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  • Just a two hour flight from New York or one hour flight from Atlanta,

    與紐約相距 2 小時航程,距離亞特蘭大僅 1 小時航程,

  • Myrtle Beach is the jewel of the Grand Strand, a string of seaside towns that run down the South Carolina coastline.


  • Sandwiched between the Atlantic rollers and the calm waters of the Intracoastal Waterway, Myrtle Beach has grown from a rural backwater into a city, which attracts millions of visitors annually, many of whom return year after year.


  • In Myrtle Beach, all footsteps lead toward the sand, all 60 miles of it.

    在美特爾海灘,眼見所及皆是沙灘綿延近 97 公里!

  • Don't let those millions of visitors put you off.


  • Here, you'll always find space to spread out your towel.


  • Myrtle Beach is not one but many fabulous beaches, each with its own blend of Southern seaside charm.


  • From the downtown, followed the sands to North Myrtle's Cherry Grove Beach, where the skyline of gleaming condos softens into a pastel haze of classic beach houses.


  • Just south of the downtown is Myrtle Beach State Park, where beachcombers can enjoy a mellow slice of undeveloped coastline.


  • Whichever beach you choose, you'll discover classic peers all along the coast, special places which hang in the space between terra firma, and the wild blue beyond.


  • Another place that bridges earth and sea is the Myrtle Beach boardwalk.

    另一個陸海接壤處是 「美特爾海灘木板路」,

  • Follow the mile long boardwalk through the entertainment district, which lights up with a special magic when the sun gets low.

    這座長達 1.6 公里的木板路 沿途經過娛樂區,在黃昏時分點亮了驚人魔法。

  • Of course, no all-American boardwalk would be complete without an old school wooden roller coaster.


  • So climb aboard the Swamp Fox, which has been rattling the nerves of holiday-makers since 1966.

    搭上「沼澤狐狸」,這座雲霄飛車自 1966 年開始營業嚇破了不少遊客的膽。

  • Just a few blocks back from the waterfront is Broadway at the Beach, where you'll find even more ways to soar through the air, get sugared up, and learn more about this incredible blue planet of ours.


  • While Myrtle Beach offers plenty of fun fairs, water parks and family attractions,


  • one form of fun reigns supreme. With over 50 miniature golf courses, many of which received mind-blowing $1,000,000 makeovers each year,

    這裡設有超過 50 座迷你高爾夫球場,當中許多球場每年耗資百萬美元進行整修,

  • Myrtle Beach is the undisputed putt-putt capital of the universe.

    美特爾海灘做為世上的 「推桿之都」,當之無愧。

  • When it comes to full-size golf courses, Myrtle Beach also hits a hole in one.


  • The city offers 100 quality golf courses, many designed by some of the games' legends and nearly all of which opened their daily tee sheets to visitors.

    這裡有 100 多座高品質球場。當中的許多設計還是出自高球名家之手,幾乎每座球場每日均開放給遊客打球。

  • As you'd expect the fairways at Myrtle Beach are never far from the water.


  • At the end of a day of beach-combing, thrill-seeking, and divot-digging, sit down to a platter of some of the freshest seafood on the East Coast.


  • Then, make tracks to the House of Blues or the acclaimed Carolina Opry for a night of pure toe-tapping Americana.


  • After a night on the town, you'll find plenty of shady green spaces in and around Myrtle Beach to ease into the new day.


  • Be sure to stop by Warbird Park, dedicated to the men and women who served in Myrtle Beach Air Force Base between 1954 and its closure in 1993.

    別忘了造訪「戰鳥公園」,這座公園旨在紀念在 1954 至 1993 年間於「美特爾海灘空軍基地」服務的飛官。

  • Hoist your mainsail and tack south to Murrells Inlet, which was once the layer of pirates and plunderers like Black Beard and Drunken Jack.


  • After taking in the half mile Marsh Walk at Murrells,

    一瞥默雷爾港長達 805 公尺的木板路,

  • continue south to Huntington Beach State Park, which offers miles of pristine dunes and some of the South's finest birdwatching.


  • The park is the generous legacy of the Huntington's who built their winter retreat here.


  • Explore the courtyards of Atalaya Castle, where Anna Hyatt Huntington, a giant of 20th-century sculpture, created many of her greatest works.

    探索「阿塔拉亞城堡」庭園景觀,20 世紀的偉大雕塑家安娜·凱悅·亨廷頓在此創作其偉大作品。

  • Then, just across the highway, visit Brook Green Gardens, which showcases works by Huntington as well as other renowned American sculptors. Spend an afternoon exploring this 9000-acre nature retreat built atop the rice and indigo fields, which once dominated the South Carolina coast.

    造訪與公路相望的布魯克格林花園,這裡展出亨廷頓的作品,以及其他美國知名雕塑大師的巧藝,於午後探索這個占地 3650 公頃的天然居所,南卡羅萊納沿岸曾以稻米和靛藍染料維生,如今這座建築矗立在往日種植田上。

  • To learn more about low country plantation life, head to Hobcaw Barony


  • and take a reflective walk through the eerie stillness of Friendfield and immaculately preserved slave village from the 18 hundreds.

    穿過其中的佛倫德村,感受其詭譎寧靜。這裡在 1800 年代是奴隸村,至今保存良好。

  • Just a few miles down the road, call into the Hopsewee Plantation,


  • and explore the plantation house whose heart pine floorboards have been softly creaking under the footsteps of residents and guests since 1740.

    這座種植園建於 1740 年,此處歷史悠久,有許多居民和遊客造訪,使得心松木製地板在腳下咿嘎作響。

  • Whether it's venturing through the past, strolling the boardwalks or walking the greens,


  • it's a rare place that slows our footsteps, allowing us to share life's moments with family and friends.


  • Sometimes footsteps represent a single journey.


  • Other times they are retraced over and over.


  • Once you've felt the sand of Myrtle Beach between your toes,


  • you might just join the many who make the journey here time and time again.


Just a two hour flight from New York or one hour flight from Atlanta,

與紐約相距 2 小時航程,距離亞特蘭大僅 1 小時航程,


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