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  • good morning good morning guys morning guys today is the day we've all been

    早上好,大家早上好 大家今天是我們所有人在一起的日子

  • waiting for we are redoing yesterday going back to

    等待 我們昨天要重做

  • Cholila yes taking you to the Fiesta Nacional del Asado (Argentine National Asado Festival) yeah

    Cholila是的,帶你去嘉年華 Nacional del Asado(阿根廷國家Asado節)

  • this is the grand event the biggest argentine asado bbq and the most incredible

    這是盛大的活動 最大的阿根廷asado燒烤和最不可思議的

  • thing is that we talked to the people like the people who grill them the meat

    事情是我們與人們交談 像烤肉的人

  • and they said today is the day and it's actually happening pretty early in the

    他們說今天是那天, 實際上發生在很早的時候

  • day there I think things let's start cooking at length of six seven in the

    那天我認為事情開始 煮六點七分

  • morning because the food has to be ready by 12:00 gonna be fantastic it's gonna

    早上因為必須準備食物 到12:00會很棒

  • be a day to remember we're on our way no way

    記住我們正在前進的一天 辦法

  • guys we are back first things first we need to show you the size of this asado

    伙計們,我們首先回到第一件事 需要告訴你這個asado的大小

  • all the meat that is being cooked in front of us this it's all lamb we are

    所有正在煮的肉 在我們面前,這是我們所有的羔羊

  • going to be having lots of cordero for lunch today you can feel the heat coming off the fire

    今天要吃很多的香腸 可以感覺到熱量從火中冒出來

  • smoke the aroma we're going to smell nice today though this is poppers

    抽出我們要聞到的香氣 今天很好,儘管這很流行

  • waiting for the asado this right here is the biggest barbecue festival and all of

    等待朝日,這就是這裡 最大的燒烤節

  • Argentina known in Spanish as the Fiesta Nacional del asado this event takes

    阿根廷以西班牙語稱為“嘉年華” Nacional del Asado此活動需要

  • place in the town of Cholila and it is a celebration of Gaucho culture and its

    地方在喬利拉鎮,這是一個 慶祝高喬文化及其

  • cuisine which strongly revolves around grilled meat this Fiesta started out as

    強烈圍繞的美食 這個嘉年華開始的烤肉

  • a provincial festival back in 1993 and it has since grown to become one of the

    1993年的一個省級節日, 從那以後,它已成為其中之一

  • biggest national festivals in the country drawing visitors from all over

    最大的民族節日 國家吸引來自各地的遊客

  • Argentina and the few international attendees as well over the course of

    阿根廷和少數國際 參加者以及

  • this festival grill masters barbecue some 10,000 kilos of beef 300 lambs and

    這個節日燒烤大師燒烤 約10,000公斤牛肉300只羔羊和

  • 400 chorizos it's a meat heavy event and definitely somewhere you want to

    400香腸,這是一件重肉事件 絕對是您想要的某個地方

  • arrive with a big appetite


  • ie the reason I feel better


  • the barbecue was ready around noon and we had a few different options to choose

    燒烤在中午左右準備好了, 我們有幾種選擇

  • from chorizo which is sausage on a bun cordero which is lamb and

    從香腸上的香腸 包子cordero是羊肉和

  • bife it which is a beef we tried a bit of everything and the portions were

    麵包,這是牛肉,我們嘗試了一下 所有的東西和部分是

  • massive definitely big enough to share between two

    絕對足夠大,足以分享 在兩個之間

  • I apologize and we are you can also win an argentine asado they have prizes you can show

    很抱歉,我們是您也可以贏 阿根廷asado他們有獎品可以顯示

  • up here try your luck maybe you get a free lunch they're also asking everyone

    在這裡試試運氣,也許你會得到一個 他們還問大家免費午餐

  • status are you single are you married maybe you'll find a partner here who

    你單身身份你結婚了嗎 也許你會在這裡找到一個夥伴

  • knows comes to the party oh he has transformed into Gaucho Sam are you

    知道參加聚會哦,他有 變成了高喬山姆嗎

  • kidding me what's over talking about


  • now you can get down to be on the outside juicy tons of flavor you can't

    現在你可以開始 外面多汁的噸你不能

  • beat the way they prepares out 6:00 in the morning and we're having it at 1:00

    擊敗他們在6:00準備的方式 早上,我們在1:00

  • p.m. but seven hours of preparation guys that's our nature taste

    下午,但是七個小時的準備工作 那是我們的自然品味

  • Grazia's Valentin por todo and of course we can't forget the dogs they spent the

    格拉齊亞的Valentin Por Todo,當然 我們不能忘記他們花的狗

  • day roaming the festival grounds and they were very well fed in fact some of

    漫遊節日的日子, 他們實際上吃得很飽

  • the dogs ate so much a barbeque that by the end of the day they weren't even

    狗吃了很多燒烤, 一天結束時他們甚至都沒有

  • interested in a free bone


  • ha but on TV area we're out of our corn lap Eric was not impressive recuerden a

    哈,但是在電視區,我們沒有玉米了 單圈埃里克並不令人印象深刻

  • aldia illusio low supply so burritos it on Oprah shows

    aldia illusio供應不足,所以墨西哥捲餅它 在奧普拉秀上

  • the men work the grill is all afternoon long feeding the fire and barbecuing the

    男人在整個下午工作 長時間餵養火和燒烤

  • meat these volunteers deserve a huge applause because cooking all that meat

    這些志願者值得一試 鼓掌,因為煮所有的肉

  • is not an easy job you wouldn't believe what the heat was like standing next to

    你簡直不容易 站在旁邊的熱量是什麼樣的

  • the grilling stations but they grilled all day long and fed thousands of people

    燒烤站,但他們烤 一整天,養活了成千上萬人

  • now it is siesta time because we've had a lot of meat a lot of wine

    現在是午休時間,因為我們有 很多肉很多酒

  • I found a leftover but from different breakfast you're about a bottomless pit

    我發現剩菜剩飯了 早餐你是一個無底洞

  • well guys right now we are going to the Hina tiada to see some Gaucho culture in

    好傢伙,現在我們要去 Hina tiada參觀了一些高喬文化

  • action some horse demonstrations and I was woken up from my little nap

    行動一些馬游行,我 從我的小睡中醒來

  • as you know if I have meat and I have wine I can't function so I'm kind of

    如你所知我有肉,我有 酒我不能正常工作,所以我有點

  • drowsy half asleep but we don't want to miss the action cuz this is really quite

    睡著了半half睡,但我們不想 想念動作,因為這真的很

  • special so we are on our way you can already see lots of horses down there

    很特別,所以我們在路上您可以 已經在那兒看到很多馬了

  • yeah we'll see what this is all about we had a few fences to get in not very

    是的,我們將看到這是關於我們的一切 有幾個柵欄不太容易進入

  • funny


  • okay


  • Oh

  • the meat is obviously the major draw to the barbecue festival but another reason

    肉顯然是吸引人的主要食物 燒烤節,但另一個原因

  • to visit it is to watch the Hina Diana which is kind of like a rodeo

    參觀它是看Hina Diana 有點像牛仔競技表演

  • they had horse races bareback riding and all sorts of competition where the

    他們有騎馬的騎馬比賽, 各種各樣的比賽

  • Gauchos showcase their bravado


  • one lower that's what you have to go you fit you fit go Sam that's awesome

    下一個就是你必須走的 你適合,你去適合Sam,很棒

  • well now we're gonna take a little walk through the party ground and show you

    好了,我們要走一點路 通過聚會現場,向您展示

  • some of the different food options that you have here as well as beverages and

    一些不同的食物選擇 你在這裡還有飲料和

  • desserts so you have lots of different stalls some of them are selling today is

    甜點,所以你有很多不同 他們今天賣的一些攤位是

  • french fries you name it they've got it here

    你說的炸薯條他們有 在這裡

  • lots of artisanal beers oh yeah what's a beard nice cake and you can get

    很多手工啤酒哦是的 鬍子不錯的蛋糕,你可以得到

  • raspberries with cream just raspberries aren't seasoned and of course this is in

    覆盆子奶油只是覆盆子 沒有經驗,當然這是

  • addition to the argentine asado which is the starfish yeah

    除了阿根廷asado這是 是海星

  • as you can see lots of food options especially if you're craving something

    如您所見,有很多食物可供選擇 特別是如果您想吃點東西

  • sweet midway through the afternoon

    甜 下午中途

  • so we were just walking around the food section of the fair slash party here but

    所以我們只是在食物周圍走來走去 公平砍殺黨的一部分在這裡,但

  • there's another section or you can also buy all kinds of souvenirs

    還有另一部分,或者您也可以 購買各種紀念品

  • knives leather goods jams cheese's salami but like fancy stuff to take home

    刀皮革製品果醬奶酪的 薩拉米香腸,但喜歡帶回家的奇特的東西

  • not to eat on the spot so we're gonna go show you that it's on the other side of

    不要當場吃所以我們要去 告訴你它在另一邊

  • the grounds well yeah it's been pretty cool so far we've really enjoyed it

    很好,是的,這很漂亮 到目前為止很酷,我們真的很喜歡

  • we've tried a lot of food here listen there's lots of different styles of

    我們在這裡嘗試了很多食物 有很多不同的風格

  • music not just Argentine music from Patagonia but all over the country and

    音樂不僅來自阿根廷音樂 巴塔哥尼亞,但遍布全國和

  • also music from all over Latin America really

    還有來自拉丁美洲各地的音樂 真

  • aside from the artisanal market where they were selling all sorts of

    除了手工市場, 他們賣各種

  • handicrafts and handmade goods there was also a mini carnival for the children

    那裡的手工藝品 也是孩子們的迷你狂歡節

  • they had different games and rides so it was an event for the whole family

    他們有不同的比賽和遊樂設施,所以 是全家的盛事

  • and that was our day at the biggest Argentine barbecue festival here in the

    那是我們最大的一天 在這裡的阿根廷燒烤節

  • town of Cholila Patagonia for any foodies out there let me just tell you that this is

    Cholila Patagonia小鎮,適合任何美食家 我只告訴你這是

  • one of many festivals dedicated to food and drink across the country there are

    眾多美食節之一 和全國各地的飲料

  • fiestas dedicated to wine beer salmon goats chocolate you name it

    嘉年華致力於葡萄酒啤酒三文魚 你叫它山羊巧克力

  • basically any excuse to eat and drink so if you'd like to see some more food

    基本上有任何藉口吃喝所以 如果你想再吃點東西

  • festivals covered here on this channel just let us know in the comments below

    此頻道涵蓋的節日 請在下面的評論中告訴我們

  • until next time


good morning good morning guys morning guys today is the day we've all been

早上好,大家早上好 大家今天是我們所有人在一起的日子


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