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well hello hello guys and welcome to Finca Adalgisa
over the next two days we're going to be staying at this wine hotel winery and
vineyard about 25 minutes outside of downtown mendoza argentina and let me tell you
this place is a little slice of paradise they have vineyards right on site that
you can wander through old olive trees and it's just a beautiful peaceful
escape so we're gonna be sharing our stay with you there's going to be a lot
of wine involved and we hope you stick around and enjoy it with us
alright guys so now we're going for a little walk through the vineyards and
let me mention this place is a fourth-generation vineyard and winery
what you see here is all Malbec in Mendoza Argentina they just plant one type of grape and the
vines are over 100 years old also I should mention they only make 5,000
bottles of wine per year so this is some pretty exclusive stuff if you want to
try the wines from Finca Adalgisa so who's feeling ready for some wine
every day this one every day this other one every day as well wine anybody yes
these one is saying okay
so you get a complimentary glass of wine every night and a complimentary
appetizer every night I have I always have cereal at first yes swirling the
wine you know I love the color this one it's like a ruby red yeah is it it's a
2008 eleven years old from here from here of course lining very nice aroma no
so refreshing I should also mention this is something that guests get to enjoy
every single night 6 p.m. if you're staying here you drop by for your glass
of wine a little appetizer and just enjoy oh yeah so today we are having
stop us with her wine and we've got these lovely little sliders that arrive
got one with avocado tomato onions another with a grilled eggplant goat
cheese we also have basil cherry tomatoes more cheese coarse salt it's
all looks wonderful and we're starting again so we get well
I can tell you is that they look go ahead and try them try them guys
dholu it's nicer than that I love the olive oil on this yeah yeah
extraordinary flavor I'm already separated with olive oil
yeah well is this the olive oil you've been looking for because you're on a
quest for olive oil yeah it's not it's not he still still looking for olive oil
okay looking for that the holy grail of olive oil and I cannot find it
but I will I just took a big bite out of this one I can tell Sam's gonna love it
yeah because it feels like taking a bite of an Italian pizza diesel I'm craving
pportunity matzah pizza is on my mind
does having eggplant with goat cheese pig blend with goat cheese mm-hmm this
is going to be good I can I can feel it already I'm saving that one for last
how's that yeah look at that the miracle happened what a beauty yeah
we were done with the first course yeah and the girl came over and she says here
we have another another bottle for you guys and her eyes lit up like a
Christmas tree don't believe it and I think it was a little bit of a telepathy
we stood with our mind right here
turns out the buscetta was just the appetizer the tapas hadn't even started
so now we're talking now the food's here come get a closer
look of everything we've got pull to it different types of salami sausage the
spicy chili someone has like a peppery perimeter
Spanish for different types of cheese we have almonds raisins grapes homemade
bread yes olive oil the olive oil is from the Finca Adalgisa they've
got olive trees they'll spread out in between the vines so I don't know that
the baby yeah that's it isn't where we staying put tonight yeah and we're gonna
demolish everything boys I can guarantee it let's get after it
I'm tasting the olive oil just with a little bit of bread that just came out
of the oven it's nice on one mm-hmm that good mm real olive oil where
hundred percent fewer Wow fantastic food we're eating here Wow
more food has arrived at the table we are now moving on to the grilled veggies
this is way more than we thought was coming
we did not pace ourselves no it's like oh we have soup this is enough for four
persons yep with an appetite I mean people did not eat all day long
for four of us for people with nothing since breakfast yeah then you can
consume the amount of food that they are bringing you here we've got like
eggplant yeah this looks like a type of pumpkin no onions tomatoes broccoli
carrots zucchini that's nice Oh God good stuff it's uh grilled to perfection yeah
that's all I can say very good all right we gotta
can I finish this I got a I got a dilemma
I don't have room for everything see there the soup or the wine I gotta wait
it I think he's gonna say go for the wine
we know the answer to that one
well good morning good morning guys rise and shine cup of coffee to wake us
up yeah we've got pastries cakes fruit eggs coming I'll fail late so a huge
spread so we went for the scrambled eggs with cheese wha
voila but I feel like we really need to admire Sam's omelette guys which is a
bohemian you made a mistake you got the best one for sure he ordered with
everything they really not only had you know the ruler we looked like an
aircraft carrier and yep just gonna eat something light and enjoy and then we're
off to explore we're gonna be visiting a sister Bodega Furlotti not too far from here so
that's the plan for today
and now time for a tour of La Vega food la fée
it'll be okay elaborado each day a new regime do I see any ah it's no
colloquial axiom for a tiempo an evolution and we if we select a cell for
example of vehicle and your box it smells very nice it's almost like fruity
flavor like berries horse berries or raspberries like a raspberry type of
thing it has a beautiful color as well
well well somebody here got upgraded to a very special room the star of the show
hey VIP or VIP you demand right okay the tour of your new home you are here this
is going to be my headquarters the next night yeah a day and a half
yeah so we start here you know this is like a little living room we have the
fireplace it's a nice fireplace yeah which ooh woods already in there by the
way he's not a fake this one works with the firewood yeah
it's not a gas-operated fireplace it's a wood-burning fireplace beautiful stone
walls and wooden beams ceilings we have a nice area where you can sit down if
you wanna read a book or something and check out that chair that's like fit
for a king yes teacher wait by the fireplace fireplace we're a roaring fire
that's it so yeah once we are out of this area we have a little passageway
that brings us to a powder room yeah okay these one has no shower and it made
this small it's just a small powder room we're going well which brings us into
the bedroom the master bedroom look at look at that ceiling there the king-size
bed all the wood beams and it is huge right yeah be something or what and then
we come to this area okay biggest bathroom I've ever seen here you've got
the shower a walk-in shower look at that yeah these are the pool
double sink double sink and then you have the toilet area right here the
second toilet yes there's I don't think you need anything else than this yeah
this is going to be the room for tonight
it is wine o'clock let's go partake we are once again arriving early because
wine can't to miss out on that wine
here we are again with a new wine this one is from Bodegas Furlotti where we went
this morning for the tour it's a mile big 2014 beautiful color you know that
color we were talking about this morning I was like ooh this looks like berries
or raspberries that's what we're having right here it's gonna be good for the
barbecue last night yes all argent i'm perfectly fishes are good a little bit
heavier yes done what we call a fly but we need we need that yeah it's going to
go extremely good with the the mean with the barbecue yeah definitely
alright guys so tonight is asado night here at Finca Adalgisa
that means barbecue and the fire is already going they're starting to cook
the meat so yeah it is looking wonderful I believe we are nine guests tonight
we're gonna be sitting at a communal table and just sharing a wonderful meal
together a good wine good conversation in Mendoza Argentina so I'm really looking forward to this
it'll be fun to actually meet the other guests because there's so much space
here that everyone's like really spread out so yeah it's gonna be a fun evening


Staying at WINE HOTEL in MENDOZA, Argentina ? | Wine Tasting at FINCA ADALGISA + BODEGA FURLOTTI

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