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good morning good morning guys morning guys today is the day we've all been
waiting for we are redoing yesterday going back to
Cholila yes taking you to the Fiesta Nacional del Asado (Argentine National Asado Festival) yeah
this is the grand event the biggest argentine asado bbq and the most incredible
thing is that we talked to the people like the people who grill them the meat
and they said today is the day and it's actually happening pretty early in the
day there I think things let's start cooking at length of six seven in the
morning because the food has to be ready by 12:00 gonna be fantastic it's gonna
be a day to remember we're on our way no way
guys we are back first things first we need to show you the size of this asado
all the meat that is being cooked in front of us this it's all lamb we are
going to be having lots of cordero for lunch today you can feel the heat coming off the fire
smoke the aroma we're going to smell nice today though this is poppers
waiting for the asado this right here is the biggest barbecue festival and all of
Argentina known in Spanish as the Fiesta Nacional del asado this event takes
place in the town of Cholila and it is a celebration of Gaucho culture and its
cuisine which strongly revolves around grilled meat this Fiesta started out as
a provincial festival back in 1993 and it has since grown to become one of the
biggest national festivals in the country drawing visitors from all over
Argentina and the few international attendees as well over the course of
this festival grill masters barbecue some 10,000 kilos of beef 300 lambs and
400 chorizos it's a meat heavy event and definitely somewhere you want to
arrive with a big appetite
ie the reason I feel better
the barbecue was ready around noon and we had a few different options to choose
from chorizo which is sausage on a bun cordero which is lamb and
bife it which is a beef we tried a bit of everything and the portions were
massive definitely big enough to share between two
I apologize and we are you can also win an argentine asado they have prizes you can show
up here try your luck maybe you get a free lunch they're also asking everyone
status are you single are you married maybe you'll find a partner here who
knows comes to the party oh he has transformed into Gaucho Sam are you
kidding me what's over talking about
now you can get down to be on the outside juicy tons of flavor you can't
beat the way they prepares out 6:00 in the morning and we're having it at 1:00
p.m. but seven hours of preparation guys that's our nature taste
Grazia's Valentin por todo and of course we can't forget the dogs they spent the
day roaming the festival grounds and they were very well fed in fact some of
the dogs ate so much a barbeque that by the end of the day they weren't even
interested in a free bone
ha but on TV area we're out of our corn lap Eric was not impressive recuerden a
aldia illusio low supply so burritos it on Oprah shows
the men work the grill is all afternoon long feeding the fire and barbecuing the
meat these volunteers deserve a huge applause because cooking all that meat
is not an easy job you wouldn't believe what the heat was like standing next to
the grilling stations but they grilled all day long and fed thousands of people
now it is siesta time because we've had a lot of meat a lot of wine
I found a leftover but from different breakfast you're about a bottomless pit
well guys right now we are going to the Hina tiada to see some Gaucho culture in
action some horse demonstrations and I was woken up from my little nap
as you know if I have meat and I have wine I can't function so I'm kind of
drowsy half asleep but we don't want to miss the action cuz this is really quite
special so we are on our way you can already see lots of horses down there
yeah we'll see what this is all about we had a few fences to get in not very
the meat is obviously the major draw to the barbecue festival but another reason
to visit it is to watch the Hina Diana which is kind of like a rodeo
they had horse races bareback riding and all sorts of competition where the
Gauchos showcase their bravado
one lower that's what you have to go you fit you fit go Sam that's awesome
well now we're gonna take a little walk through the party ground and show you
some of the different food options that you have here as well as beverages and
desserts so you have lots of different stalls some of them are selling today is
french fries you name it they've got it here
lots of artisanal beers oh yeah what's a beard nice cake and you can get
raspberries with cream just raspberries aren't seasoned and of course this is in
addition to the argentine asado which is the starfish yeah
as you can see lots of food options especially if you're craving something
sweet midway through the afternoon
so we were just walking around the food section of the fair slash party here but
there's another section or you can also buy all kinds of souvenirs
knives leather goods jams cheese's salami but like fancy stuff to take home
not to eat on the spot so we're gonna go show you that it's on the other side of
the grounds well yeah it's been pretty cool so far we've really enjoyed it
we've tried a lot of food here listen there's lots of different styles of
music not just Argentine music from Patagonia but all over the country and
also music from all over Latin America really
aside from the artisanal market where they were selling all sorts of
handicrafts and handmade goods there was also a mini carnival for the children
they had different games and rides so it was an event for the whole family
and that was our day at the biggest Argentine barbecue festival here in the
town of Cholila Patagonia for any foodies out there let me just tell you that this is
one of many festivals dedicated to food and drink across the country there are
fiestas dedicated to wine beer salmon goats chocolate you name it
basically any excuse to eat and drink so if you'd like to see some more food
festivals covered here on this channel just let us know in the comments below
until next time


BIGGEST BBQ GRILL IN ARGENTINA! ?? | Epic Argentine Asado Festival in Patagonia

55 分類 收藏
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