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  • Hi guys my name is Fanni. Welcome to this series on communication problems.

  • And in this video, I'm gonna talk to you about the importance of pronunciation in English.

  • Especially the difference between long sounds and short sounds.

  • Why? Because in English there are a lot of words that are almost the same except

  • that one has a long sound one has a short sound.

  • And they have completely different meaning.

  • know... depending on the length of the sound.

  • So let me just give you a simple example.

  • If you say, "beach".

  • You know what a beach is right?

  • You go on holiday. You like going to the beach.

  • And does not have the same meaning as b!tch.

  • And you know forgive me for saying the word but and...

  • It doesn't have the same meaning.

  • And it's actually a very rude word, so you should be very careful.

  • And... I have a story about that which is quite funny.

  • It wasn't funny at the time but now it's funny actually.

  • And when I taught English in France,

  • I had a student once in my classroom,

  • And you know I was explaining ..ummm.. I think you know some grammar or something

  • And he was clearly distracted.

  • So I got really angry and I said, "Hey! What are you doing?"

  • And he said, "Oh oh madam I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm searching my sh!t."

  • Umm... so two mistakes.

  • First mistake - he forgot the preposition 'for'.

  • Ok. So 'search for'.

  • But that's ok.

  • I understand that.

  • But he said, "sh!t".

  • And he actually meant 'sheet'.

  • - for you know a piece of paper.

  • I didn't get it. And I got really angry, you know.

  • And he didn't understand why I was getting angry.

  • And I said, "You can't say that word," you know.

  • And what does he even mean? "Searching your sh!t."

  • I mean that's getting really weird.

  • And and so then he understand he was like, "No, no, no."

  • I mean, you know, he showed me a piece of paper.

  • As I said, "That's not 'sh!t', that's 'sheet'. Okay.

  • So yeah I think he got really stressed out because he didn't know why I was getting angry.

  • And I didn't know what he was talking about.

  • So I think you should really - you should be careful.

  • Because you know, - long sound, short sound -

  • It's sometimes it's a different word with a completely different meaning.

  • And if the word that you're saying is rude, is rude, then, you know, it's quite annoying.

  • So just be careful, okay?

  • So thanks for watching and see you in the next video.

  • Thank you guys for watching my video.

  • I hope you've liked it.

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Hi guys my name is Fanni. Welcome to this series on communication problems.


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sh!t vs sheet | 英語交流問題。 (sh!t vs sheet | English Communication Problems)

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