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  • well good morning guys and greetings from Mendoza Argentina today it's going to be an

    大家早上好,問候 今天從阿根廷門多薩出發

  • wine-free day at least that's the plan

    無酒 至少這是計劃

  • no vineyards no wineries no bodegas no wine no one number one we had all agreed

    沒有葡萄園,沒有釀酒廠,沒有酒窖,沒有 酒,沒有一個我們都同意的

  • to this no wine instead if we are going to explore the city do some sightseeing and attractions

    如果我們要去這沒有酒 探索城市做一些觀光景點

  • around Mendoza Argentina maybe find a pool ball day long to where we can have some peace

    阿根廷門多薩(Mendoza)周邊可能找到一個撞球 一天到我們可以有一些和平的地方

  • be Argentine pasta but no wine lovely breakfast in front of us we came to a cafe probably

    成為阿根廷麵食,但不提供美酒佳餚 我們前面的我們可能去了一家咖啡館

  • wanna feed in light because yesterday was what would the brandy I'm gluttonous

    想餵光,因為昨天 那是我glut的白蘭地

  • today that describe that subscribe almost every day in the last week the

    今天描述那個訂閱 上週幾乎每天

  • whole trip can they trip more or less


  • today is Deepak no wine it's gonna be a hard long day but the only good thing is

    今天是迪帕克沒有酒,它將是一個 辛苦的漫長一天,但唯一的好處是

  • only 24 hours right now we'll go back to the old ways let me go back to the way

    現在只有24小時,我們將回到 舊的方式讓我回到原來的方式

  • beautiful morning to be out now that we've had our breakfast we are walking

    現在要出去的美麗的早晨 我們吃了早餐,我們正在走

  • along by the kitchen at a San martín a massive park in the West End of the city

    在聖馬丁的廚房旁 城市西端的大型公園

  • and it's just stunning like we have palm trees and Gardens

    就像我們擁有手掌一樣令人驚嘆 樹木和花園

  • you have walking trails there's people like biking jogging just to working out

    你有步行道,那裡的人 就像騎自行車慢跑只是為了鍛煉

  • in general we also just went past ever got a club there's a few people rowing

    總的來說,我們也過去了 有一個俱樂部,有人在划船

  • there's like this long narrow Lagoon and you can see mountains often the horizon

    就像這條狹長的潟湖, 你經常可以看到群山地平線

  • and it's just very relaxing we were also here on our first day I mean I came for

    而且很放鬆,我們也 我們第一天來到這裡是為了

  • a walk after sunset so very nice place what do you think what I think it's a

    日落後散步很不錯的地方 你怎麼看我認為這是

  • beautiful beautiful Park it's amazing to see the different varieties of trees and

    美麗而美麗的公園 看到不同種類的樹木和

  • palm trees and the weather in this province is so mild that they are able

    棕櫚樹和天氣 省太溫和了

  • to prosper here and yeah nice quiet it's a beautiful day I mean the weather

    在這裡繁榮,是的,很安靜 美好的一天,我的意思是天氣

  • couldn't be better not a cloud in the sky not even one that's the reason why

    沒有比這更好的了 連天空都不是的原因

  • this Mendoza province is called the province of the Sun sunshine and the

    這個門多薩省被稱為 日照省

  • good wine great for visiting we've had great weather

    很好的葡萄酒,我們去過的 好天氣

  • so we are now visiting a top attraction monument that pays homage to the crossing of the Andes

    所以我們現在正在參觀一個最吸引人的紀念碑 向穿越安第斯山脈致敬

  • the name is called the cerro de la gloria mount of glory mounted glory it's

    這個名字叫塞羅德拉 榮耀的榮耀山榮耀的榮耀

  • a monument that was created to commemorate the army of the Andes yeah

    創建於 紀念安第斯山脈的軍隊

  • this is the army that was created by general san martin to go across the

    這是由 聖馬丁將軍穿過

  • Andes and to fight into Chile and later on proof for the independence of these

    安第斯山脈並與智利抗衡 這些獨立性的證明

  • countries from Spain yeah the minion of Spain yeah the

    西班牙國家 是的,西班牙的奴才,是的

  • colonial Spain the monument has a few different like panel sections they

    西班牙殖民地紀念碑上有一些 他們像面板部分不同

  • represent different things for instance this panel where we're standing right

    代表不同的事物 我們正站在這個面板上

  • now represent the first weapons manufacturers in the Argentinian soil a

    現在代表第一批武器 阿根廷土壤製造商

  • priest that you see over there like her name is Trey Lewis Beltran and he was a

    像她這樣的神父 名字是Trey Lewis Beltran,他是一個

  • person in charge of the armoury and what you see here is their manufacturing

    軍械庫負責人以及什麼 你看這裡是他們的製造業

  • cannon and swords and spears getting ready because this was the area where

    大砲和劍矛越來越 準備好了,因為這是那裡

  • San martín assembled his army yeah Ross the end is here and AUSA so here is of

    聖馬丁集結了軍隊羅斯 終點在這裡,而AUSA在這裡是

  • course the area where they also had to prepare all the weaponry and and

    當然他們也必須去的地方 準備所有武器,並

  • manufacture as much as they could because it was an army that was built

    盡可能多地製造 因為那是一支建起來的軍隊

  • from scratch the Andes are right here yeah okay they cross over the mountains

    從零開始,安第斯山脈就在這裡 是的,他們越過山脈

  • and then they face the Spanish army in Chile they defeated the Spaniards in

    然後他們面對西班牙軍隊 他們在智利擊敗了西班牙人

  • Chile and then when northern superior Bible Oh bye see ya and then they fought

    智利再北方時 聖經哦,再見,然後他們戰鬥了

  • the Spaniards also in Peruvian soil and they liberated Lima and there's a lot

    西班牙人也在秘魯的土壤和 他們解放了利馬,有很多

  • more symbolism as you walk around like we have lady

    當您四處走動時會有更多的象徵意義 我們有女士

  • there's Lady Liberty breaking the chains on top you can also see Hannah de San

    自由女神打破了鎖鏈 在頂部您還可以看到Hannah de San

  • martín on his horse at the front of the monument and here you have a detailed

    馬丁騎著馬在前面 紀念碑,在這裡您有詳細的

  • account of the forces infantry mm 795 cavalry 742 militia 1200 and miners

    步兵部隊毫米 795騎兵742民兵1200和礦工

  • 120 so it wasn't a huge army no I don't decide you have a condor over there

    120所以這不是一支龐大的軍隊,不,我不是 決定你在那邊有禿鷹

  • that it represents that the Condor is the master of the NBC oh yeah yeah thank

    代表神鷹是 NBC的主人哦,是的,謝謝

  • you for that history lesson that you shared with us and other visitors 3boy3

    你在那個歷史課上 與我們和其他訪客共享3boy3

  • booth


  • massive


  • salut Argentinian pastas have arrived how are they


  • mine are stuck with spinach ricotta and it's got a lot of fillings they're like

    我被菠菜乳清乾酪卡住了 他們有很多餡料

  • free stuff creeps yeah yeah that's how my mom packed with spinach hope I would

    是免費的東西,是的,是的 我媽媽擠滿了菠菜,希望我能

  • approve I would approve how's yours mine is good yeah I almost choked do

    批准我會批准你的 我的好,是的,我差點cho了

  • that before yeah VIN yogi they are made with a potato and recorded cheese oh

    在是VIN瑜伽士之前 配土豆和芝士哦

  • they're out of the world super good super good super good Wow I

    他們出世了 超級好超級好超級好哇我

  • got sorentino's and I haven't tried them but I'm going to right now sobbing

    有索倫蒂諾的,我沒有嘗試過 但我現在要抽泣

  • penile quarantine laws these are like giant ravioli is a specialty of

    陰莖檢疫法,就像 巨型餛飩是

  • Argentina might have four cheese's inside and I put parmesan on top because

    阿根廷可能有四種奶酪 在裡面,我把帕瑪森放在上面,因為

  • you know what when you have the option of five cheese there may be some ham

    你知道什麼時候可以選擇 五種奶酪中可能會有一些火腿

  • let's try it why not


  • oh my gosh that's cheesy goodness all of the pasta here is homemade it's freshly

    哦,天哪,這真是俗氣 這裡的麵食是自製的,是新鮮的

  • made everyday our server told us that it varies a very high quality popular hair

    使服務器每天都告訴我們 改變高質量的流行發

  • place and we got a dessert


  • this one over here initiated so we are having both may be haunted which is a

    這個在這裡發起,所以我們是 兩者都可能被困擾

  • sweet potato with cheese like a gym like a creamy cheese good damn it Julian

    甘藷和奶酪像健身房一樣 奶油奶酪,該死的朱利安

  • no it is good I'm stuff but I have food man it is the Atlantic means like a

    不,很好,我有東西,但是我有食物 男人,這是大西洋的意思像

  • policeman


well good morning guys and greetings from Mendoza Argentina today it's going to be an

大家早上好,問候 今天從阿根廷門多薩出發


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