    炸薯條俄羅斯沙拉配土豆 豌豆胡蘿蔔梅奧,我們有乾淨的米飯和

  • then we have the ingredients for a complete self and then this is meant for

    然後我們有一個 完成自我,然後這是為了

  • one person they said but I mean there is no way we're gonna do we're depleting

    他們說的一個人,但我的意思是 沒辦法,我們要耗盡

  • try we have some serious digging fugu it will take care of it don't worry

    試試我們有一些認真的挖河豚吧 會照顧它的不用擔心

  • yeah yeah we got it I think we can I'm gonna try it just like that late playing

    是的,我們知道了,我想我們可以 就像後期玩一樣嘗試

  • with nothing on it yeah really be able to detect the real

    一無所有 是的,真的能夠檢測到真實的

  • flavor of the beef yeah so Inigo good stuff good stuff ah boom made fries yeah

    牛肉的味道不錯,所以Inigo很好 東西好東西啊繁榮炸薯條耶

  • you've gotta eat them with your fingers yeah forget the core and only wait to

    你必須用手指吃掉它們 是的,忘記核心,只等

  • eat these you know yeah look at that they are fried a large yeah a northern

    吃這些你知道的耶 他們被炸得很北部

  • oil alert the labor Wow this is insane like this this

    油提醒勞動 哇,這太瘋狂了

  • portion is enough I'd say for four people it's unbelievable

    我要講四個部分 讓人難以置信

  • yeah so look we've got it's not just like home cut fries we also have wedges

    是的,所以看起來我們不僅僅是 像炸薯條一樣,我們也有楔子

  • as well a giant beef or the chorizo waiting for

    以及 巨型牛肉或香腸等待

  • you with a fried egg on top I'm just picking up you can eat a whole piece

    你上面放著一個煎蛋,我就是 撿起來可以吃整整一塊

  • you're gonna don't lose that hmm I'm going for daddy one yeah boys come

    你不會失去那個嗯 我要去找爸爸,是的,男孩來了

  • to me precious I'm flying the next state called for pizza mainly because Sam

    對我來說,珍貴的我正在飛向下一個州 之所以要披薩,主要是因為山姆

  • insisted we couldn't leave when a scientist without visiting one of its

    堅持說我們不能離開 科學家而不訪問其之一

  • oldest pizzerias Lorraine is located on corrientes Avenue right in the heart of

    洛林最古老的比薩餅店位於 Corrientes Avenue就在

  • the theater district and the place is always packed

    劇院區,這個地方是 總是包裝

  • we ordered every individual slice on the menu to give you an idea of what this

    我們訂購了每個切片 菜單讓您對這有什麼了解

  • pizzeria has to offer


  • all right guys we have arrived at beats videography before lunch right on time

    好吧,我們來了 準時午餐前攝錄

  • because this place is slowly filling up the best pizza in Buenos Aires it's

    因為這個地方正在慢慢填滿 布宜諾斯艾利斯最好的披薩

  • really good thing about this restaurant is that you can just order by the slice

    這家餐廳真的很棒 是你可以按片排序

  • they have like a whole list or you don't have to order the whole pie just like

    他們有一個完整的列表,或者您沒有 必須像訂購整個餡餅一樣

  • one piece so like makes it match the sample at all yeah I already loosened up

    一件如此使它匹配 是的,我已經放鬆了

  • the belt when you go eat pizza I'm gonna cider the first thing

    你去吃披薩時我要帶 蘋果酒第一件事

  • loosen up the belt yeah and we also order a chocolate like okay the beers

    鬆開皮帶,我們也 點一杯像啤酒一樣的巧克力

  • don't have because doing pizza with water and with the sparkling water

    沒有,因為與 水和蘇打水

  • III don't remember I already will see when it comes for the last three blocks

    我不記得我已經看到了 最後三個街區時

  • before we got to lift its area this guy he wants ahead of us like a block and a

    在我們要提升它的面積之前,這個傢伙 他想像我們一樣走在前面

  • half he was afraid a man with a quest a man on the cliff

    他害怕的一半 一個有追求的人一個人在懸崖上

  • we were right huh speech in the world even though it says on the napkin we did

    我們是對的,世界演講 即使它說餐巾紙上我們做了

  • not invent it all right you guys are trying the first slice what do you got

    你們沒發明吧 嘗試第一片你有什麼

  • which has Arella look at all that tomato sauce it's been a while all right Sam

    阿雷拉(Arella)看著所有的番茄 醬,這已經有一段時間了,山姆

  • what is on your plate tell us this is a masterpiece this is called the Foo

    你盤子裡的什麼告訴我們這是一個 傑作,這就是所謂的Foo

  • Gazeta it's just loaded with cheese it's got onions oh my gosh guys it's it

    Gazeta剛裝滿奶酪 有洋蔥哦,我的天哪,就是這樣

  • doesn't have tomato sauce it's got so much cheese that it does not have tomato

    沒有番茄沙司 沒有番茄的很多奶酪

  • sauce

  • if you love cheese this is the one you have to charge double the mock down

    如果你喜歡奶酪,那是你 必須收取兩倍的模擬費

  • around to what are you guys having


  • loaded it's got like I got all the sauce in the world on it basically no no

    裝得好像我都沾了醬 在世界上基本上不不

  • cheese we need to bring some my wine home for that baby

    奶酪,我們要帶些我的酒 那個嬰兒的家

  • yeah because we're gonna need it we're gonna need it very salty very salty

    是的,因為我們會需要它 會需要它很咸很咸

  • we're moving on to round 3 of the pizza number 3 what do we got

    我們要轉到披薩的第3輪 3號我們得到了什麼

  • and I also put on top


  • it's a thing here so you just put it on top put it on top how does it change the

    這是一件事情,所以你只要戴上它 置頂於上它如何改變

  • tape amazing yeah yeah do you prefer with it or without

    磁帶很棒,是的 你喜歡帶還是不帶

  • there is more yeah I'm experimenting over here this is the former Ola and it

    是的,我正在嘗試 在這裡是前奧拉

  • looks like it's just jacked with onions maybe only onions I think maybe some

    好像被洋蔥頂住了 也許只有洋蔥我想也許

  • tomato sauce on the side no onion no cheese no cheese no cheese

    側面有番茄醬,沒有洋蔥,沒有 奶酪沒有奶酪沒有奶酪

  • there's quite a few pizzas here with no cheese that are heavy on the tomato call

    這裡有很多披薩,沒有 番茄味濃重的奶酪

  • Sam ordered one more spicy food service oh he says he won't be able to eat

    山姆又訂購了一份辛辣的食物服務 哦,他說他不能吃東西

  • people like their food back in Canada throwing it

    人們喜歡他們的食物回到加拿大 扔它

  • you hear that Canada that's amazing but she stretched the Chivas

    您聽說加拿大很棒,但是 她伸展芝華士

  • it's not real much so no watch no


  • for our final day in the city we decided to eat melon ASIS and super Dimas these

    在城市的最後一天,我們決定 吃瓜ASIS和超級迪瑪斯這些

  • are breaded cutlets the only difference is that one is made with veal and the

    麵包屑是唯一的區別 是用小牛肉製成的

  • other with chicken breast this is another classic Argentine dish that

    其他與雞胸肉這是 另一個經典的阿根廷菜

  • needs to be added to your bueno situs food tour when you visit we're going to

    需要添加到您的布宜諾斯艾利斯 美食之旅,當您訪問時,我們將

  • have meal an answer which is like a schnitzel or veal parmesan you know that

    吃飯就像一個答案 炸肉排或小牛肉帕瑪森,你知道

  • kind of bitch and they seem to be very very nice but not be you know like

    有點of子,他們似乎非常 非常好,但不是你知道嗎

  • they're so poor we leave one osiris tomorrow we're going to have a good

    他們是如此的可憐,我們只剩下一份 明天我們會很開心

  • milanesa with a glass of wine of course cheers guys Cheers

    米蘭妮莎當然要喝一杯酒 歡呼的傢伙

  • another day another glass of Malbec what else

    改天再喝一杯馬爾貝克 其他

  • winning Argentina eat the Malbec


  • and what are we drinking today Altos del Plata from bodega there la salle de los

    今天我們在喝什麼 博德加的普拉塔那裡洛杉磯

  • Andes not very old wine but it's a nice and page a wine a beautiful wine first

    安第斯山脈不是很老的酒,但是很好 並先將葡萄酒分裝成美麗的葡萄酒

  • of all the color the first thing I noticed about it it's almost like yeah

    所有顏色的第一件事 注意到它幾乎就像是

  • it's gonna it's gonna go great with the melon Aizaz and supreme us yeah alright

    它將與偉大的 瓜Aizaz和我們至高無上

  • me lenez's and supreme us have arrived you guys have been digging in yeah which

    我lenez和至高無上的我們已經到了 你們一直在挖

  • is made with chicken chicken breast yeah so it's very tender juicy meat no fat in

    是用雞胸肉製成的 所以它是非常嫩多汁的肉,沒有脂肪

  • there and it tends to be a thicker cut like a thicker thicker than the collet

    那裡,它往往是一個較厚的切口 就像比筒夾更厚

  • yeah I got it Napolitan style ham cheese

    是的 我拿到那不勒斯風格的火腿奶酪

  • tomato sauce oregano and they use option to choose our sites

    番茄醬牛至 他們使用選項來選擇我們的網站

  • it typically comes with your french fries but you can get a pumpkin puree or

    它通常隨您的法語一起提供 炸薯條,但您可以得到南瓜泥或

  • mashed potatoes and the portions are huge thank you

    土豆泥和部分是 非常感謝

  • I got the one that is made out of veal yeah it's a veal Milanese

    我有一個用小牛肉製成的 是的,這是小牛肉米蘭

  • but look at the beauty is that a meal oh wow that's a meal of Champions gee man

    但是看美女就是一頓飯哦 哇,那是Champions Gee Man的一餐

  • anyone you get only in Argentina I'm sorry to say look at the size of the

    你只在阿根廷得到的任何人我 不好意思說看一下尺寸

  • monster and the pace


  • we got we got we got a lot a lot of eating to do I recommend this 100%

    我們得到了我們得到了很多 吃東西我推薦這個100%

  • yeah it's a beauty this is kind of like a bow they want you know yeah it was all

    是的,這是一種美麗,就像 他們想要你知道的弓,是的

  • fashion restaurant that I've been here forever and they don't go to business

    我去過的時尚餐廳 永遠,他們不做生意

  • because of the quality of the meat and they pulled and everything they do and

    因為肉的質量和 他們拉了他們所做的一切,

  • they don't skimp on the portions no and that's how we feasted during our last

    他們不會跳過沒有的部分, 這就是我們在上一屆的盛宴

  • three days in Buenos Aires Argentina we also consumed plenty of Cafe con Leche Maria

    在阿根廷布宜諾斯艾利斯的三天 消耗了大量的咖啡館con Leche Maria

  • Lunas and ice cream which explains why we might have been a little heavier when

    Lunas和冰淇淋解釋了為什麼 我們可能會比以前重一些

  • we got back home and stepped on the scale but hey Argentina is a place where

    我們回到家踩了 規模,但嘿,阿根廷是一個地方

  • you come to eat but now let's travel back to Canada and say hello to togi

    你來吃飯,但現在我們去旅行 回到加拿大和togi打招呼

  • oh good morning good morning oh I will say it was a shorter flight than I

    哦,早上好,早上好,我會 說那班飛機比我短

  • expected 10 hours I thought we were in for 12 14

    預期 10個小時,我以為我們要去12 14

  • 15 who knows and it's not so bad it went by relatively quick how are you

    15誰知道,還不錯,它去了 相對快一點

  • I'm pretty beat up I feel the same way


  • luck struck me odd P sheets that was awesome and then you got you got an

    運氣打動了我奇怪的P床單 很棒,然後你得到了

  • extra seat - it's basically yeah and then B sheep in between all of us

    額外的座位-基本上是這樣, 然後B羊在我們所有人之間

  • yeah you could stretch a little bit more you know that makes all the difference

    是的,你可以再伸展一點 你知道這一切都不同

  • here's the real question will Togo be awake when we arrive no the thing is

    這才是真正的問題,多哥會成為 當我們到達時醒來,沒事

  • will totally be upset that he don't know he's gonna be happy

    完全不高興,他不知道 他會很高興

  • maybe I'll film the reaction so feed ourselves or if he doesn't really

    也許我會把反應拍下來 我們自己,或者如果他不是真的

  • excited because we spend


  • and that's a wrap for Argentina travel series hit subscribe and stay tuned for

    那是阿根廷旅行的包裹 系列熱門訂閱,敬請期待

  • new India videos coming soon


in today's video we're taking you on a little do-it-yourself food tour of

在今天的視頻中,我們帶您 自己動手做的美食之旅


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布宜諾斯艾利斯美食之旅 ?| 離開阿根廷前吃牛排、披薩 + 米蘭薩✈️。 (Buenos Aires FOOD TOUR ? | Eating STEAK, PIZZA + MILANESA Before Leaving Argentina ✈️)

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