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  • Tokyo is Japan's capital, most populated metropolis, and also boasts more cherry blossom-viewing

    東京是日本首都 也是日本人口最多的大都會

  • hotspots than anywhere else in the country.


  • Nestled amid its giant buildings and winding expressways are a plethora of parks, gardens,

    日本國內有許多坐落於高樓大廈或 蜿蜒公路間的公園 庭園 樹蔭道 河堤

  • tree-lined lanes and riverbanks that offer some of the best sakura experiences in all Japan.


  • Visitors from around the world flock to Tokyo each spring to take in the beautiful blossoms.

    每年春季 來自世界各地的遊客湧入東京 欣賞櫻花所帶來的春季爛漫

  • In the average year, the peak of sakura season occurs during one week in early April.


  • However depending on temperatures in the preceding weeks, the peak can start in late March or


  • last into mid April.


  • It is also worth mentioning that due to the variety of cherry trees found throughout the

    此外 由於東京都內的櫻花種類眾多

  • city, even if you are visiting a few weeks on either side of this zone, you should still


  • be able to find a few blossoms.


  • With so many spots to choose from, we thought we'd make planning your perfect, petal-filled

    由於賞櫻景點選擇眾多 我們以下為您介紹東京十大賞櫻景點

  • trip a little easier by giving a quick rundown of our Top 10 cherry blossom locations in Tokyo.


  • Number 10: Koishikawa Botanical Garden

    第10名 小石川植物園

  • Belonging to the prestigious Tokyo University,


  • Koishikawa Botanical Garden is home to thousands of varieties of trees and plants as well as


  • a beautiful landscape garden.


  • During spring it doesn't get as crowded as other popular sakura spots around the city,


  • making for a pleasant atmosphere for visitors to enjoy the blossoms.


  • Numer 9: The Meguro River

    第9名 目黑川

  • The Meguro River is an attractive canal lined


  • with hundreds of cherry trees and a plethora of shops and cafes in one of the capital's

    河川兩岸並列著上百棵櫻花樹 還有不少商店和咖啡館

  • hippest neighborhoods.


  • During peak season, the many bridges which span the waterway provide picturesque views

    每年春季 河上的每條橋都被櫻花圍繞

  • of the river crowded by pink petals so don't forget to bring your camera.

    請前來的旅客一定要記得攜帶相機 捕捉這美麗的浪漫春景

  • Number 8: Koishikawa Korakuen

    第8名 小石川後樂園

  • Among Tokyo's prettiest traditional gardens,


  • Koishikawa Korakuen is particularly famous for its weeping cherry trees, which take center


  • stage in spring among the park's many other picturesque features.

    此外 園內還有許多如詩如畫的景觀

  • Number 7: Asukayama Park

    第7名 飛鳥山公園

  • This hilltop park in the north of the city


  • has been popular as an atmospheric hanami spot since the Edo Period and still attracts


  • a large number of cherry blossom lovers of all ages even now.

    壯麗的櫻花美景總是吸引 大批遊客爭相到訪

  • Number 6: Yoyogi Park

    第6名 代代木公園

  • One of the city's more well-known parks.


  • Yoyogi sits across the street from the stylish Harajuku neighborhood and directly next to


  • the famous Meiji Shrine.


  • This expansive park is a hotspot for hanami parties, having enough space for a lively


  • atmosphere to prevail here throughout the season.


  • Number 5: Showa Kinenkoen

    第5名 昭和紀念公園

  • With over a thousand trees, this huge, family-friendly

    公園位在東京西部 車程約需30分鐘

  • park is located 30 minutes west of Tokyo.

    寬敞的園內種植了上千棵樹木 同時也是著名的親子公園

  • The abundant blossoms here typically bloom a few days later than those in central Tokyo,

    園內有大量的櫻花樹 開花期通常比東京都內更晚幾天

  • making the park popular with those who missed hanami downtown.


  • Aside from the cherry blossoms, the park also boasts other beautiful flowers and a variety

    除了櫻花之外 園內還有各種不同花卉

  • of facilities and amenities.


  • Number 4: Sumida Park

    第4名 隅田公園

  • During spring the walking paths along the


  • shores of this picturesque river become lined with pink petals.


  • Located only a short walk from the famous Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Sumida park is


  • an ideal place for visitors to take in views of the iconic Tokyo Skytree framed by cherry blossoms.

    旅客可以在隅田公園欣賞到 櫻花環繞的東京晴空塔景色

  • Number 3: Chidorigafuchi

    第3名 千鳥淵

  • One of the most photogenic sakura spots in


  • the city, Chidorigafuchi consists of a path alongside the sakura-lined moat of former


  • Edo Castle just west of the Imperial Palace.


  • For a fee, visitors can even rent a rowboat to paddle around in the old moat.


  • This atmospheric area makes for a charming petal-filled stroll both during the day, and


  • also in the evening during nightly illuminations..


  • Lastly, the nearby Yasukuni Shrine is home to hundreds more cherry trees, including Tokyo's

    此外 距離不遠的靖國神社內 也種植了大量的櫻花樹

  • representative tree, which the meteorological agency uses to determine the state of the


  • sakura season for the entire city.


  • Number 2: Ueno Park

    第2名 上野公園

  • Ueno Park is the most renowned party spot

    上野公園是東京櫻花季時 最著名的賞櫻派對地點

  • in all of Tokyo during sakura season, and is a true hanami haven packed with vistiors


  • enjoying the festivities both in the upper section where the wide central walking path

    包括園內較上方的健行步道 及下方的不忍池公園附近

  • is located and also around Shinobazu Pond in the lower section.


  • The park's paths are lined with hundreds of cherry trees, and it's recommended to


  • get here early if you intend to get a place under one.

    想在櫻花樹下賞花的遊客 可得提早前往佔位

  • Number1: Shinjuku Gyoen

    第1名 新宿御苑

  • This large, family-friendly park stands as


  • a natural oasis in one of Tokyo's busiest districts.

    這座寬敞的公園宛如都內天然綠洲 非常適合親子同遊

  • This peaceful park boasts over one thousand cherry trees which span a range of species


  • and bloom at different times during the season, making Shinjuku Gyoen a great place to visit

    涵蓋開花期各自相異的不同花種 這使得新宿御苑魅力加倍

  • for blossom enthusiasts who are in town a little before or after peak season.

    都內開花期間的前後 遊客都還能前來欣賞櫻花美景

  • One point to be aware of is that the park doesn't allow alcohol inside and so is not


  • a good option for visitors intent on enjoying their hanami with some drinks.

    對於想邊喝一杯邊賞花的遊客而言 或許這裡並不是最好的選擇

  • Nevertheless, with so many beautiful scenes and sakura viewing opportunities throughout

    但占地廣闊且規劃多元的新宿御苑 仍是毋庸置疑的絕佳賞櫻景點

  • its vast and varied grounds, Shinjuku Gyoen takes the cake as our number one sakura location


  • in all of Tokyo.


  • So there you have it, our top ten cherry blossom spots in Tokyo.


  • Hopefully this video helps you to plan your perfect petal-filled trip.

    希望這段影片介紹能幫助您 順利安排自己的賞櫻之旅

  • More in-depth information on the cherry blossoms can be found in the dedicated section of our website

    想得知更多賞櫻深入報導 請瀏覽本網站

  • including this year's forecast, lists of the best sakura spots, tree varieties, and during sakura season,

    今年櫻花預測 最佳賞櫻景點 櫻花品種

  • daily cherry blossom reports from around the country.


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Tokyo is Japan's capital, most populated metropolis, and also boasts more cherry blossom-viewing

東京是日本首都 也是日本人口最多的大都會


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