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  • It's a moment we're seeing more and more lately healthy Covic patients finally leaving the hospital, flanked by the heroes who helped save their lives.

  • But Edwina Kane was determined to make her departure unique.

  • When I walk out here, I promise you I leave.

  • I'm gonna day and she sure did with the signature tour if she got into the car.

  • This triumphant moment for Edwina came after eight days in the hospital, four of which she was on a ventilator.

  • Her doctors describe her recovery as miraculous.

  • First couple of days on on a ventilator, she was like any other patient, very critical.

  • We were watching hour by hour seeing, but then towards the third day, she just started to improve and she improved dramatically.

  • They four, day five, she was ready to get out of the ventilator, and that was a miracle for Edwina Cove in 19 started with what she thought was a cold, then a persistent cough.

  • I was just feeling like a little icky.

  • I wasn't I didn't think too much about it.

  • It was just like, Hello, Oh, Days later, after waking up from a nap, she was unable to breathe and was rushed to the hospital.

  • Turns out being a diabetic left her that much more vulnerable to the virus.

  • She was really critical when she came in.

  • A mechanical ventilation with a tube down the throat was inevitable.

  • There was no way that we could try anything else placed on a ventilator.

  • Immediately, Edwin.

  • His chances looked grim.

  • A new study of US covert patients found that 88% who were placed on a ventilator later died.

  • But miraculously, just four days after arriving at Richmond University Medical Center, Edwina surprised all her doctors and nurses.

  • We had to rush in, take the tube out, because otherwise she was gonna take it out of herself, Edwin.

  • His condition continued to improve rapidly.

  • Her New York strong spirit, charming and encouraging the medical team by her side.

  • Her energy basically took all the whole the whole entire unit, the medical staff, the nurses, the medical assistant.

  • They all got to be friends with her.

  • On April 10th Edwina left the hospital forever grateful to the heroes who refused to let her die.

  • And how do you say thank you to the men and women who are working around the clock, risking their lives to take care of people like yourself who are stricken.

  • You guys actually like there's hope and I can actually, I can't even I don't even know how to thank you or no.

  • Her joyful departure justice inspiring for Dr Francesco Rhoda, Tory and his team.

  • What was that like wheeling her down the hauling and watching her cheered on by everyone thing is that the whole hospital needed a moment like that.

  • We were being really I really critically hit by a lot of people dying and very sick, and we needed a motivation.

  • And while I was interviewing the doctor, we arranged for Edwina to join our video call to surprise her doctor.

  • Oh, you look wonderful.

  • You didn't go home.

  • She says She had recently found her own apartment after moving out of a homeless shelter, working two jobs while also going back to school.

  • Doctor wrote a Tory.

  • I don't know if you know this, but Edwina is studying to be a health care provider.

  • Yes, medical.

  • Oh wow, that I didn't know.

  • But that's great.

  • Great news.

  • She's gonna join your ranks soon.

  • Yeah, come over patient and doctor inspiring Children through crisis seeing you.

  • That's the best, Thank you.

  • That I can see that I can get.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Hi, everyone.

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It's a moment we're seeing more and more lately healthy Covic patients finally leaving the hospital, flanked by the heroes who helped save their lives.


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COVID-19患者與救治她的醫生重逢。 (COVID-19 patient reunites with doctor who helped save her life)

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